Monday, August 17, 2009

Shocka! No link between poverty and crime

Another theory otherwise known as a "liberal fact" goes belly up.


Evidence questions accepted link between poverty and crime

The theory that poverty breeds crime seems to have gone belly up. According to a recent report in the Washington Post (July 2009), violent crime has plummeted in cities across the United States, despite the growing levels of poverty and destitution suffered by recession-hit Americans.

So does this mean that a pet conventional wisdom that poverty causes violent crime has gone belly up? Not necessarily so. Experts are baffled and did not see this coming.

American police authorities, though, are quick to give an explanation.

The reason, according to them, is that the fall in crime is due to improved methods of crime prevention. After years of trial and error, community policing methods are gaining traction at last. Better policing lands more criminals in jail.

These developments make the recent pronouncements for a more aggressive policing style by the new national police commissioner questionable.

Those heady days when community policing was so fashionable have gone down the tubes with suggestions that street committees, neighbourhood watches and other such vigilante methods be installed. This is surely going to prove totally counter-productive in the long run.

The aggressive policing method being encouraged is misguided and discredits any pretence at crime prevention through community participation.

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