Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tri-Nations 2009 - Almost there

What a great game last night. The Boks had this game sewn up in the first half-hour and the two soft tries they let in at the end flatters the Wallabies who were comprehensively outplayed. The Boks need just one more point to clinch the title. I will be at the game at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane next week to hopefully see the Boks close the deal. I will take some pics which I hope to post here.

Side note: This is Aus TV. Observe the difference between these announcers and the regular fare at e-TV or SAUKak. It is refreshing to hear the English language being articulated properly.

Springboks stay up late before Tri-Nations tie against Australia

SYDNEY: South Africa have resorted to an unusual tactic that would normally give the traditionalists nightmares in a bid to end their poor record in Australia.

Instead of going to bed early on the eve of today’s Tri-Nations clash in Perth, the Springbok players have been told to stay up until 2am.

But there will be no wild parties until the wee hours for the world champions - it is just the latest ploy management hope will help the players overcome the effects of jetlag before tonight’s match.

South African teams have struggled to adapt quickly enough to the different time zones when they began previous tours to Australia but believe they have may found the answer.

Rather than try to adjust, the Pretoria-based Bulls simply wound back their clocks and stayed on South African time during their trip to Australia for the Super 14 this year.

“That’s something we’ve tried with the Bulls and it really worked in the first week (on the road) in the Super 14,” Springboks lock Victor Matfield told reporters yesterday. “We look over the Super 14s and South African Super 14 teams have done better (recently) than in the long past, so hopefully we can do the same with the Springboks.

“It’s something that’s needed if we want to be a successful team.”

South Africa have only beaten the Wallabies twice on Australian soil since the Tri-Nations began in 1996 but both wins were at Perth’s Subiaco Oval.

Perth is the closest Australian state capital to South Africa and boasts a large expatriate community, giving the visiting Springboks a little taste of home.

“It’s not too far to travel and only six hours time difference and there’s a lot of South Africans here to support us so it does make it a little bit easier,” Matfield said.

“But any game playing away in the Tri-Nations is tough.”

The Springboks are unbeaten in this year’s Tri-Nations after winning their three home games while the Australians have lost their three matches, one each in New Zealand, South Africa and at home. — Reuters

3 Opinion(s):

AMB said...

Hey Dobes - I'm so tired of listening to Phil Kearns' tirade against the Boks in ALL his commentaries - his hatred is palpable. I wish I could tap into the Supersport commentary from Australia, but I don't think this is possible. Any ideas?

Doberman said...

@ AMB, heh heh, you are so right. Did you hear him go on and on about the scrum penalties? The Aussies are bad losers, nice people, but bad losers. Have you noticed how they replay matches they win over and over and repeat it in every news bulletin over and over and when they lose you can't find it anywhere ;) As for Mnet, yeah, I was actually thinking the same thoughts as I listened to the commentary. I don't know if there is a way to get it over on this side.

Islandshark said...

I agree - Kiwis & Aussies are superbad losers. At least the English turn on their own, showing their disgust (especially with football / soccer) by ripping the little St George's Cross flags off their cars and dumping them, even whilst driving on the M4!

Here's a suggestion for commentary - switch off the TV sound and tune in to an internet radio service from SA. Yeah, I know - not the nice Dolby digital sound, but I would rather stick my thumb up my own backside than listen to Murray Perplexted try to commentate a rugby game.