Friday, August 07, 2009

The two faces of Obama

Alternate headline: “Nuance, the video.” Greg Hengler of Townhall stitched this together from the same speech in which The One informed conservatives that talky time is over. As infuriating as that was, you’ll find it twice as infuriating in context. This clip really is exactly as advertised, showcasing both the myth of Obama that the media’s happily carried forth and the reality of what kind of politician he is when his agenda’s threatened. Amazing that with his approval rating slipping and anger getting hotter every day, he’d still feel confident enough to contradict himself this blatantly in the same speech. It’s practically a taunt.

Which President did you vote for? Obama 1 or Obama 2.

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Pensioner said...

Ohbummer wants to be the janitor, that is about all he is good for.
Janitor, yes. President, Hell no.
He should be cleaning teleprompters instead of reading from them.

Ranger Tom said...

My father had a perfect saying for what he is. I never really understood it until I was an adult, but now it makes perfect sense.

Obama talks like a "Man with a paper asshole".

White, black, yellow... Doesn't make a shitload of difference to me, the fucker is still a paper asshole talking bastard.

Black Coffee said...

To be honest, like I told Doberman in email, in this clip Obama actually sounds a little like Mugabe warning his people not to disrespect the office of President. I am not saying Obama is like Mugabe, I am not prepared to say that yet. Perhaps he said this because of mounting frustration at conservatives and neo-cons who are getting in way of his message. The health care debate is heating up here in US, I understand one of violent town hall meetings took place in state where you - RT live, in Florida. There are two main things which are scaring some American people about Obama's proposals: one - when he says "under my plan, if you like your health insurance you can keep it. If you don't, you can come under public coverage" - many people (I am not sure how many) do not believe this. They think that Obama's plan would be a step to driving all private insurers out of business. Second - the thing that scares a lot of seniors is they have heard, as I have from at least 2 people personally, that in publically-run health care systems, people 70 and older do not get surgeries. They get pain medication and death counseling. I do not know whether in fact this is what occurs in public systems like UK, France, Canada, etc. - but this seems to be a pretty wide perception among Americans about publically-run health care systems. I do not know what to make of this issue as I try to listen to all sides. I watched a video that Doberman sent which has a British MP talking about the British health care system as not particularly efficient, especially when it comes to caring for elderly people. On other hand, last night I was thinking that in U.S. we already have three government-run health care programs. They are - Medicaid, Medicare and the system of VA hospitals we have for military veterans. From what I know these three work pretty well.

Viking said...

Having watched "sicko" from fat b*stard Michael Moore, I'm not sure where I stand on health in the US. I do know that the USA spends more REGULATING private health than European countries spend on their public systems!

Ranger Tom said...

@BC: I for one, having been in the VA system for 21 years, it just doesn't work. The government can't even get this "Cash for Clunkers" program running right, and that's a short term program, but people expect it to manage your healthcare efficiently?

It'll just be one more titanic, bloated bureaucracy where a faceless bureaucrat will decide what care I receive.

And you're right about one thing. Under the Government program, the elderly won't be able to get surgeries, just "death" counseling and meds.

It'll just be one more thing the Government will do to get into my life.