Friday, August 07, 2009

Worker Shot and Killed at Diamond Mine

See how quickly they turn this unfortunate and also rare incident into a racial opportunity to demonise white farmers. Almost 3100 white farmers brutally tortured and murdered since 1994 by blacks and not one classed as racial - but one black gets pegged and they scream racism.

Ethnic Farm Genocide update: 3074 Dead - as at 17 July 2009

A New Genocide

Worker Shot and Killed at South African Diamond Mine

Tshokolo Modise, a 40 years old black farm worker was shot and killed by his white male supervisor at a Kronpan diamond mine near Schweitzer Reneke in South Africa.

Police are investigating a case of murder after arresting a 21 year old male suspect at the scene of the crime. The suspect who is held in police custody pending his court appearance on Monday alleges that he was shooting at a guinea fowl when the deceased unexpectedly appeared in the line of fire. The deceased was shot in the head and died on the scene.

Howard Yawa, the North West MEC for Public Safety, has expressed concern about violent crime involving white farmers and their predominantly black employees as they heightens unwarranted racial tensions within communities.

“The criminal justice cluster will do everything in its power to ensure that the collective gains we have made towards reconciliation and nation building are not undermined,” MEC Yawa assured.

3 Opinion(s):

Ranger Tom said...

He could always claim he learned to shoot from dick Cheney...

Only joking.

I still find it ironic that a white kills a black and it's immediately a "Racial/Hate Crime" but a black kills a white, it's just random violence.

Stateside Expat said...

No surprise that as soon as some black person is killed by whitey the government intervenes.

Exzanian said...

At least we have the knowledge that deep inside the victim mentality is an even deeper inferiority complex.