Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Neanderthal Malema attacks whites

The walking arsehole asks where are the white South Africans to welcome runner Semenya at the airport. "If it was rugby they would be here". You listen on. Think about it, he could be president one day. He walks upright and is an imbecile therefore suitable material. Now imagine a white spewing this racist shite, what would be the reaction? Malema really hates whites, understand that, because whites are not kissing his ring finger every day. The world according to Malema is very simplistic. It's about the master and the peasant. He is the master, why are the peasant whites not cowering to his awesomeness like the rest of the population, like blacks are.

The lame mainstream media will of course give him a pass. He's that "special child" the retarded family member who can't help himself. We can say this to console ourselves but seriously, he sits atop a mass of retards who believe his crap and look up to him. Again, I ask you, who will do something about Malema? Isn't it time to shut him up? How do we shut him up? And by the way, Winnie was there too.

Malema abuses success of athletes to sow seeds of dissension

AfriForum Youth accused the President of the ANC Youth League, Julius Malema, of being a racial ideologist who apparently even is prepared to exploit the excellent achievements of South African athletes to promote discord in the country. This follows after Malema today used the arrival of these athletes at the OR Tambo Airport as opportunity to launch an attack on whites, as, in Malema’s opinion, too few whites were at the airport.

According to the National Chairman of AfriForum Youth, Ernst Roets, members of AfriForum Youth who had been present at the airport today, decided to leave when it became apparent that Malema and the ANC Youth League had hijacked the occasion to promote an anti-white agenda. In reaction to Malema’s question where the whites were, Roets said that Malema is constantly launching attacks on whites and therefore cannot seriously expect whites to turn up at events where he (Malema) will make speeches. “Malema should perhaps start realising that he himself is the problem, and that more people will turn up to welcome sport heroes when occasions like today are not exploited by people such as Malema,” Roets added.

According to Roets, people across a wide spectrum are proud of the success of the country’s athletes and the opportunity which this offers for the fostering of mutual recognition and respect amongst communities, is spoiled by the Malemas in the country.

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Dachshund said...

Now whites must be held hostage to the fact that Caster was pumped full of steroids and was found to have three times the normal level of testosterone for a female.

Doberman said...

This theatrics is a ruse to confuse the baboons. They have planted their flag on her being female despite looking more masculine than my grandpa. If she should be found to be more male than female and stripped of the medal, they will fall back on the trusty old race card. The facts won't matter. They will paint this as whitey stealing from the poor black once more.

Dachshund said...

@Dobes: of course it's a ruse, they can't keep any of their election promises. Cowardly shits would rather see more whites murdered than do anything about the mess the country's in.

h said...

"How do we shut him up?"

With a high-powered sniper rifle. Seriously, the SAPS is a joke and cannot do any form of crime prevention or investigation. If a few well trained YT's with sniper rifles wanted to, they could rid SA of many of the yard apes running things and get the civil war kicked off good and proper.

Doberman said...

@ h, yep, I agree, a single shot betwixt those crazy eyes. It would miss his brain by about 5 feet but worth a bullet to find out.

FMCLAW777 said...

This idiots opens his speech with:

(Down with racism x 2) - Malema you ass, how does winning a gold institute racism and what has this got to do with athletics?? It's because the victor is Black and "it's" gender was in question by supposed "white controlled media". Still, how does any of above relate to racism?

Then he asks:

"Where are the whites, to welcome Caster?" Malema, you stupid, while your brotha's and sista's strike, who runs the country? If we supposed racist whites took off work yesterday, the economy would crash!! And show me how many white people actually watch athletics with the same enthusiasm as RUGBY FANS, or soccer for that matter??? My stupid comrad, we watch sport that interest us, not because the players are white, you idiot!!

"Why is the country divided?" Again Malema, you stupid, because we white taxpayers have to support STUPID people like you and people who just wants more free "basic rights" in life, and lets be honest here, who are the people we support with our taxes, who is getting free houses, free elec, free water, free education, welfare, gov grants etc? The same people paying for your "free basic rights" do not even have the RIGHT to receive them!!

He then states:

"White journalists wrote wrong things about Caster"! Malema, you stupid, did the Sowetan / Sun not also cover stories about Caster and asked the same question? The media is there to report on events, not to decide the truth (let's be clear here, liberal media that also supported your so called "struggle" were all WHITE people) (I hope these WHITE LIBERALS see how their deeds go unappriciated by BLACK POLITICS, the same fecking people they supported against apartheid) - all I can say is TOLD YOU FECKERS SO!!

"White controlled media, you are wrong" - again, liberal media that reported on your "struggle" are now accused of reporting WRONG things about people!! WOW, now we know the media never reported the whole truth about apartheid and it's so called inhumane acts!!

What an idiot!! Let me just tell Malema one thing, a person so consumed by racist behaviour and thoughts are usually the ones who cry RACISM first and are usually the biggest racists of them all. One who thinks, lives and speaks only colour (like Malema) will only see colour!!

Norman said...

On e NEWS last night they did report on the arrival of Semenya and the portion of Malema's speech where he accuses white SA of being racist for not coming to Jan Smuts Airport. You should have seen the throngs of K4s and just as well no whites showed up. If whites did show up, they would have been a minority in that crowd and I am certain many would have been fondled, sodomised, mugged and trampled to death. Whites are too smart to knowingly go to a place where they may not return from.

On the darkie news bulletins they did report on the arrival of Semenya, but alas, that was it! There was no sign of Malema or any of his 'speech' - if you can call it that. It seems that most of what Malema says are random thoughts that bounce around the inside of his abnormally big head until they reach the mouth part and manage to get out! Most of those 'sounds' are an incomprehensible drivel.

Oh, they did show Winnie Mandela smiling with Semenya. I didn't know Winnie and Semenya are best friends!?! The sheboon is so fickle, she WILL milk every opportunity to show her ugly mugshot, just when you have forgotten it.

Islandshark said...

@ Doberman: I can't agree 100%.

Woody Malema (aka pikkewyndoos - useless for man, fish and animal) is a short arse, so the distance between his peanut and external anal sphincter is three feet at most...

FMCLAW777 said...

Funny, that not even the "SHEMALE" Caster found Malema's speech that impressive, just look at his/her face when Malema walked off!! At least it shows that "some" do not agree with him!!

BTW, why is the pres of the youth league their in the first place??

Viking said...

"I didn't know Winnie and Semenya are best friends!?! The sheboon is so fickle, she WILL milk every opportunity to show her ugly mugshot, just when you have forgotten it."
Norman I fell off my chair laughing at that one..!

A white person's main reason for not going to the airport might be because he/she knew Malema would be there. Unless you have a H&K MP5 that would be pointless and unpleasant.
Having a "rally"?
In most countries, people gather in a civilised way to welcome their athletes - not turn it into a political event. Any excuse to subject people to his inane ramblings.


Anonymous said...

There must have been a massed IQ of no more then two digit's between that bunch of F@#$%&g K4's