Friday, August 14, 2009

Who were the 1st Europeans?

A very interesting documentary available on DVD.

In the history of mankind there is no such thing as "stealing land". Land has been taken over by one group from another for hundreds of thousands of years. If one group is more successful than another, then it is a simple law of nature that the weaker group needs to yield to the stronger.

To suggest otherwise is foolish.

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Ron. said...

This documentary appears to support erroneous presumptions [ note the use of the term "could" in it ] because for one thing very few of modern Europeans would have ancestors going back to the first people who inhabited the region for the simple reason that most modern Europeans are descended from the Proto-Indo-Europeans from Asia who invaded & arrived about 7 000 years ago. The most notable pre Indo-European population that still survive are the Basques. While it is true that the arriving Proto-Indo-Europeans did mix to some degree with the indigenous Old Europeans it is clear that the Proto-Indo-European groups dominated because they were lighter skinned than the local Europeans & the Indo-European languages dominate the landscape exclusively with the notable exception of the Basque region.