Sunday, August 23, 2009

UK: Tory Party Candidate Backs “Blacks Only” Politics

A few days ago I urged Brits to rid themselves of the useless Labour Party but I dare say that the Conservatives are no better if they behave like this leading Tory who is in favour of promoting "blacks only" politics paid for by taxpayers' money, mostly WHITE taxpayers' money. For me there can only be one choice in the UK and that's the British National Party. Until the major political parties stop pandering to the wishes of / appeasing minorities over the interests of the majority indigenous population you cannot in good conscience vote for them as that is tantamount to voting against your best interests. What has happened to the great nation of Britain?


A leading Conservative Party member who is set to stand for that party in Sheffield at the next election has come out in support of a “blacks only” political activity.

In a move which makes a mockery of the Tory party’s attacks on the British National Party for its pro-indigenous population stance, Conservative Shazia Awan said the mentoring initiative, Operation Black Vote, “had launched her political career.”

Speaking after someone in Wales dared to suggest changes to the blacks only taxpayer subsidised program, Ms Awan said any such moves would “weaken its impact.”

The reason for Ms Awan’s anxiety is that the program will be expanded to include other “under-represented groups” at the Welsh Assembly who will not be black but white, such as females and disabled people.

“When you are trying to please everybody you please nobody at all,” Ms Awan said, wishing to keep the taxpayers’ money exclusively for the non-white community.

The Tory candidate’s position was endorsed by Simon Woolley, chief executive of Operation Black Vote. In his reaction to the move, he said he was “glad to continue working with the Welsh Assembly, but urged that race awareness remained a priority.”

As if this blatant display of money-grabbing by Third World immigrants was not enough, Ms Awan went on to write on the Operation Black Vote blog that she was “deeply embarrassed with the political landscape in Wales” — apparently because it is too white.

Welsh Conservative Party leader Nick Bourne last month proposed the creation of a “priority list” of candidates for target seats, with an emphasis on getting more non-white “candidates into winnable positions” by giving the top place on regional lists where there is a vacancy to such a candidate and ensuring that at least half of candidates put forward for final selection in a target are female or from an ethnic minority.

What this means in practice is that the Conservative Party is now officially discriminating against white people in its candidate selection process.

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You mean you didn't know who owns BOTH parties? Do some research!