Monday, August 17, 2009

A Reply to "Something is wrong, very wrong"

An anonymous reader forwarded this reply from Siobhan in response to Llewellyn Kriel's Something is wrong, very wrong and I feel it is worthy of a post of its own. If someone could let me have Siobhan's details, I would be grateful so I can properly attribute the piece to the writer.


I read this comment on the original blog from Siobhan which is so true so I share it with you:


I think what you are sensing is the undercurrent which is pushing the ANCYL/Cosatu/SACP/MKVeterans agenda. Despite the fact that Vavi, Blade, Juju, Duarte, Motshekga, Mantashe, et al seem to be acting erratically, they are all following the same script: subversion of the Constitutional state and its replacement with pseudo-socialist authoritarianism–or a dictatorship if Zuma feels sufficiently undermined and decides to pull a Mugabe.

The undercurrent is evident in what Zuma DOES not in what he says which changes from minute to minute. He pays lip service to the rule of law and makes a succession of appointments to undermine the law (Cele, Ncgobo, etc).

That ‘knot’ you are feeling is the lack of single, identifiable leader of the cabal. Zuma is a mere figurehead whose only real power base is the MK vets and the military who benefited from the arms deal–the pivot around which the Zuma coup d’etat revolved. Mbeki’s removal was a coup, not a ‘recall’. It was illegal. He should have been impeached, not arbitrarily replaced. I am not an Mbeki fan but the Constitution provides the mechanism for dealing with such cases and I am a fan of Constitutional Democracy.

As long as the puppet-master remains behind the curtain and lets the useful idiots (all of those named above plus minions) appear to run the show, critics are denied a central target on which to focus. ‘Collective’ rule… It ’s bullshit on tap.

Successive strikes, rioting, violence, escalating crime, corruption in places high and low and failure to take action when wrongdoing is uncovered… What happens when a country descends into such chaos?

When it gets really intolerable, people scream for a ‘leader’, a ’strong man’, someone like Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler,or an Ayotallah… Whom does chaos serve? The dictator-in-waiting: a Zuma, a Malema, a Hlophe, any one of them or the dozens of others like them.

Part ‘playboy’, part good ol’ boy, part buffoon, and not above using ‘God’ and religion to wrap himself in Teflon before doing something profoundly anti-democratic such as the appointment of Ncgubo: Zuma has no moral centre and an infinite capacity for hypocrisy. Zuma’s ego is SA’s biggest enemy–mirrored in Malema and the rest of looney left-overs from the Soviet era. Ignorance, arrogance, stupidity and cupidity combined with the lust for power and enjoyment of dissolution and destruction are the hallmarks of the dictatorship in the making.

No wonder you feel profoundly uneasy, Llewellyn. We all should.

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