Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SATV to become even more kak

Thanks to their exponentially increasing ineptitude and corruption, the SABC will air kakker TV than ever before.


South African TV will become more boring as re-runs of old shows and “cheap foreign content” are aired by the SABC.

So said “Save Our SABC” campaign co-ordinator and Television Industry Emergency Coalition member Kate Skinner, who also warned that the failure of SABC management to commission new shows will hit the corporation’s coffers.

“Should the flighting of foreign programmes go on, the audience will inevitably leave and take advertisers with them. This would plunge the public broadcaster into further trouble,” she said.

Skinner said a meeting of the coalition last week resolved to try to get blue-chip companies to sponsor new programmes. Producers and staff, she said, would also lobby the Treasury to bail out the SABC so more exciting programmes can be produced.

The emergency coalition will meet the Industrial Development Corporation, SABC management and the National Film and Video Foundation to discuss the way forward.

“We are not asking the SABC to go on a huge splurge and commission tons of new shows. It is obviously not the right business climate for that, but at this time of the year there are always new briefs so they should still put them out to make sure production houses don’t go bust,” said Skinner.

“It’s in everybody’s interest to keep the industry ticking.” (Bullshit. It's in the SABC's interest to keep licence payers paying.)

SABC spokesman Kaizer Kganyago said the coalition’s members wanted to be paid but also “want us to give them new projects, which means we take on new debt”.

What, them worry?

Try getting rid of your TV set and your licence, and see how quickly you will get blacklisted by SABC's shyster lawyers who don't take "proof of disposal" for an answer!

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Anonymous said...

I think the SABC and SAA and Eskom should merge. This would be real local entertainment.

Anonymous said...

We are probably the re-run capital of the world. We are currently watching re-runs of Desperate Housewives, Mon-Wed and Law & Order SVU and Criminal Intent, Tues-Thurs and an omninus on Sunday nights from midnight until 04H00. There are definately others, but the SABC programming is of such a crap choice, that these are the only shows I bother to watch.

When a movie is flighted the SABC make sure the movie is a minimum of 5 years old! They do not show the F1 Grand Prix anymore, (they used to show the repeat at 23H00 on a Sunday night! This after repeating the entire week's comedy shows.) When the Springboks play they don't even show it live!

In the past, after programming had ended late at night they used to have CNN News or BBC World, but alas times have changed there too!

This is the cracker - when 'learners', (what ever happened to 'pupil?') should be in bed refreshing their minds, they show Matric Exam Revisions from about 23H00 to 01H00!

Exzanian said...

I urge all those faithfull slaves paying their licence to simply stop. Show me one, just one township resident who pays theirs faithfully, why should you? Kak for kak.

Dachshund said...

@Exzanian: You should see what happens if you dispose of your tv set and stop paying your licence. SABC will hound you to your grave and beyond, charging you for every year you haven't paid plus whacking big interest. Whether you provide them with proof of having sold or donated your tv set to someone else with a licence or not, they will still hand you over to their attorneys. I just received a letter of demand after having considered the matter settled in February when I gave them the completed forms regarding disposal etc, signed by a commissioner of oaths as well as a copy of my marriage certificate they asked for(?) I heard nothing more until the letter of demand arrived. No explanation, nothing. If you look on HelloPeter you will see hundreds of complaints about SABC's TV licence department and their incompetent lawyers. You can fax the forms over and over, they just get lost and you keep getting sued. People who leave the country and then return have to hand in copies of their air tickets to prove exactly how long they were out of the country, and have to pay for when they were in SA, even if they didn't even have a tv set.

Anonymous said...

I fork out R500 every month for DSTV Premium to watch decent TV and sports, if the SABC want their license fees from me, they should contact MULTI CHOICE as I receive SABC 1 2 3 and E via DSTV and still don't watch it!! If the SABC showed more shows / sport found on DSTV, maybe we would not have issues paying our license fees. They show outdated shows and no rugby (only the springboks and that is also rebroadcast, no curry cup, no sup 14), only soccer for viewers that also don't pay license fees. It might be good if the SABC contacted Multi Choice to see the number of active paying DSTV Customers and not require them pay licence fees as the SABC service is then not used or already included in my R500 I pay per month, Then all non DSTV Users (like townships etc) are left to pay fees if they want to watch soccer / Muvango / Generations / backstage and all these other shitty shows they have. I will not pay TV License for something that I do not use, especially for shows I do not watch not want to watch. DO YOU PAY FOR SOMETHING YOU DO NOT WANT OR NEED OR PAY DOUBLE FOR A CAR SERVICE BECAUSE BOSH REQUIRES AN ADDITIONAL PAYMENT BECAUSE THEY MADE THE PRODUCT, BULLSHIT MY FRIEND AND THE SABC LAYERS WILL NEVER WIN THIS FIGHT AS THIS IS UNCONSTITIONAL AND PRICE FIXING!!! Why don't they just cancel SABC in total and have MNET make local productions like they have in the past, at least they had quality shows unlike the shit you find on SABC. Problem solved!!

FMCLAW777 said...

I have DSTV and have to pay R500 per month to watch quality movies / shows and sports. If I decide to change to DSTV Compact / Select, all movie channels and sport (rugby) channels fall away and they cater only for the black population and the view whites that actually watch soccer!! Very racist and bias in my personal opinion. General white population have to pay R500 to watch good shows and sports, especially rugby events, then still pay TV Licence fees for SABC 1, 2, 3 and E, while the MAJORITY of the population can watch SABC as they cover all soccer events incl English soccer and some african channels / shows, just like Indian / Port plan on DSTV (incl COMPACT & SELECT). But the whitey must pay more because he wants to watch rugby instead of soccer, and want to watch CSI instead of Muvango / Backstage!!

Viking said...

I don't normally advocate sabotageing one's own country but what you could all do is get a TV card for your PC, that way nobody knows you have a TV at all, just watch the computer!
Does anyone know if that's possible in SA?