Wednesday, August 05, 2009

White Guilt anyone? No thanks – I’ve had enough!

By BettyJean Kling

Obama’s comments were idiotic, and they were racist.

Why? Because:

1) Obama said that any of us would have been upset about the situation.

Really? Why is that?

I would welcome the cops coming over to check things out. Instead of calling the responding cops racist pigs and declaring something about their momma, I would thank them for their vigilance. Instead of whining about victimhood, I would tell the police how appreciative I was that they were responding to a possible burglary at my house, as their intention was obviously to keep me from being a victim.

2) Obama said that the Cambridge police acted stupidly.

After admitting he didn’t know the details of the case! Here’s the President of our Republic, the most powerful man in the world who was supposed to be commenting on his healthcare bill goes off on a tangent about how a local police department in Cambridge acted stupidly! Are you kidding me? How about “no comment”? How about “I don’t know the details, so I’ll keep my trap shut, and besides, this is about healthcare”? Why is the President of the most powerful nation in Earth’s history commenting on a trivial matter in a tiny state after he admits that he doesn’t know the facts of the case?

3) Obama again chastised America for its racist past.

After how many TOTUS speeches and just days after telling blacks to accept responsibility for their own successes and failures at the NAACP, he’s talking about personal responsibility, one day and the next, he’s pushing white guilty. Which is it? A black president won the election with white votes and still they are playing the race card? This is starting to wear real thin now- did they ever hear of a breaking point? I think we’ve reached it! I know I have!

Meanwhile, the professor is demanding the officer BEG for his forgiveness. That apology is not forthcoming as Crowley is backed by his superiors and co workers including those who sat in on his “beware of racial profiling classes”. This is a man with full department support. I think it is about time we stand up to this racism and forced apologies. The POTUS pressure will at best yield a standoff but this cop will never back down!

I heard a FOX interview on Sirius radio that has disappeared- but I know what I heard and I heard it from many many blacks- vitriol toward white and specifically white cops. Tell me what was all that ‘gangster rap’ all about and why weren’t we up in arms over that or over the black panthers that intimidated our voters? More on that below and I URGE you to read that full STORY.

There was racial profiling in this case and a rush to judgment and it was from many black pundits and I am sick of it. Why is it not called racism and race baiting and race profiling when it comes from blacks? Call it what it is! Why are we afraid to call it what it is.

Only racists of any color will be offended – non racists want no part of this – only radicals want to carry on with this. Look at the Black Panther incident in Philly- they were not only dismissed – they are free to be poll watchers again. This comes directly from the Obama administration.

Black Panther voter intimidation case dropped by Justice Department (Source: Examiner)

July 30, 12:00 PM

First, we learned that the US Congress dropped its investigation of voter fraud allegedly perpetrated by the activist group the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now or ACORN, with Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) claiming the “powers that be” forced the House to drop its investigation.

What Conyers neglected to tell reporters is that he is the “power” who forced the end of the congressional investigation into the activities of ACORN during the run-up to the 2008 presidential election. It’s well-known that President Obama once worked for ACORN and that ACORN worked hard for his successful election.

Now today we learn that officials at the US Department of Justice announced that they had dropped their investigation of voter intimidation by the radical New Black Panther Party, yet another radical group who were devoted to the election of Barack Obama.

I have a message for Obama and Gates. The Obama who was at the NAACP is part of the solution for the black community. The Obama who was at the press conference is part of the problem. Professor Gates is part of the problem. When women who really are left behind dare to say a word – its whining and we are told whining, moaning, groaning, and blaming others never improves your lot.

Well let me throw that right back, this racism and sexism only pisses off those of us who are the vast majority of the community who, like Crowley, and Lucia Whalen who clearly are not racists. If you continue blaming me and others like me, you will earn our animosity, not because you are black, but because you are crying wolf and detracting from real problems and are the racist and sexist hypocrites.

And there ya have it there will be no apologies. Crawley is my hero! Sharpton et al are uncovered as the coward racist bigoted sexists that they are. I hope the PD Unions have learned a valuable lesson, I hope those suffering white guilt have paid enough, I hope the Latino’s see what side their bread is buttered on and to women- of all colors – if you did not get the message by now- you never will. This is a women hating black racist – anti American socialist dictating conman.

3 Opinion(s):

Ranger Tom said...

Amen! I am so sick of this vitriol against whitey for everything.

I may not be as educated as some of the commenters here, I'm not studying for my Phd...

I am fairly well-read and try to read as much as possible, although I don't read Marx, Engles or Trotsky but prefer LeCarr, Clancy & Higgins.

But I do know racism when I see it. I've had it jammed down my throat enough times to tell the rancid stench from a mile away.

I'm not guilty of anything.

I'm white, I'm proud and that's it.

Doberman said...

RT said "I'm white, I'm proud and that's it." Amen brother. I sense the dawn of a new white awakening.

Ranger Tom said...

It's coming Doberman... I just hope it's not to late for everyone, here in the States and in SA.