Friday, August 07, 2009

Top Gear - Killing a Toyota

Our political elite have been on a spending spree opting for the best chariots our money can buy in which to cart their useless lard arses around while listening to Mandoza on 1000 watt sound systems in sumptuous elegance. The reason they give for this lavish outlay is they say, because some of the 'old' cars are either 5 years old *gulp* or oh the inhumanity dare I say it, have 120 000kms on the clock!

What these fokkers need is a good Toyota. The damn things go forever. I thought it fitting at this time of wanton largesse by the political clique to remind you of one of Top Gear's best challenges which was to see if they could kill a Toyota. We need to return the luxury automobiles for some good bakkies, room for one driver and all the wives in the back.

1 Opinion(s):

Ranger Tom said...

I'd have just used 4.5 kilos of TNT and have been done with it. But I'm subtle that way.

I love Top Gear... I used to watch it all the time when my Cable TV carrier still had BBC America.