Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You Can't Eat Land

American do-gooders trot around the African continent, in the guise of the IMF, or World Bank, or NGOs bleating about “peasant farming”, which has bankrupted every economy that ever tried it. Of course it can work – but ONLY if Bill Gates secures your markets for you!

And typical American – they are not practicing what they preach. According to The Globalist there are exactly as many farms in America now as there were in the 19th century. They are not cutting up productive farms into unproductive units. Nor dividing them up every generation among the sons, until the farms are the size of backyards – which is the real reason for the genocide in Rwanda, and also why Haiti is the poorest country in the world outside of Africa, according to Jared Diamond in his book “Collapse” Why Societies Chose to Succeed or Fail”.

THAT was the mistake the missionaries and Brits made when putting aside tribal lands in SA – 6000 acres per family works for ONE generation!

Every book I have read on Africa says the same – African Leaders pay no attention to farming or land. Here are just a few examples:

“In villages away from the Niger’s banks…people ate leaves and bark, at least in the lean months before the harvest, when food supplies had been exhausted….Though the land could be cultivated if irrigated with river water, no one farmed. To farm would violate labor-adverse male traditions, and women had enough work to do already….according to these same traditions, men ate first and women second, and children got the leftovers…men were healthy looking (or almost),women thin and haggard, and children emaciated, with balloon bellies and matching stick legs.” (“The Lost Kingdoms of Africa” by Jeffrey Taylor published 2005).

“I could not work out how all the other families were getting by, There seemed to be no food to speak of……At length I learned the answer: a gluey paste called fufu. It comes from a stupendous tuber which the women cultivate and dig from the ground, soak in the river, dry in the sun, pound to a white powder and boil. It is called manioc…It has the nutritional value of a brown paper bag, with the added bonus of traces of cyanide….it is the centre of life…these women spent their days in the steady labor of planting, digging and pounding manioc….any other thing a person might eat- a banana, an egg…was seen as a remarkable, possibly uncalled-for occasion”
(“The Poisonwood Bible” by Barbara Kingsolver.)

These are countries which have been independent from colonialism for half a century. Which is what Mbeki meant when he said that South Africans (even in squatter camps) were living on “an island of prosperity in a sea of poverty” (because they had white settlers who established farms?).

Typical of every other “Liberation” Party in Africa, the ANC has paid little attention to black farming in 15 years. We know that 800 black farmers who borrowed from the Land Bank are in trouble – but why?

The government, itself, for most of the last 15 years, only allocated R2 billion a year to buy land for black farmers, half of which went on administration. I started making a fuss about this over three years ago on talk radio whenever the topic came up. Fifteen percent of all farmland comes on the market every year. Imagine how much they could have bought in 15 years? I have heard so many farmers on the radio explaining how the government stalls and stalls on paying for their farms for years after the price has been agreed. I have heard government officials, themselves, explaining how the process has been made impossible by regulation. How much farmland have they bought – I guess at the most about R20 billion worth in 15 years? And how much did they spend on the Arms Deal?

They sold Sasol, Iscor, Telkom, state land, and bought what? NOT farmland for blacks, but imported arms, luxury trains, soccer stadiums, luxury cars.

NOW Zuma says the “willing seller- willing buyer “principle has not worked".

How do they know? They have not tried it!

I spoke to Patrick Craven myself on SAFM over a year ago and pointed out that there had never been funds in Trevor’s budget to walk the talk about buying 30% of the farmland . He totally agreed with me that there had been no funds and no political will, but explained that the communists are not interested in the willing seller principle. They want the right to expropriate ANY farm they choose, so they don’t even want to try willing buyer-willing seller. This conversation on SAFM was recorded.

And WHEN they have the land – are they also going to cut up productive farms for peasant farmers to starve on? Like Kenya? Like Haiti? Like Rwanda? Like Venezuela (which is the latest to turn from food exporter into food importer)?

And with 40,000 farms and 50 million people – who will get farms, and who will not? Should we ask Mugabe?

And why? When the whole Transkei and Ciskei lie fallow and undeveloped?

Zimbabwe – here we come!

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Anonymous said...

In the end the ANC gangsters will take what does not belong to them.
They will use the desinterest and the lack of unity amongst the Whites. Piece by piece they will take our posessions. Why ? Firstly because it's in their nature and secondly because we will not offer sufficant resistance. It does not concern them that they will stuff all their new toys up in record time because judgment in this matters is not their strenght. Coming to think of it their only strength is destruction, corruption and all shades of crime.

FishEagle said...

Exzanian, thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Good post Exzanian!

Common Sense

ps. just saw an interview with Aussie Cricket Captain and one journalist asked:"how many South African de it take for Engand to win the Ashes?" to which he responded: "quite a few aparently!"...
maybe you guys could do a post on the four born and bred Japies in the current English Test Squad!?
(Strauss, Pietersen, Prior and now Trott)

Exzanian said...

FE, your post on the land issue in Transkei was spot on. Well researched and from an insider's point of view. Who knows, perhaps Lyndall Beddy read it when doing her article?
Anon 10:55 PM - I am not much into sport, perhaps another contributor can take that up?

FishEagle said...

Thanks, Exzanian.

Viking said...

great article, ExZanian, and very important.
Craven and his ilk have a lot of blood on their hands.

FishEagle said...

Funny, I thought the name Lyndall Beddy sounded familiar. I always looked out for her comments on Thought Leader, which were very good. We had a debate about Obama just as he became elected. My argument was that Obama was not going to have the impact on African politics that everyone expected. I wonder if she still disagrees with me.

I also argued that blacks were highly individualistic, despite their efforts to act in the greater good of their societies.

Exzanian said...

FE - Lyndall Beddy is now contributing on Richmark Sentinel. This post of hers is quite long as she usually packs in just a few punchy paragraphs. She expresses a bit of anti US sentiment and is rabidly anti-racist. But that is the point of this post, whatever your position on race, the ANC is simply returning to it's fundamentals on the land question, which was always and forever more shall be so, communist expropriation. And that is bbbaad news for SA.