Thursday, August 13, 2009

Now SA passports, IDs online

No seriously, what could go wrong? We move from a paper-based system that AA Sipho finds hard-enough to manage and where malfeasance is the order of the day to a process that involves some paperwork and some online inputting. Heck, ain't it complicated enough already? Have you guys tried to reach Home Affairs by email recently?

Now we will have two dots that need to meet up somewhere. No thanks I'll stick with the old system as chaotic as it is. I don't need to hear "lost your reference number" excuses or "the computers is down, eish".


South Africans will soon be able to apply for their passports and identity documents online, Home Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma said on Tuesday.

"Data will be captured live online, from photographs to signatures, to ensure that the information printed in the document is correct," she said after visiting the Government Printing Works in Pretoria.

Nineteen home affairs offices were already able to capture data online and the process would be rolled out to other offices.

Flanked by deputy minister Malusi Gigaba, Dlamini Zuma commented on the ageing machines at the Government Printing Works, explaining that they would be replaced.

2 Opinion(s):

Dachshund said...

You have been warned: it will now take 11 months for a lost passport to be replaced.

Anonymous said...

Well it took me 8 months to get mine.