Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Robbers shoot woman in back

Forwarded by Black Coffee who said, "These things happen too frequently in SA. I read of a case like this and I can at least understand why once you have kids you leave for Australia." Indeed. My life is my own to risk so if I choose to live in a dangerous environment, that's my choice. However, it is also my duty to guard the lives of my wife and children and I would be remiss in this duty if I exposed them to the violence in South Africa. Or without adequate measures in place to protect them.

Obviously it depends on individual circumstances and the level of risk in an area but Johannesburg where I hail from is Ground Zero for crime and I had way too many near misses to think something awful would not happen to me or my family at some time. Crime in South Africa is a case of when, not if.

Look at this unfortunate woman, a single caregiver. What now? What happens to her kids if she dies or is unable to provide for them? If she survives, ask her whether she would reassess her priorities. I guarantee her position has changed which then begs the question, why does something like this have to happen before people wake up? Twenty thousand murders a year and millions of crimes is real, it's happening. Decide. How lucky do you feel?


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Mother of three critically injured during housebreaking

A mother is fighting for her life in hospital after being shot in the back by robbers.

Gillian Campbell, a part-time lecturer and single mother of three young girls, was getting ready for a night out at the weekend when five robbers entered her home in the Midrand suburb of Vorna Valley.

Douglas Campbell, her father, said she was ordered at gunpoint to lie on her kitchen floor.

“At least two of the men were armed. The other men went into the bedroom where her friend was. One of the robbers shot Gillian in the back,” he said.

The robbers, after nearly killing his daughter, left with only a “few” of her possessions.

Campbell arrived with paramedics after his daughter’s housemate called them.

He said he would never forget the moment he walked through his daughter’s door to see her lying in a pool of blood.

“I am still traumatised by that. Initially we thought she was shot twice, but she was shot once and the bullet went through the floor and re- entered her body and exited through her back, leaving two bullet wounds,” he said.

Campbell said he took comfort from the fact that his grandchildren were not in the house at the time.

“Their dad had come to take them out earlier in the day.

“The children are doing all right and we are taking care of them. The youngest one is traumatised, but we are doing everything we can to help,” he said.

Yesterday, his daughter was in a critical condition in the Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital in Johannesburg.

“We are so grateful that at least we still have Gillian.

“The hospital has operated twice and she is due for a third operation,” Campbell said.

He hoped the police would arrest the robbers.

“I think it was a botched robbery. I don’t think they meant to shoot her. Their fingerprints are all over the house and they took a minimum of her possessions.”

Police area spokesman Constable Neria Malefetse was unable to comment on the robbery or on whether any arrests had been made.

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Vanilla Ice said...

I have to dispute the 20,000 murders per annum. This is grossly under-reported. Interpol estimated South Africa's murder rate up until 2001, to be 48,000 per annum. Even the Medical Research Council and Home Affairs are 50% higher than the official stats. Compare this to the old murder rate of 7,000 per annum. I reckon that murder rates have escalated dramatically, and we may be in the region of 50-60,000 murders per annum.

Doberman said...

"Their fingerprints are all over the house.." So what? Who's going to follow up? Only 7% conviction rate means these savages have a one in 15 chance of being caught and convicted. The father sounds like he has faith in the system. somebody inform him, there is NO system. Shoot or be shot.

Ranger Tom said...

@VI & Doberman: I do have to ask this. Before the new SA Government started taking the guns away, what was the murder rate?

I do feel for this woman... As Dob. said, a 7% conviction rate leaves little hope of ever finding the doers of this crime.

Another reason I still feel the populous must be armed, because if there's no one to protect you, you've got to protect yourself.

Doberman said...

Taking the guns away has only occurred recently but the figures were pretty much the same with and without guns. What it is, in SA, you cannot shoot at a perp unless you are fired at first virtually. You life HAS to be in danger. You can have 10 armed thugs in your house and you cannot fire at them. If you kill one, you get automatically charged with murder and spend years fighting it. Prior to 1994, as VI says, he would know as an ex cop, the murder rate was a 1/3 what it is now.

Ranger Tom said...

That's just not right... Laws vary from State to State here, but for the most part, unless you live in Massachusetts, New Jersey or California, some peckerhead comes into your home at 3 AM and you fill him full of holes, you get a slap on the back and an "atta-boy".

It's an "Implied" threat. ten armed fuckers come into your home, it's implied your life is most assuredly in danger.

I've said it before though, even if it was technically against the law, I still be rather judged by twelve than carried by six, especially if my family or loved-ones were in direct danger also.

I'm not one to crow about the US, especially on OS sites, but this is one time I'm really glad we've still got (for now) the Second Amendment.

Just one bastard gets into my home, he's getting carried out in a plastic bag.

Doberman said...

Not in SA. Unless you can PROVE your life was in IMMINENT danger, you will be charged with murder.

Ranger Tom said...

Again, that's just totally fucked up.

Viking said...

"some peckerhead comes into your home at 3 AM and you fill him full of holes, you get a slap on the back and an "atta-boy"."

see- that's why I love America!

Ranger Tom said...

Viking: You ever get down here to FL, we'll get together, have a few beers and go out with my "Shootin' Irons" for a little fun!

Viking said...

you have no idea how much I'd like to take you up on that!
I spend a week in Bradenton - a bit boring but that's my only experience of Florida. Oh, and I went to the Dali museum in Petersburg. Awesome.

Ranger Tom said...

Viking: I'm about two hours south of Bradenton... Not much here to do either except work, drink beer and fish... And it's been stinking hot the last week or so... averages around 38 C day time temps...

Viking said...

Sounds great :)

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen... That is precisely why you also should have an "alternately licensed" firearm with some ammo in your house. Very simple then to prove "imminent and life threatening danger".

The murder rates for SA are grossly under reported. Often a murder will be recorded as a MVA death, or accidental etc. Even then, there is a lot that just fall through the cracks. I'm with VI, it is probably in the region of 60K per year. Many murder victims will not be missed as they are probably in the country illegally.

The SAP was orders of magnitude more effective than the current SPAS, and it shows... Racist outbursts by policemen, involvement in crime by policemen, neglect, lack of documentation, dockets destroyed or sold, the list is endless.

Make a plan, keep a low profile and act decisively and with deadly intent 'if' the time comes.

Doberman said...

@ anon 5:35, indeed, as Ranger Tom likes to say, better to be judged by 12 than be carried by 6. I would never, never wait till my life was remotely near danger. As soon as I could smell or see one of the bastards, I would be firing.