Thursday, August 27, 2009

Whites can't call blacks racist - Glenn Beck

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Source: Why Blacks Suck

The latest black supremacy power move on full display, hammering down on Glenn Beck. I don't know much about Glenn Beck, I have never listened to or watched his show, but apparently he had the balls to call out halfblack B.O. as being a racist.

I became an instant Glenn Beck fan when I found out he said: B.O. has "a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture," and "This guy is, I believe, a racist."

How dare he, a White man, speak negatively about his negro overlord. The black power squad is coming down on him hard. The specific group trying to destroy his career is a racist black supremacist group called Color of Change, whose founder is an open black nationalist.

The double standards here are mind-bending. So now, apparently, just accusing a black of BEING RACIST is now taboo for White people? I don't think so.

Go to the Defend Glenn website to read the truth about what is going on, which is not filtering through the liberal media.

Also, become part of the White resistance coming together there, to fight this ridiculous anti-White racism.

This is a great opportunity to raise consciousness, at the least, and do some political organizing as well, if possible. Speak to friends and family about it, post it on your Facebook, forward the email, do what you know how to do.

These are exactly the kind of anti-White racial double standards that are turning everyday average White Americans into "racists". Good for us, it is about time we stood up and let our voices be heard.

Glenn Beck goes after Obama czar … who founded group that’s boycotting him

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Black Coffee said...

Don't believe all the hype that's coming from Glenn Beck. Lately, I have been having my own doubts about Obama as you know. However, I have not seen or heard anything from Obama which would suggest that he has a "problem with white culture" to paraphrase Beck. I spoke to my brother last night about Van Jones, and my brother really follows this type of person, being all about combatting global warming. He says Jones is nothing of the radical that Beck makes him out to be. Beck will say anything to boost his ratings.

Ron. said...

For once I agree with you on something B C as Glenn Beck is one of those phony "media conservatives" who sells out authentic conservative & libertarian [ as he boldly claimed he was ] values often by portraying it in a less than flattering light while hilariously claiming to support it. He is such a phony that it is often quite funny just to watch him because his insincere demeanor is so obvious. I would not trust him to tell me the correct time in a room full of clocks. He pulled an odd stunt [ publicity stunt is more like it ] earlier this year by claiming to "genuinely" look into the rumours of concentration camps in America building up to quite a hype to the report for the obvious reason to generate ratings then when the report aired he turned around & "debunked" the assertions with strawmen arguments & discredited tactics while never even taking into account Rex-84 let alone the other evidence pertaining to the installations. Though oddly enough he did admit that there were established camps but that there were "a million things" which would "have to be done" to convert them into concentration camps when in fact all that would ever need to happen to convert them into such would be a simple decree or act of government & certainly they could be converted & used as concentration camps [ just as the Astrodome was to a significant extent during the aftermath of a hurricane a few years ago ] in the event of a declaration of Martial Law.