Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Vision of Boer Republic Restoration.

Continuing with the theme of Robert van Tonder & his vision of restoring the old Boer Republics: a while ago I came across an interesting portion about this topic within a book called: The Politics of Ethnic Conflict Regulation. Within chapter 10 of the book it outlines some specifics of van Tonder's vision & the proposed relation between the restored Boer Republics with the rest of South Africa in the name of economic co-operation.

The Boerestaat Party of Robert van Tonder strives to revive the traditional Boer Republics in the Transvaal and the Orange Free State, but rejects the notion of a White homeland as racist. Just as Zionists asked for the ancient Jewish state to be reinstated without excluding all Arab inhabitants, according to van Tonder, so the Boerestaat will co-exist with a black majority in its midst. But by dividing these blacks into different nations, the [ Boers ] will still be in the majority. According to Piet "Skiet" Rudolph, the Free State, Transvaal and the northern Natal are still part and parcel of the Boerevolk. He equates the Boere claim for land with the dispossessed black community's demands for land restitution. The Boere homelands then would form a loose federation for economic co-operation with the rest of South Africa.

Source: Chapter 10: South Africa: The opening of the apartheid mind. Page 244. The Politics of Ethnic Conflict Regulation.

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