Sunday, August 23, 2009

Some more old pictures of Cape Town

There appears to be a number of ex Capetonians that liked the pictures I posted Yesterday. Here are a couple more that I have found, enjoy.

Old Newlands Rugby Stadium with another shot of the old Brewery in the background. This post is NOT sponsored by SAB, I promise.

Another view of Sea Point.

Look how clean everything looks, even at the old Petrol Station in Sea Point.

Lunch Time in Camps Bay around 1955

This is a picture taken in Kalk Bay after a massive cold front passed over the Cape about three years ago.

Kalk Bay in the early 60's. Doesn't look so nice and tidy now.

Muizenberg before the Nigerians took it over and made it into a crackhouse.

This is a very old picture of the cable car.

7 Opinion(s):

FishEagle said...

Well, I'm stuck in the airport at the moment because some govermunt official made a cock up with our travel arrangements. Would love to go explore Cape Town now!! Lovely weather here.

Anonymous said...

With the exception of Muizenberg, I really don't think it looks a lot different from now. Camps Bay for example, is still pretty tidy.

Viking said...

Sorry, Anon - Camps Bay is a dump! directly behind the initial row of beachfront buildings, which are quite neat, the streets stink and are full of litter.
During daytime, beggars fill the streets, bussed in from far away just to beg. You can't walk along the beach without being constantly harrassed by vendors and yet more beggars.
I still like it there, though.

Exzanian said...

No shabeen?

Anonymous said...

Since when is Mousemountain in Nigeria?

Ranger Tom said...

I was looking at he picture of the car park and noticed three Chevrolet, a Dodge and one Ford pickup truck...

Pensioner said...

Anon@6:39, since the government opened th SA borders to the rest of Africa allowing all and sundry to come to "The Land of the Free"( as long as you are black of course). Muizenberg has been taken over by the Nigerians who totally screwed the place up, drug running, prostitution etc. Although the local population is reclaiming it slowly but surely.