Monday, August 31, 2009

White South African granted refugee status in Canada

Aren't you glad you read ILSA? Canada throws white South Africans a lifeline. For those of you who cannot get out because you do not meet minimum entry requirements, well, good news, Canada will grant you refugee status. About time I say. Well done Canada.

We need skilled South Africans to return - Jacob Zuma: Speech to the Jewish Board of Deputies, August 29 2009


An Ottawa man has been granted refugee status after an immigration board panel ruled he would be likely be persecuted if he returned back to his native South Africa — because he is white.

A Canadian immigration and refugee board panel ruled Thursday that Brandon Huntley, 31, could stay in Canada because he presented "clear and convincing proof of the state's inability or unwillingness to protect him."

"I find that the claimant would stand out like a 'sore thumb' due to his colour in any part of the country," tribunal panel chair William Davis said in his decision to grant Huntley refugee status.

It's likely the first time a white South African has been granted refugee status in Canada claiming persecution from black South Africans, said Russell Kaplan, Huntley's immigration lawyer.

"There's a hatred of what we did to them and it's all about the colour of your skin," Huntley said of the violence wrought by black attackers on many white South Africans.

Huntley first came to Canada on a six-month work permit in 2004 to work as a carnival attendant. He returned home to South Africa and came back to work in Canada in 2005 for a year and stayed illegally for an additional year until he made a refugee claim in April 2008.

Growing up in Mowbray, a town near Cape Town, Huntley was attacked seven times — including three stabbings — by black South Africans during attempted robberies and muggings.

During these attacks, Huntley told the refugee board that he was called "a white dog" and "a settler," a reference to South Africa's colonial past based on racial apartheid.

"If you have got the money, you can protect yourself," Huntley said of the armed security guards wealthy white South Africans hire to protect themselves.

Huntley's "subjective fear of persecution remained constant and consistent" up to the time he made his refugee claim, Davis noted in his decision on Huntley's claim.

The decision also took into account testimony by Laura Kaplan, 41, the sister of Huntley's lawyer, who immigrated to Canada last year from her native South Africa.

Laura Kaplan testified about being threatened by armed black South Africans and the torture of her brother Robert in 1997 when a gang of black men broke into his house, tortured him for eight hours, shot him three times and left him for dead.

Davis said the evidence of Huntley and Laura Kaplan "show a picture of indifference and inability or unwillingness" of the South African government to protect "White South Africans from persecution by African South Africans."

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Anonymous said...

This is indeed good news!

Anonymous said...

The way out folks..

Anonymous said...

If this becomes a trend, and we YT's are faced with this choice, the ANC is doomed. They will obviously ask the Canadians to review the decision.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 4:09, nah, this will stick. The precedent has been set. It will stand and there is nothing the ANC can do. Head West folks. I wager more Western countries will begin to follow suit. The ANC has one choice now to keep it's meal ticket, old whitey. Clean up its act, sort out crime or say goodbye to whitey. This is a momentous moment. Every white South African can prove that he/she is victimised for being white, just look at the statute books.

Anonymous said...

Strike while the iron is hot folks, just in case.

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for Kaplan, for defending a fellow South African. I propose ILSA compiles a fact sheet of crime, decay and corruption for future applicants, inclusive of references, to help facilitate the process.

Anonymous said...

I must add that the process is not simple. If you are not already in Canada, you first need to get a visitor visa. This is an arduous process, and usually if the number of refugee applications increase, then visitor visa requirements become more onerous (as experienced by Mexico and the Czech Republic recently).

If you apply from outside Canada, and you still live in South Africa, then you need to apply for Resettlement, BUT you can only apply if you are from an identified source country. Currently South Africa is not one of them, in which case you need to be referred by UNHCR.

The best bet is to get into Canada on a visitor's visa, which gives you 6 months, then immediately apply for Refugee Status. Visit for more info.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

As long as we agree we ae foreignes in Africa, and in doing so we give the entire continent to Negroes, then they will be happy to let white South Africans move to other contries! The whole point is to leave Afica with billions of black africans whose chiefs can be easily manipulated for capital gain by the Western Cartel! Tust me, it's not about helping white africans. In fac, they despise us for having put the brakes on their plan for half a century!

It's amazing that people can't see how hey're populating the Earth with Negroes, who not long ago populated only central africa, just because of their hatred for the white race!

Viking said...

This is brilliant news!

On a related topic, the SA health department has recently been asking the Canadian government to stop "stealing" SA doctors, like they tried with the British and Australian governments...

Anonymous said...

Well done Canada.
We are all ancestors of some European country and not one of them have done anything to help.

dirk said...

Play it for all it's worth...if they can ride apartheid for 15 years...whitey can use reverse gear apartheid...right back at ya...hie kom nog ....bollie

Anonymous said...

Finally Canada's ridiculous refugee program is good for sometihng. Just come to Canada, say you're a refugee and you're all set.

Exzanian said...

Of course, Winnie Mandela is NOT welcome. Her visa for a visit was declined a couple of years ago - Ironically, she was to take a tour of Canada to celebrate a play about her life - Canada refused her entry even for a visit (due to her criminal record)

Anonymous said...

I like the governments responce:

"His claims would have been preposterous and laughable, had they not been so serious," said Mamoepa, who was previously spokesperson for the then-named department of foreign affairs.

Typical stick your head in the sand.

FishEagle said...

Anon 6.07. They talk rubbish.

Willow said...

Canada had better be careful - soon they too will be labelled racists by the big wigs in the ANC and before you know it they will have Julius Malema barking across the ocean at them. Well done too Brandon it must not have been an easy process. Go Canada you good thing.

Barry said...

To label the outcome as laughable is grossly undermining the perception that many white South Africans have of their country. Simultaneously, it is highly negligent of the Canadian government to reduce the gravity of the situation to a sweeping statement of South African ineptitude.
The very first thing to do is put the situation (and its participants) within context: South Africa has a history of crime. All race groups are party to this. Crime is not a new phenomenon (or one that is exclusive to us).
This ‘refugee’ got where he is by criminal means. His Visa expired and he went crawling through the night to appease his desperate bid to stay in Canada, where the remuneration is better.
There is no disputing that everyone wants a better life for themselves and I will never deny anyone that right; however, I do object when the rest of us get sucked into this self-serving scheme.
We need to call this situation what it is: an effort by a desperate economic migrant to manipulate a situation to his own benefit. If the Canadian ministry is prepared to condone his self-serving means, then I congratulate him on picking on a suitably gullible system that he can prey on to justify his inadequacies as a migrant labourer.
Canada has been successfully suckered by a master manipulator and his henchman (his lawyer sought to carve a name for himself in the legal fraternity). A natural slacker, underachiever, opportunist and manipulator would behave along these lines.
There are real victims of crime in South Africa – as it happens, and they are mostly black. Lest we forget: we still live in a white man’s world. If you don’t believe me, check statistics and facts – most importantly, be less economical with the truth.

FishEagle said...

@ Barry. This is a unique case study because these first world countries usually only give blacks refugee status.

"Simultaneously, it is highly negligent of the Canadian government to reduce the gravity of the situation to a sweeping statement of South African ineptitude."

You can't be serious? There is NO competence in the SA government.

"The very first thing to do is put the situation (and its participants) within context: South Africa has a history of crime. All race groups are party to this. Crime is not a new phenomenon (or one that is exclusive to us)."

How dare you minimize the experience of this crime victim, regardless of his colour?!!!Canada didn't give the entire SA refugee status. They gave it to this guy, who was called a 'white dog' and 'settler.' When you've been through that experience, please let us know what it feels like.

"There are real victims of crime in South Africa – as it happens, and they are mostly black."

Have you received any pats on the back for standing up for blacks? Pity you haven't stood up for any whites.

Anonymous said...

@Barry. Fuck you.

Anonymous said...

@Barry. Your thesis is flawed. I happen to live in Canada, and I can unreservedly tell you that remuneration is not what you think it is. A white South African, with an average set of skills, would earn slightly more in Canada, but when adjusted for purchasing power, he would not be any better off financially.

Moreover, why is Canada negligent? It is a sovereign state, and it can do whatever the hell it likes; including accepting white South Africans en masse if it so chooses. South Africa is hardly a strategic partner for Canada, nor does it keep Canadians awake at night. The only loser is South Africa.

Your opinion is so hopelessly laughable, that it must be the handiwork of a deluded fool. I wish you luck as you wallow in the cess pool called South Africa.

Viking said...

I admit I was skeptical about a Cape Town boy from an upmarket suburb claiming he was victimised and called a "settler", when its mostly people in rural areas and places further north that have a real hard time of it - but to be honest most of the "asylum" industry is pure bullshit. Nearly all of it is, and this one guy saw a chance and took it, who can blame him for that?

This is about recognition that its not just some groups that get to play the system and not others.
Whatever way you slice it, South Africa actively and openly discriminates against white people. Not the people behind apartheid, in some mad history-redressing scheme, but all white people of whatever age, including people born in 1990 and people who were living in different countries at the time. White skin puts you low down on any list (except when it comes to targets of crime).
I have no doubt this guy is taking a chance, but he did and won, and this opens the door for the real victims of racist violence in SA.

Back to the asylum industry - it's a joke! Everyone knows its about skipping immigration queues. Ireland, for example, rejects 93% of all asylum seekers - 93%. Somalians are using South Africa as a base to claim asylum in Canada, and they are shipped there from here at the Canadian taxpayers' expense with their whole families. At least Huntley bought his own ticket!

Asylum in any case is no free ride, there are a lot of restrictions involved, although I'm not sure of the specifics regarding asylum in Canada though.

Most asylum seekers have zero gratitude to their host country, at least in my experience, and have no desire to give up many of their savage practices (such as female circumcision).

Canada's asylum laws are screwed up. White South Africans need to take advantage of it - why not? they'll make good Canadians and contribute positively to the country.

Barry said...

This forum makes for interesting reading. Other than comments from Viking, no other posts acknowledge that there is ANY truth to what I have just said. In fact, I have people aiming expletives and diatribe – at least, none of it was in Afrikaans.

I am inclined to wonder about why South Africa is in the position that it is. We, as South Africans, have this ugly habit of selective attention. When one person does something stupid, we institute a blanket effect. Therefore, all those who resemble the offending party must be lumped in. It’s no longer just the thugs who robbed this fleeing pillock, but it’s any black person that ever set foot in that neighbourhood. This sort of thing happens to black South Africans every day – I don’t see any of you going out of your way to acknowledge it. BTW, selective attention runs both ways. While we’re in the stream of sweeping generalization, if this forum is moved by the utterance of 1 parasitic moron, I am inclined to question its ability to reason logically, recognise truth and stand up for it. Call out foulplay in all areas – not just when it suits the popular agenda.

A lot of white South Africa was brought up to believe that their lives are worth more than those of blacks. If something horrible happens to a white South African, hell breaks loose & heads roll - yet if the same event happens to a black, hardly a nod. Faulty governance? You bet! Simultaneously, most of white South Africa still believes that black life is an expendable commodity – after all, most white South Africans have a black maid and a matching garden “boy” (at 50 years old), whom they pay LESS than what they spend on petrol for their fabulous SUVs. I dare you to dispute that. It’s easier for most to jeer from a warm armchair than to get into the field and fix problems.

The day-to-day contributions of the thousands of black people who work hard to contribute to a positive society all go unmentioned and unnoticed. Scientific contributions, self-powered rags-to-riches, medical & literary contributions, etc. For a brow-beaten bunch, that’s a remarkable recovery compared to anywhere else in the entire world.

Our profound history and universal common sense dictate the following: If you have 75% of a nation held at gunpoint to serve the whims of 15%; when you have 71% of all economic strength in the hands of that 15% (and not budging in 15 years); that 75% is likely to get heavily pissed off. Why are we suddenly pretending that the old money that paid for that supreme education was never earned on the backs of those very same savage, racist blacks who were exploited so greedily? Wanna deny that non-whites were ravaged & pillaged for a several hundreds of years?

This chump has given a really bad name to all white South Africans and from where I stand, he never anticipated that it would come to this extent – clear evidence of his lacking intellect.

For a REAL perspective on how MOST white South Africans feel, have a look at the boards on SA news forums (like News24) and cower in shame for applauding a kansvatter to take such selfish advantage at the expense of so many. He just trivialised the real suffering of honest, hard-working white South Africans. Too many lives were lost for so much to be tainted so brashly.

Anonymous said...

@ Barry, you are talking through your arse, you know it. Your statement "Lest we forget: we still live in a white man’s world" says it all. BULLSHIT!! If you are white, go off and be your pitiful little self apologising for blacks. Your attitude is stupefying, if you followed this blog you would see that we report crime against whites and blacks BUT since blacks are running the show since 1994, they must be blamed for the current shit state of the country.

It is blacks that run government. It is blacks that run the police. It is blacks that run civil services. It is blacks that run councils. It is blacks that cause 99% of the crime.

Put down the magic mushrooms or weed or whatever you are smoking. A refugee is classed as someone who has genuine fear of persecution and danger from where he originates and the Canadian authorities obviously concurred with him, but you, oh knowing Barry, see fit to attack Canada for being stupid/gullible. You think you know more than Canadians? Take your head out of your arse pal.

Anonymous said...

Nicely said VI. Barry, we require more info: your age, have you got kids, skills, locale, have you ever been a victim of a violent crime, etc so we can see assess your opinions based on these factors.

Mad Kiwi said...

@Barry said...

"South Africa has a history of crime. All race groups are party to this."

Hmm, funny, I can't recall the crime being bad at all when we had the pass laws stopping the black influx into our suburbs. But once it got dropped, boy all hell broke loose. So to claim all race groups are/were party to crime is BS.

"A lot of white South Africa was brought up to believe that their lives are worth more than those of blacks"

No my friend, the difference is that whitey had respect for others, and valued life. Now in the case of the average black life is cheap because they choose it to be so. It comes from way back during the Zulu and Xhosa wars, and it still haven't changed. Faction fighting is still a big sport for them.

Islandshark said...

@ Barry: If Black lives didn't count for much under apartheid, why did the government go into townships whenever violence erupted? Wouldn't it have been easier to just prevent violence from spreading to other areas?

Your comment about paying Blacks less than petrol usage is utter BS. You neglect to mention that most people supplied accommodation and three meals a day to them, clothes, toiletries, etc - what does this equate to?

And in the case of farmers, housing and meals also included the extended family of the workers - how many employers in the world do that and what does that cost?

You can skew the facts whichever way you want to - Blacks are more prone to violence, rape, theft and entitlement than any other race - which is why Africa is in the state it's in.

Barry said...

I have reviewed all your comments and I keep imagining a brat that doesn't want to play for hs rugby team anymore ans wants to switch sides to the winning team. You must be really desperate to justify your opinion if you resort to name-calling.

This is the only place where this doos got a round of applause.
This forum is a sad bevy for bigots. Very interesting how the true racist nature of people comes out here. The level of information that most of you have on South African history, economics, immigration law and sociology is exceptionally weak. It's clear to me that none of you are remotely qualified in any of the above fields - well, I hope not, because your ignorance is glaring. I don't even think you were aware of how badly manipulated you were by your upbringing and state media. Nevertheless, I'm happy to learn that none of you will be in South Africa. I am totally convinced that Canada made the right decision. We're definitely better off without you.

Anonymous said...

@ Barry, and you as a doos have earned your round of applause. Take a bow doos. Does your mommy know you are on the internet bothering the big people?

FishEagle said...

Barry, such self rightousness and piety is out dated. Welcome to The Rainbow Nation.

Anonymous said...

@Barry - one day when you have a black man standing over you holding a panga and ready to split your head open for your cellphone or the last 20c in your pocket, please think of us on this forum cause we'll still be here telling the truth while you lie and bleed to death. You have huge blinkers on your liberal eyes. Please don't come on this forum again as it's ONLY for people with more than 2 brain cells (so that EXCLUDES you and the blacks; oh yes, and BC). We read this forum as we are like-thinking people - not backward barbarians. Blacks do not have any respect for anyone - only for their dead; the sangoma and their tribal leader (and maybe their grandmother). If you don't fall into any of these categories you're fucked dude. Remember.. as that panga hits your empty head, think of us and Mr Huntley. Oh yes, and please read News24 - they have a blog currently going where everyone is agreening with Huntley's case and nogal applauding it. You obviously aren't looking hard enough if you think this is the only blog congratulating him!

Viking said...

white South Africans are victimised for being white - are you denying this or just dancing around the issue? black-on-black crime is rampant, yes, and its victims are welcome to apply for asylum elsewhere too.
You can't be granted asylum if you come from a poor country, or you don't like the weather there, or you once got a speeding ticket, you can only do so if you are persecuted and victimised - and this guy managed to persuade a court he was. Why do you have a problem with it?
Sure, it make South Africa look bad, but the statistics are bad. Until the government clears up the appalling, violent crime they can't cry about it when people flee the country because of it.

Barry said...

BWAHAHAHAHA! Canada just admitted that he's a toxic liar, master manipulator and a giant ZERO!
For an intelligent (and objective perspective), I dare you to read an article written by Carlos Amato for SA Sunday Times on 9 Sep 2009, titled Another View. I'd rather hold back my opinion, insteading of gloating about how right I've been all along.

Exzanian said...

There once was a guy named Barry,
A troll he was, no time to tarry,
Cunt for a brain, no more refrain,
A cunt is cunt with no hairy..

Viking said...

You missed the point, again. Nearly all asylum seekers are bogus, it doesn't mean that a white South African has no right to claim it, just like everyone else.
There are 32 other South African refugees in Canada - they're not white. Why can they seek asylum and Huntley can't?
Please answer that before you gloat.

Anonymous said...

This has been a great discussion to read, especially for me being Indian and being able to have had experiences with both black and white cultures growing up in old SA. When i say great discussion, its largely due to Barry's obvious superior intellect and mature responses to the idiots that resort to profanity as they lack the maturity to argue as gentleman and adults. @Mad Kiwi, man you're as racist as they come aren't you, "stopping the black influxes into our suburbs". Because black people have been exposed to ghastly acts of violence due to a many uneducated black men does not give you the right to say that their lives are any less significant than those of your kin. I am so appreciative to the founding fathers of south africa, the great leaders in industry that have handed down a beautiful country to us, and yes they were White. I'm sure you guys love SA, an SA were you are given the best jobs, best suburbs, best education purely because you are white and its your "God given right", all on the backs of black people. You want to enjoy Africa without the Africans. Stay in Canada, i'm sure its blanket of "White" snow appeases you. @Fish Eagle, Vanilla Ice, Willow, Doberman and various Anonymous, I effectively manage sour faced white people like you on a daily basis, who all think they know more than I do, but lack the ability to put in an efficient days work. Before being labelled a "white basher", I'd like to say that most black people truly don't appreciate the beautiful country they live in as they scatter the streets with rubbish in stead of stepping back and appreciating this country beauty. They complain about having more black management in blue chip companies, but when they are there, they stuff things up royally and then they hire white consultants to do the job at double the price. So guys, things aren't rosy here,but don't be bastards about it. Enjoy what you have.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:16. Don't equate the ability to string prose together with intellect. They aren't the same. Barry is blinkered and ignorant. If he has a modicum of intellect he realises that waiting around, expecting SA to improve, is foolhardy. On the other hand, if not, he is welcome to his wet dream.

You have your right to taint everybody on this blog as being racist; and you probably arrive at this assumption because "we whites" voice our displeasure at what is going on in the new "black" South Africa. It would be nice, whilst you exercise that right, if you had a grasp of what defines racism. Simply criticising someone that has a different racial profile does not constitute racism.

But I do see you have a penchant for setting up straw men, which you did at length.

Where and how do you come to the conclusion that we assume our lives have more value. You almost work yourself up into a frenzy about our hankering for the "good old days", and then provide the solution, "Stay in Canada". Classic straw man.

As regards you managing white folk, good for you. I suspect that was inserted, somehow, to show us "whiteys" that we aren't that superior. I'm not going to rise to that bait, but I will say that your staff inefficiencies may be more a function of your bad management, rather than their laziness.

Finally, the last section of your comment, regarding blacks, suggests you are a racist. You refer to blacks as "them". So you see yourself as better or different, and this is a fundamental trait of racism.

Anyway, all of this misses the point, which is that white folk can just as easily be targeted for racist attacks and if such attacks are broadly prevalent, then white South Africans have legitimate grounds to seek asylum.

Anonymous said...

@ VI, as usual, very eloquently put.

Anonymous said...

@Viking, Yes, i enjoyed setting up that scarecrow, just to throw a wrench in works. It tends to reveal some peoples true nature.But before you accuse me of intellectual dishonesty, let me say that you seem to emerge as the leader of this merry band of idiots. My intent was to take a neutral stand point, however i could resist pointing out the facts. How typical to assume that their inefficiencies could only be a result of my supposed inability to manage them, you guys would cover eachothers arses for the sake of it, like this Kaplan lady. And by the way, you took every bait layed out, even jumping on the "they" "them" bandwagon. Is that what defines a racist to you?, your problem is you've never experienced what its like so don't begin to assume. I respect Barry, his intentions in reply to this blog were more savoury than mine i admit. @ Doberman, dude, sidekicks are so 2000 and late. Anonymous Indian again.

Anonymous said...

And you my "anonymous indian" appear to be the leader of a merry of band of two idiots, you and Barry. As for not having experienced "what it's like" I imagine you haven't heard of the ANC's so-called equity laws, AA, BEE etc where whites are discriminated against.

Unlike you perhaps, I was too young to have affected apartheid yet I am lumped in with the rest of those that did vote Nats and for apartheid and so must pay for something I had no control over and did not support. You also seem to think it's ok to replace one form of discrimination with another, well bully for you, we don't.

Non-whites didn't enjoy being discriminated against and no-one held that against them however you expect whites to shut up and take it, including kids not even born in 1994. Listen buddy, haven't you got samoosas to roll or something, you are beginning to bore me.

Viking said...

@Anonymous Indian
I'm barely the leader of my own lunchtime. I don't understand what purpose you are trying to serve. If you have something to say you are welcome to say it.
I have experienced racism. But possibly not to the extend you have. But you don't really talk about your own victimhood. Do remember Maya on Idols telling the Indian guy he had no right to sing Redemption Song?
Don't pretend you love black South Africans - you don't. Indian women score more highly on the BEE-ometer than black men, your people have done quite well as a whole since 1994. Be proud of that. But when the blacks decide you have too much and you have to share it, come back and talk to us.

Anonymous said...

@Viking, sorry man, my bad. I meant Vanilla Ice, that was dumb. Your points are well noted though.

@Doberman, that's samoosa's to fry not roll you dumb ass, we're so far of the subject, you don't know what you're pissed about anymore. I'm pissed at the idiot who wants refugee status in Canada at the expense of the country that fed his arse for the last 30 odd years,if they overturn this decision(for which I'm sure they will)he'll be deported asap, and I'm sure he'll be back doing his grease monkey bit. So long you bunch of Aryan S.O.B's, this has been a great waste of time and now I'm off. Whether you choose to stay or leave doesn't matter any more, just stop going through life with such huge chips on your shoulders.Better make those bookings with Mrs Kaplan, she's a credible witness that one...Indian anol anol anol

Anonymous said...

Farewell my indian anon currymuncher. FYI, you ROLL samoosas BEFORE you fry them unless you are the cheap tight-ass indian sort (is there another kind?) that buys them ready-made at Woolworths. Asshole. Go play with the other little children and stop bothering the big people or I'll tell your mommy.

Islandshark said...

Dobes: "tight-ass indian sort (is there another kind?)"


Barry said...

(1 of 2)So, you now seek out our Indian counterpart and chastise him for pointing out your wrongs (putrid bellows in tow). I am pretty sure that none of you have ever had an Indian friend whom you’re close enough to. You have too much bigotry for that. I stopped counting how many times you threw his ethnicity around - as if it's something to be ashamed of - on the contrary, the British were so enchanted by the Indian that they drew them into a warm & lasting embrace. (Just in case some of you conveniently forgot that part of history)

Gosh, Verwoerd must be flushed with orgasmic bliss!
Nevertheless, it's of some consolation that you WILL live an insignificant life, stewing in your own bilious misgivings and poisoning only those within breathing distance of you - probably your little aryan tykes. I AM relieved that YOU DO NOT HAVE THE VISIONARY MINDS TO INSTITUTE MEANINGFUL CHANGE IN THE WORLD. Yours is a life of bitter utterances in the cold cloak of shadows.
You will never be man enough to crawl out from under there - your statements bear testament to that. Swear at me all you want, because it will amount to echoes out at sea.

If you dare attach your names to these foul words you've uttered, it's sad that your children and grandchildren will eventually live to cower in embarrassment.
Embarrassed by your existence. If you don't understand what I'm saying to you, ask world history to recount those magnificent memories it has of Nazis, the AWB, KKK and any other Aryan supremacist lump – the legacy is never more than two generations - thereafter, it's relentless shame, shame, shame for generations and generations, long after everyone in this forum is dead.

Exzanian – allow me to share perspective with you. Countries are just like ordinary family units with idiosyncrasies - the nerdy, the rich, the black sheep, the mentally challenged, the alcoholics, the criminal, the gay, etc. Families are made up of these people. The fact that you have a different take on life does not exonerate you from your own family members. South Africa is a family - once you get to Canada, you'll probably tell them that you are a South African. Whether you say it with pride, disappointment or embarrassment is irrelevant, but you will declare it as such, anyway (just like your surname). Now, take the family example - do you renounce your family because it has immense problems? Do you run off to live with the neighbours because they have a nicer garden?
Thanks for writing the limerick, but don't do it again - it's a dud and you don't have the satirical chops for it.

Barry said...

(2 of 2) To the rest of the cynics, hapless “ victims” and uncouth trolls: It sucks to admit that you were wrong, and I reckon that most of you that argue with what I have said have great difficulty acknowledging that anyone else can do ANYTHING better than you - this is generally referred as delusions of grandeur with mild afflictions of self-loathing.
It does boil down to the fact that you are subject to your own human flaws and regardless of how far you run or how much your protest, there will be the likes of me to remind you that you can't hide.

As you prance off to Canada, bear the following in mind: Every land that European MEN landed on, they brutalised its people, pillaged its resources and rewrote its culture & history; painting themselves as saviours and bearers of wisdom, progress and peace – in spite of the fact that they ran off as criminals and hungry pirates who were chased away by their own people and commissioned by greedy powers to sniff out wealth. Innuits and American Indians were persecuted by Europeans on their own land for the same reasons as Africans, South Americans, Indians, Aboriginals, etc. They basically slaughtered them to the brink of extinction. Consider these facts and determine who the true savages were. It's not to say that all Europeans are, but of the good that remained, enough blind eyes were turned to leave us all where we are today. Try to be a productive member of the human race and get off this righteous nonsense that feeds your false sense of superiority.

In spite of everything you think you know, humanity, civilisation, advanced logic, technology and mathematics started right here in Africa and in every single one of you runs the blood of an African - and that blood gives you black ancestors.

Treading out from this cesspool of self-pity, I return to my original perspective: Huntley can stay right where he is, because real South Africans are trying to help REAL VICTIMS when they develop skills for the underprivileged, raise awareness about health issues, help the police find better ways to catch criminals, greet our neighbours, learn about each other as equals and admit our faults lest we unwittingly do anyone else wrong.

I am saying this with sincerity: Your parents should demand compensation from the education system, it let you all down very, VERY badly.

IF you have the kahunas, read everything that I have contributed to this conversation, all the way to the very first comment I made.

Anonymous said...

JP, ha ha ha, you nearly had me taking you seriously for a moment.

Anonymous said...

Barry Im behind you 100%!!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, as a White South Africa, I would rather have all of you citizens of Oranje get the f*&% out of this country. Yes, I have been robbed, but the black guy who was with me got robbed and beaten. All of you complain how bad it is there, but what have you done for South Africa, for equality. How different from your parents are you, your parents who voted for the Nats.

FishEagle said...

Anon 1.52. said, "...... but what have you done for South Africa, for equality."

I've certainly done fuck all for equality! Your assumption that everyone wants equality is WRONG.

Anonymous said...

@Anon. I'll tell you what we did for equality. We overwhelmingly (70% plus) voted for a change in policy. We all knew that the change in policy meant a black government. This is supposed to be post-racial South Africa, so get off your self-righteous podium. I am so tired of licking my own arse, from bending over backwards. So don't come here with your flawed assumption that the whites refuse to change.

FishEagle said...

@VI, in '92 I was too young to vote but I would have voted for change, out of ignorance, if I was given the oppurtunity to vote.