Monday, August 24, 2009

South Africa Farm Takeover and Destruction

In the ANC's opinion, there was just one problem with this farm. It wasn't broken.

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The white farmers have just been re-classified : STRATEGIC PARTNERS
( pssst - don't mention the race of the guys that know how it works ) I hope that this new "Strategic Partners" will tell the boons to phuck off or to ask mega bucks (payable in advance off course )
to tell the ever clueless ones what to do and when and how much of it. Even this will not work as one usually has to but the boot in to make them work and this is clearly outside the job description of a consultant. Want anything demolished ? Let the ANC handle it.

FMCLAW777 said...

Show me one of these previously white owned farms, now black owned that has actually worked and that the new occupants really developed the farm further, or just used it to feed themselves? Don't know about you but I have not heard of any so far, I have only heard of the farms being destroyed, equipment being sold or stolen by it's "new" occupants and the farm land left to turn to dust again. This is the same as Zimbabwe. The lucky thing is our farmers still get something for their farms before they get destroyed, farmers in Zim have to watch as their farms are destroyed before they are evicted.

Anonymous said...

Once again, they're ignoring the fact that Bantu Negroes are NOT farmers. They have only ever been pastoralists and have only survived through a continual move into areas prevousl occupied by other cultures. To be a migratory pastoralist does not involve any interaction with the LAND as one only has to keep moving to new grazing areas. Farming involves some sort of relationship with the Natural Environment, something which Negroes have never had.

Anonymous said...

In other words - blacks are like locusts. They move on mass and destroy everything where they settle.