Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sending children to do an adult's work

In what way is this different to the repugnant practise of conscripting children as soldiers? We have sunk very low as a society. Get these kids off the streets!


Your article “Little crime fighter patrols the streets” (July 26), about eight-year old Kearabilwe Nkwe was a shocker. — Kate Lorimer, DA spokesman for community safety, Gauteng

I fully support this child’s sentiments about crime in her community of Sharpeville.

However, I find it unconscionable that she is allowed by her parents, community leaders and police to take part in the patroller programme.

This is not a game; this is an extremely dangerous undertaking for adults, let alone an eight-year old.

Just recently, a patroller was killed while volunteering.

In South Africa, we have extremely high levels of violent crime and it is our responsibility as parents and leaders to protect our children, not place them in danger.

Just because our children want to do inappropriate things and are insistent about it, doesn’t mean we have to say “yes”.

Rather than supporting Nkwe in going out on the streets, Sharpeville police Spokesman Aubrey Moopeloa should be assuring her that the police are there to keep the community safe and perhaps to suggest other, safer ways in which she can contribute in her school environment.

I hope that the provincial Department of Community Safety, which manages the patroller programme puts a stop to this situation immediately.

Source: The Times

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Anonymous said...

There is a Neighbourhood Watch member in Hout Bay who brings along his six year old son on patrols in the very violent Hangberg area. The local SAPS, security companies and expats in the area thinks this is 'cool.'

FishEagle said...

Anon, some parents just have no clue!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 10:03, that's ridiculous! A six year old? What happens when bullets start flying?

Anonymous said...

@FE & Doberman: Yes a six year old, although he may be seven now. He has a Neighbourhood Watch ID card to show all his friends as well. There is also another member - an expat from England who's dog is an NW member and has an ID card too, would you beleive!?!

When someone fires a shot they retreat to their security complex and return when things are over to trample the crime scene along with the clueless pigs standing around with their hands in their pockets, smoking and talking crap.

victorsteve said...

to anon:
please contact HBNW and inform them of the childs name etc - it WILL be dealt with accordingly. We do NOT condone/support such and it is clearly stated in our constitution.
Same applies for the dog.
For both stories - first I hear of this !
As for the security complex/shots fired/pigs comments - maybe you should come out with them sometime before you comment on things you dont actually have any clue on !
from vicechair HBNW