Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ted Kennedy - Inglorious Basterd

The quintessential leftwing liberal douchebag has mercifully died to give us all a break. A fucktard who fought for sanctions against South Africa that brought about the hell that is the new South Africa. A coward who left a young woman to drown in a car he easily could have saved. A man who cheated on his wife and betrayed long-time friends the Clintons to support an unknown socialist candidate. A member of an elite class of citizen who preached egalitarianism but retreated to an exclusive residence Cape Cod never having to suffer the consequences of his radical leftwing policies. He has gone to meet his maker down below. May he burn in hell. One down, many millions to go.

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Anonymous said...

The other Kennedys may have (unknowingly) been part of the plan, bu as soon as they found out about it, they tried to stop it and were killed for doing so: Pres. JFK the week before he was shot "there exists, in this great contry of ours, a plan to enslave every man woman and child in these united States. I intend to make public the details of this plan!"

Yes, he and Bobby may have been innocent through ignorace BUT this brother, Ted Kennedy, he knew exactly how things worked, and he sold himself to the devil!


This bastard was the prototype of liberal rubbish. May he rest in a hot place.

Viking said...

A fitting tribute. Well said :)

Black Coffee said...

Not a very nice thing to say about someone who just passed away. But I suppose when you are a life-long politician like Ted Kennedy some people condemn you even when you are dead. It is true he always lived a wealthy life, but at same time as a Senator he did what he could to fight for the working class, to ensure that every American has health care. Imposing sanctions against South Africa I think was the right thing to do, because P.W. Botha was just too stubborn to see that it was time to abandon apartheid. Interestingly, when Ted Kennedy came to SA in 1985 some AZAPO members and sympathizers demonstrated against him, they shouted him out of Regina Mundi church for instance. They thought he was just another agent of imperialism who did not genuinely oppose apartheid but only pretended to.

Anonymous said...

"They thought he was just another agent of imperialism who did not genuinely oppose apartheid but only pretended to"

Amazing how people try to speak of "Apartheid" and "Imperialism" as similar when they are diametrically opposed! Apartheid IS freedom for all Nations, while supra-countries like the New South Africa benefit ONLY the Imperialists!

What is most amazing, though, is how stupid most of the global population is to believe the global media! LOL

Viking said...

@Black Coffee
maybe the language is a little strong, but you are well aware how some people are just born with a silver spoon. TK was one of those people, whose family managed to wangle themselves out of the many sticky spots their reckless frat-boy hijinks got them into.
TK actually managed to let a woman DROWN because he was more worried about being caught over the limit - divers found that Mary Jo Kopechne had lived quite a while underwater while Kennedy took a stroll back to the party they'd been to.
From my point of view, back in 1971 or so, TK suggested that Irish Protestants (i.e. my people) should go "back to Britain" if they didn't want to live in a united Ireland (even though we've been there more than 300 years).

Islandshark said...

The coroner concluded that Kopechne was conscious for SEVERAL hours after the accident.

Ted Kennedy got a tap on the fingers for "leaving the scene of an accident".

He was instrumental in passing the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 - detroying the cultural and genetic fabric of America (NewsGuy at TRP).

All the promises of what would not happen under this Act turned out to be BS, resulting in doubling of immigration on more than one occasion and also changing the ethnic make-up of USA.

He was a womaniser and a hard drinker, like the rest of the Kennedy Klan.

I think his "positives" have been covered by the liberal media...

Viking said...
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Viking said...

great article in the Daily Mail:

Ron. said...
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Ron. said...

The fact of the matter B C is that while P W Botha was stubborn in the face of international pressure he in fact WAS & wanted to end Apartheid & even wanted to release Mandela from prison [ who at this point was living more under house arrest than in a normal prison ] BUT the main sticking point with Botha was that he wanted Mandela to renounce violence & to give Botha assurances that he would abandon the armed struggle. When Mandela refused to do this Botha decided to leave him in prison. When F W de Klerk replaced P W Botha de Klerk decided to release him & unban numerous organizations WITHOUT any assurances to abandon the armed struggle & violence. The American libertarian author Joseph Stromberg notes that P W Botha was cast as a "southern Gorbachev" as he wanted to reform things his way which is why despite all of the measures Botha took in relaxing & reforming Apartheid he grew "stubborn" when he felt that the international community was dictating to him. This was most notable during the so called Rubicon speech in which everyone was expecting him to make some big announcements concerning the further reforming of Apartheid [ as he was trying to inform the world the he was moving AWAY from Apartheid ] but due to the international pressure being exerted on him he completely changed his speech & delivered a defiant statement [ most memorable in the heavily quoted line "don't push us too far" ] which was interpreted by the international media to the point of recasting him as a "hardliner" when the true hardliners were in the Conservative Party under Andries Treurnicht. The very politician whose extended Afrikaans language policies in the townships was used as the catalyst for the Soweto uprising of 1976 [ Treurnicht rejected the Boer Nation during a circa 1990 meeting with Theuns Cloete then of the Transvaal Separatists ]. The whole reason the Conservative Party even existed was due entirely to the fact that it was founded by EX members of the National Party in 1982 when a year earlier they DISAGREED with then Prime Minister P W Botha's reforms to Apartheid & his aim to eventually end it which led to them leaving the N P. Therefore claiming that Botha did not want to end Apartheid is just not accurate at all.

Though one of the main reasons Botha appeared more hardline than he actually was was due to the fact that he did not want the Conservative Party to erode the support of his own party ergo it had more to do with political posturing. Rather like how Kennedy postured on behalf of the working class so as to prevent their support from eroding or rather to capture them into the political dialectical process.

Well Kennedy was an agent of imperialism but in a more covert manner than say someone like Bush as Kennedy was the "left cover" for such [ just as Obama is the "left cover" for it now ] therefore one could certainly see him as only pretending to oppose things as per the classic M O of those elites who pay lip service to a doctrine but live completely differently from what they espouse. I doubt Kennedy truly cared about the working class because it appears this was just rhetoric used to gain their SUPPORT for his version of imperialism & big government.

Black Coffee said...

Ron - I appreciate your input - believe it or not. With the offer to release Mandela - as Mandela told it in "Long Walk to Freedom" Mandela was ready to renounce violence if Botha would pledge that his regime would stop committing violence against black people. Botha was not prepared to do this, and Mandela decided that as a matter of principle he would not accept Botha's offer. Part of Botha's condition was also, if I recall correctly, that Mandela not only had to renounce violence but go live quietly in Mandela's native Transkei and refrain from political speeches. Mandela could not have accepted such an offer, all the masses who supported the UDF then would have viewed Mandela then as a traitor or at best a sell-out.
On your earlier comments in another thread - I did not ignore your comments on slavery from 2008, I actually sort of forgot about it. I made my comments based on what I learned about the Great Trek aspect of SA's history. But I admit I have not specialized in that area. I also think some of us get so caught up in history of black South Africans that we end up treating white communities of SA as all having been monolithic. Your comment caused me to ponder that perhaps, probably, the white communities were and are not monolithic, so thank you for your input.

Ron. said...

Looks like both Botha & Mandela were faced with a classic conundrum because each side wanted the other side to be the first to abandon the use of force & could therefore blame the other for not entering into an agreement. Though Botha was ALSO in a tough position as his regime was waging an anti-terrorism struggle [ which by its very nature involves the use of force ] therefore if he agreed to stop using force he would effectively be giving up & surrendering to the terrorists.

Not only are the various White communities not monolithic as there are 3 main established White groups & numerous smaller more recent communities but also the various Black communities & even the Coloured communities are not monolithic. There are at least 9 discernible nations / ethnic groups among the local Black population. The Griquas / the Cape Malays & the remaining San were all considered Coloured but are different cultures.

This is one of the reasons I started my blog on the Boer people: to point out & inform that they are a distinct - particularly Africanized - home grown entity even from the bulk of the White Afrikaans speakers [ due mainly to their Cape frontier origins ] but mainly just to set the record straight based on the years I have spent researching the topic & the often not so well known facts I have discovered because I do not have to tell you that there are quite a lot of misconceptions & mythologies about the Boers. This is primarily due to the fact that they have not been too successful in getting their own perspective out to the wider public.