Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Truth about Apartheid

Nobel Peace Prize winner and last white President of South Africa, F.W. De Klerk, explains what the goal of the policy of Apartheid actually was.

The truth has been suppressed for long enough, it is time for the world to hear the other side of the story.

Apartheid Myths and Half-truths
Apartheid did not oppress us

See the AfrikanerBroadcast channel for the original version.

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anonymous said...

This is just offensive to the mentality of black people in Africa. In the end apartheid was about economical and power advancements to the Afrikaans, not helping Africans

Doberman said...

@ anon 7:55, you have your ill-informed pre-conceived ideas so nothing anyone says, not even a Nobel PEACE Laureate says will change your mind. Those of us that lived in those days remember something entirely different, like trying to ward off what would happen to whites under black majority rule, as has happened since 1994.

Anonymous said...

please explain, how black majority rule has hurt South African whites,

Islandshark said...

@ Anon 8:04pm.

If you need an explanation of that, you are already braindead and any effort to educate you will be a waste of time...

Doberman said...

Anon, do me a favour, search the blog and EDUCATE yourself. I don't have the time or inclination to enlighten an ignoramus to the realities of south Africa post 1994. I owe it to the thousands of white crime victims including almost 3100 farmers tortured and killed, the 20000 murders every year, the almost 12 MILLION (stop and ingest the number!!) reported crimes committed since 1994 not to waste my time on fools like you. South Africa is a disaster since the ANC took over and even blacks acknowledge that or have you not been watching the news lately? Move on troll, I don't have the patience today.

Black Coffee said...

Anon is not a troll but stated in 2 sentences what apartheid was all about. I don't give a damn what De Klerk says about it, sounds like he is trying to be an apologist for apartheid now. Maybe the PAC and AZAPO were right about him in the early 1990s when they said, essentially, that he is just another racist in new bottles. Now you bring up all the murder victims - and I acknowledge it is too many. One murder victim is one too many, but how many were killed during apartheid? From what I read and was told, the townships always had lots of crime, but did the old SAP record this and keep statistics the way SAPS does now? Yes, some blacks do say it was better under apartheid, but I think in those cases they let difficulties of today cloud their judgment. Even one of my best friends who showed me several townships would sometimes say things were better under apartheid depending on what mood he was in. I would ask, long before I saw the BBC video, would he really want to go back to Group Areas Act and pass laws, and all of that? He would say no but it seemed to him the apartheid government kept the infrastructure in better shape than ANC. I do have to ask, and do so all the time in my emails in fact, why ANC government has neglected so many townships other than Soweto to which they have extended electricity. However, in others including Thokoza, which I visited, they have not. This is causing a lot of anger and understandably and justifiably so, considering that government seems to spend money freely for ministers' cars but not for service delivery. But it is disingenuous to use problems of today to justify the unjustifiable system SA had in the past.

Black Coffee said...

I just watched the video. Looks like a masterful piece of pro-apartheid bullshit to me. I am sure some neo-Nazis can put together similar video justifying Hitler's rule in Germany if they haven't already. Ask the families of Neil Aggett, Steve Biko, Solomon Mahlangu and Ruth First how much the apartheid government respected human rights, particularly the most important right of all - the right to life.

Pensioner said...

Anon, just ask the blacks in the streets, on the internet and all the other places where they have stated that they were better off under a white Government then under the current anc government.

Anonymous said...

Black majority rule = disaster for all!

Exzanian said...

Dobes, this was truly an amazing insert. It stirred up so much emotion in me. How true it is that in Israel the world not only accepts, but is bending over backwards to find a two nation state under almost any condition whatsoever, so long as it will guarantee relative calm and peace. It breaks my heart that our leaders never had the heart to stick with the negotiation process after Codesa faltered. Instead, we were cowards; fearing for our lives we capitulated to a mass of thuggery and brutality, to the likes of "petrol and matches" Winnie Mandela. The same thuggery that is being played out in Azania before our very eyes today. Last year, 67 people died in xenophobic attacks. Why? There are real disparities in the various race and nation groups. As De Klerk said, the Xhosa is as different from the Sotho as a Frenchman from a German. What a sad and terrible fate awaits those dwelling in Azania. Forever doomed to squaring the circle, believing the lie of a "Rainbow Nation" and being forced into buying the myth of "transformation" when all around is diversity and seperation. The only way to reconcile the differences was Apartheid. The whole world abandoned us whereas in the Middle East (for whatever ideological reasons) they are sticking with it. I have definitely changed my mind; Apartheid was good. Apartheid was positive and the true path to reconciliation and mutual respect between races. Apartheid is dead, LONG LIVE APARTHEID!!!!!!

Doberman said...

@ BC, your statement "Yes, some blacks do say it was better under apartheid, but I think in those cases they let difficulties of today cloud their judgment." Well, my patronising leftwing liberal friend, that's quite racist isn't it? Tsk, you say, those darn blacks, how dare they say it was better under apartheid when you, a white, a foreigner, know better. BC, they as opposed to YOU have LIVED, remember the word, ingest its meaning, under apartheid and under ANC rule. For so-called "oppressed" people to prefer living under apartheid seems a bridge too far for your mind.

Freedom, let me spell it out for you, is not just about being able to vote but being able to have a job, put food on the table, live in security, put a roof over your head and LIVE. Not just to exist but to live with dignity. Ask any of those blacks living in squalor - not your pampered black friends - whether they would forego their right to vote in exchange for the above and 90% will say yes. I have asked those blacks and many have told me life was better, far better when whites ran things. That's indisputable. As for crime, even though it was higher in townships, most blacks will acknowledge that even in those days they could walk their townships at night without fear like today so even there your facts are wrong. Unemployment was nowhere near 40%.

But then you'd say no because you as a liberal know better than them. You know what's good for blacks don't you?

Black Coffee said...

The one friend I referred to is not "pampered", but lives in Soweto. No I do not pretend to know what is good for blacks, they are capable of deciding it for themselves. I just do not think apartheid was it, too many people gave their lives to fight that evil system. The solution is not to glorify that system nor go back to it but work on making a "better life for all" a reality. Exzanian- the Middle East has a complex history of its own and I do not pretend to understand all of it. However, it seems to me there also the "us versus them" mentality, on part of both Israelis and Arabs, has been causing a lot of the problems that you see there today, and historically.

Doberman said...

@ BC, "pampered" by SA standards is one who does not live in squatter shacks, so yes your friend is pampered if he can turn the tap and get fresh water and switch on a light and receive electricity. It's hypocrisy for people like that and you to tell those living in squalor that what they have now is better than what they had before when THEY are the ones living the misery.

You have an elitist mentality as do most leftwingers. When you see blacks saying they'd rather live under the AWB you immediately surmise these people are confused. How racist. But these are the people that can tell the difference of pre/post 1994, not your friend.

Unlike you, I have spoken to more blacks who live in squatter camps who say their lives are hell. Given the choice of jobs, proper shelter, better security etc which they had pre 1994, most will undeniably forego a useless thing like a vote every 5 years.

Dachshund said...

Bear in mind that apartheid was a method of entrenching rights for Afrikaners.

Even the dimmest, laziest Afrikaner could get a job in government flicking rubber bands and throwing darts all day. So what's the difference, you ask?

Because blacks are so good at multiplying, but can't add or subtract, there are a lot more dumb, lazy blacks working for government than there were Afrikaners.

It's not that the principle has changed, it's just the numbers.

The only thing Afrikaners can still do is pump out millions of white babies to compete with blacks. Whether they are prepared to do this, as well as fire the maid and the gardener and do their own chores, is another story.

Anonymous said...

@Dachshund: These "lazy" Afrikaners were the people who built SA into what it was. They were the ones who established the towns, farmed and grew the food to feed the nation. They were the ones who implemented the education; health and justice systems. So, before you speak out of your ass again please show some respect for one of the toughest people around. Unfortunately they weren't clever enough to shoot all the kaffirs dead years ago before you bleeding heart liberals started opening your bloody mouths. More's the pity.

Dachshund said...

@Anon 7:56 PM: No educated Afrikaner would have responded like that.

It's the poor white who wouldn't be able to crack it in another country who is the most disgruntled.

Scorpion said...

To the Coffee-idiot regarding these statements:

"...did the old SAP record this (violence) and keep statistics the way SAPS does now?..."

Even you should know that this is an idiotic question??!! Have you not heard? Our new 'boon commissioner of police stated, what, three days ago, that crime stats will (still) NOT be released, for the most absurd reason that criminals will use the information for their own gain.

Unpublished stats are as worthless as no stats at all, so try for once not to fool yourself.

" go back to Group Areas Act and pass laws, and all of that?..."

I think you are missing the point here. As usual.
No one says anything will or have or should go back to the apartheid era. And the pass laws were scrapped around the mid seventies. For almost 20 years before '94blacks lived without 'all that...' as you call it.

The real issue here, is that things were undeniably better under a white government. Even for blacks. Yes, they did not have the right to vote and now they do. Praise be. But, hardy-har, that is all the masses now have more than before. The irony just kills me.

For all it's worst qualities that liberals so quickly like to point out, the so called 'apartheid government' were better than any black African government can ever hope to be.
One of the most important reasons I say this, is because of a fundamental difference between whites and blacks. The white, afrikaner government of the past (and whites in general) had something black people does not and will never have - discipline, pride, a sense of accountability. Honour.
No sirree, dream on. For blacks to succeed at governance, they need to attempt noble traits like these but it is far easier to just ride the gravy train as long as possible.
Hand out food parcels with a nice topping of promises a week before every election and we have enough steam for another few years. Eish, me Zuma is sooo cleva.

"...considering that government seems to spend money freely for ministers' cars but not for service delivery..."

Seeing this, saying it and obviously keeping up to date with current SA Politics, you still think we have a good thing going with a black government?!

Whites are intelligent, logic, inventive people with the gift of deductive reasoning, but you? ...oh boy.

In your own way you are as idiotic in your denials as the millions of blacks giving the ANC with every election 'one more chance'.
Like we say in good ol' SA - fokken kom by!!!

Oh, and to Anon 8:04 PM, the answer to your question is just a google away. Ask someone to help you get there. It really is an amazing search engine. (a place for to find lots of informashin, in laymen's terms)

Anonymous said...

@ BC: Your heroes were failures eg.:

Steve Biko was a King Williams Town boy & failed medical student at Natal Uni privileged black medical school in Umbilo, Durban. Biko was a womanizer.

Privileged commie Ruth First, aka Slovo, parasitised the sacrifices of dead Portuguese conscripts in what was once beautiful, productive Lorenco Marques, created by Portuguese.

Doberman said...

@ Scorpion, well said & lol.

Viking said...

It's true what they say, BC. Very few black people were actually killed by the apartheid state. Relatively - as you say yourself one murder is too many. I found that quite shocking when I was first told it, and I didn't believe it. Even a figure of, what, 2000, seemed low to me, educated as I was to believe that the evil Boers were mowing down darkies by the ton with Gatling guns on a Saturday morning before breakfast.
The population mushroomed under white rule, too, so much so that now there are about 40 million of them. There were only 100,000 Xhosas in the 1850s. If those numbers had stayed steady, SA would be a very different place today.
I feel about Apartheid the same way I feel about fox hunting - I hate bullies in uniforms.

FMCLAW777 said...

At anon 7:55pm - My friend, we all struggled under the white government of the NP, I remember that their were a lot of Afrikaner Families pre 94 that had regular money issues like having their furniture removed, cars taken by the bank, not have money for food etc. The idea that all whites had a GOOD WEALTHY life during apartheid, is a myth. Just to add, look at "Africa" under white rule and now look at AFRICA under Black rule, look at the debt, look at the crime, look at the poverty, look at the economic growth and tribal warfare and genocide against tribes (SA / ZIM / ANGOLA / DRC / SIERRA LEONE / SOMALIA) to name a view. Ask yourself again, is AFRICA really better under black rule??

FMCLAW777 said...

@ anon 8:04pm

"please explain, how black majority rule has hurt South African whites"

We whites pay 70% of total taxes in the country while the majority of the population (blacks) pay nothing, so you have 3.5 million whites taking care of nearly 42 million blacks and themselves, apply this to any business plan and see how long that business lasts! Our taxes are used to build free houses for blacks, supply free water and electricity to them and also to educate them, to name a view vital reasons! after which they burn / destroy their free houses or complain about them (beggars can't be choosers) they overload power stations via illegal connections and cause blackouts, not to mention general use has increased to the point where it cannot be sustained, so we whites have to fork up another couple billion to build new power stations in order for the non-payers (blacks) to have electricity. Then add year on year increases for electricity / water / fuel / taxes etc, and see where that leaves us payers (whites), we hardly have enough money left to support our own families but we have to support the majority of the population in order for them to receive "basics" for free. WHAT ABOUT MY BASIC RIGHT TO USE MY HARD EARNED MONEY FOR MY FAMILY, but we have to support the idiots who are to lazy to work and then complain about their salaries when they do find a job, now we have to pay them more money for less work and take home even less money home after their increases have been granted, which leaves less money to pay our bills, less money for food / water / electricity, less money for education, less money for "our basics". So remember the next time you see a poor homeless white man and his family on the street, that means there is one less white family that could have supported "by new ANC regulations" about 3 Black families!!

FMCLAW777 said...

@ BC 01:31am

"but how many were killed during apartheid" my friend in total we look at about 2000 blacks of which nearly all of them were killed in or during crimes committed against the state including general crime such as armed robberies, rapes, hijackings etc (self defense by police or retaliation against possible threats), very view, and I mean VERY VIEW were killed for no good reason (assassinated, murdered etc), now compare that to the more than 3000 Afrikaners that were murdered for no good reason, tortured, raped, murdered for nothing, in most cases not even for money / food etc. During 40 years of apartheid, 2000 blacks were killed in crime related cercamstances. During 15 years of ANC Rule, more than 3000 Afrikaners murdered for no reason what so ever and more than 300 000 assaulted, raped etc!! YOU DO THE MATH. And don't try to compare the Apartheid Gov to the Nazi Gov, never and I mean never did we murder millions of blacks for nothing, never did we have intentions to do this and never will. It's funny how everybody compares the two to be similar, remember, Hitler was one man who was responsible for millions of deaths (White Jewish deaths, NOT BLACKS), why not do the comparison to IDI AMIN who were responsible for 300 000 ethnic deaths in his county. Don't compare one WHITE TYRANT to all white leader around the world or when you feel like it. Rather start comparing yourself / your race to that of Idi Amin / Robert Mugabe and the other AFRICAN TYRANTS that committed genocide / ethnic cleansing and tribal warfare where innocent people and children were slaughtered / enslaved because they didn't belong to a certain tribe, rather compare Hitler to that of AFRICAN LEADERS and not just one single white government.

FMCLAW777 said...

@ BC 03 August 2009 1:47 AM

"Ask the families of Neil Aggett, Steve Biko, Solomon Mahlangu and Ruth First how much the apartheid government respected human rights, particularly the most important right of all - the right to life"

My friend, why don't the ANC ask the families of 3000 Afrikaners how they feel about human rights. Ask the families of 300 000 crime victims about their right to safety and security in a country which they helped built. Best yet, what about our right to freedom, right to live, right to safety and security, BUT EVERY TIME WE EXERCISE OUR BASIC RIGHTS, we are labelled racist apartheid / neo nazi lovers!!

The killing of 5 black leaders (pre apartheid) is hardly enough to justify the killing of 3000 Afrikaners and the 300 000 victims (post apartheid)!! They were killed because they were enemies of the stated, communist leaders who wanted to over throw the gov. 3000 Afrikaners are not enemies of the state, but producers of food and resources for AFRICA. Have you ever stopped to think about that?? Please do not justify today's actions by blacks to that of the white gov of the past!! It was war then, and people die during war, we are past that but the war against whites still continues today, please tell me why??

Anonymous said...

Well done dachshund. What a joke you are.

As an Afrikaner, armed with two post graduate degrees, aged 53, incapable of leaving SA due to my age and health, you just managed to piss me off to the extent that I won't bother visiting this blog again.
Also shows how incredibly ill-informed she is. Had it not been for a large proportion of English speakers in SA, the Nats would never have been able to hold on to power for as long as they did.
And this unacceptable insults and facile attempt to blame everything on Afrikaners has become cliched. The blacks have seen through it by now. They kill whites, irrespective of what language they speak.

BTW, SA Sucks has exceeded the two million hits mark. Well done to them. Their contributors don't play the Eng/Afr issue the way you people do - they tell it the way it is.
Doberman, your own integrity is at stake here should you allow your contributors to voice these views, which basically are the blog's views. Do you agree with her?

FishEagle said...

Anon 9.01, often it is not worth using reasoning for petty English / Afrikaans squabbles. Most English people are pretty damn fine people. Also, as Afrikaners, lets be proud of who we are. There is only one issue in South Africa and that is racism so let's keep the eye on the ball and try resolve it.