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Too many Indians, chief

Uh oh, it's opened its mouth again and as usual shit has dribbled out. As long as we have troglodytes like this spewing "our people" and "Africans" (meaning blacks because whites can't be African in his eyes) we will never move beyond race in South Africa. He cites his example of Africans being 'capable' for instance, in "security" matters. Oh yeah, having the world's highest crime rate proves just how capable blacks are so his point would be....? Can you imagine these people controlling the purse strings? He is a 'tard, Mr IQ 67, exemplified.


Minorities are in the pound seats, says Malema

ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema has slammed President Jacob Zuma’s appointment of “minorities” to strategic economic positions, saying this fuels the perception that Africans are not capable of running these portfolios.

Asked yesterday if the youth league welcomed the recent appointment of Gill Marcus as Reserve Bank governor, Malema said he was “worried” that only minorities had been appointed by Zuma to head key economic ministries and the central bank.

He said that in Zuma’s government Africans had been reduced to running the security cluster.

“Why is the African leadership not given an opportunity to occupy strategic positions in the economic sector? If you look at the security cluster, it is all Africans. Are we reduced to security?

“We can’t handle economic issues? Is that our role as Africans, to be security? Minister of defence, minister of police, intelligence, justice — [all] Africans! And then in the economic cluster, it is minorities,” Malema protested.

But Zuma’s office defended his recent appointments.

Spokesman Vincent Magwenya said: “The president appointed people to his Cabinet regardless of race or class. These are individuals in good standing. They are South Africans who have dedicated their lives in the fight for non-racism and non-sexism so that we have the kind of society we have today.”

Zuma made Pravin Gordhan his finance minister and Ebrahim Patel economic development minister.

Rob Davis is trade and industry minister and Barbara Hogan is in charge of public enterprises.

Malema said the issue had been raised for discussion at the meeting of the ANC’s national working committee on Monday. He said: “We welcome [Marcus’s appointment], we don’t have a problem with that. But we would have expected an African child, once again, to occupy that strategic position so that again — through the Reserve Bank — we build confidence that Africans are also capable of handling strategic positions in the economic sector.”

Malema said the government “should not always be dictated to by the markets” who believe that “if you bring an African to a strategic position, you are going to suffer … the collapse of the economy”.

He said it had taken the markets a long time to accept Trevor Manuel as finance minister, and that once he had proved to be a success in the job, he was no longer considered black.

“Because they never believed that a black person can do what Trevor was doing, they said ‘no, this guy is white and this thing that this guy is black is not true’.

“We cannot, through our leadership style, fuel the perception that good things and a strong economy… [happen only when it] is led by the minorities and where our people are left in the periphery.”

The country, Malema said, could not hope to produce African economists when, at leadership level, only those from minorities were appointed. “These kids who are at school, and especially ourselves as young people, need to be inspired by these ministers … so that when you look at them, you say, ‘I want to grow and be like these people.’’’

Malema said when an “African child” looked at Marcus, he or she would say: “She is white anyway; they are born like that and there is no way I can be that.”

Pre-empting the likely public criticism, Malema said his remarks were “not racist” but had to do with “pursuing the strategic” ANC goal of liberating “blacks in general and Africans in particular”.

Malema’s sentiments were backed by economist Duma Gqubule, the director of KIO transformation advisory services.

“In every appointment made, we must make sure that representivity and the demographics of the country are taken into consideration. You can’t have a situation where Africans are seen to be excluded in key positions,” he said.

“The current grouping in the economic cluster is a cabal that has been there since 1996. Most of them operate outside the ANC and you battle to find where they get some of their policy positions,” Gqubule said.

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Anonymous said...

I am all for Malema "bee"-ing promoted to be in charge of tax collections.

FishEagle said...

@Anon, best idea yet!!! Lol

Pensioner said...

20% for woodwork? I think OK Bazaar must have had a special on fake Matric passes that day, he thought of getting a 10% pass but the 20% was at a special discount of 20%.

Anonymous said...

This irritating little turd goes into my ever-growing bag of turds, along with chief turd of corrupt police farce, cele and chief turd of non-intelligence, ronald cuntrals..

Viking said...

You couldn't make this stuff up!
This economist Gqubule sounds like he is suggest some kind of conspiracy theory at the end there - maybe the Rothschilds or something lol.
As for Malema, TB, you are 100% right, he is the chief turd alright.

Anonymous said...

You ascribe him with an IQ of 67; the group average? I don't think so. I think this turd is below the average; solidly in retard territory.

Anonymous said...

@ VI, I was feeling generous.