Friday, August 07, 2009


Here is a typical email from the family of yet more victims of crime in our Rainbow Nation, which was recently sent around. Every now and again I receive a mail similar to this one, warning me of a perceived new threat. People in South Africa are obviously living with their blinkers on, judging from this mail.


Please be very careful when visiting Sardinia Bay Beach that you are not the only visitor to the beach ESPECIALLY any time around sunset. Calvin and Crystan were hi-jacked in the parking lot of Sardinia Bay on Wednesday, August 5, 2009, between 6pm and 7pm, after Calvin took a photograph on his new camera. Calvin saw an old green Toyota approach them and saw a guy with his face covered and knew that something serious was about to happen. As Calvin tried to reverse out of the parking so the car parked directly behind them preventing them from fleeing. Two black men armed with knives approached Calvin and Crystan, one on either side of their doors, robbed them of their belongings, walked away, then returned, forced them out of the car and told them to run. They did! Calvin and Crystan walked backed home on the Seaview Road. Calvin forced a guy driving to a party to stop and give them a lift home. PRAISE GOD THAT NEITHER WERE HARMED IN ANY WAY AT ALL. They were aggressive towards Crystan and Calvin but no violence was used. I have gone from disbelief, to shock to anger and am back in disbelief mode again. I cannot believe that this happened. I know we live in a crime infested country but this has hit home hard just what a violent country we live in. (The truth about crime was obvious regardless of the MSM's whitewashing, yet you were content to just turn a blind eye until you became threatened. How many other people do not do this?!) The police, detectives and flying squad were amazing to say the least. We were impressed with their quick response. Calvin's car was found in Kwazakele 2 hours later but what state it is in is quite another matter (let me guess, completely trashed with food and drink, stuff ripped out, scratched, stained). We will probably view the car tom afternoon. I am not pro guns but after this I really feel like I could own one now. (Now you wake up?? Tsk!) The detectives said they got a tip off as a green Toyota had been involved in another criminal activity this evening. Calvin's car is riddled with fingerprints but they will first have to exclude ours. Fingerprints will be taken tomorrow. I hope they catch the bastards!

Wake up, South Africa!!!!!!

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Doberman said...

15 years of 20000 reported murders a year..and these people have only now woken up?! You know, perhaps this is nature's way of separating the weak from the herd. You stupid, you die. You smart, you live.

FishEagle said...

Dobes, it wouldn't suprise me if these people carried on with their lives just as before, after sending this email. They've done their part now and they've eased their concience. Back to living with blinkers on soon. That drives me insane.

Anonymous said...

Surprise , surprise! They shoot horses - dont they ?