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Prosecute SA soldiers in Israeli army - Ronnie Kasrils

This worthless excuse for a human being Ronnie Kasrils has his head so far up his arse he's taken the role of useful idiot to an art form. Like Jimmy Carter. These douchebags don't realise that the purpose of Hamas is to contribute to the overall aim of an Islamic caliphate throughout the world and these same people he is helping regularly feature children's television programs in which Jews like him are described as apes and pigs. What makes someone become so mindfu*ked or are they naturally just shit stupid?


Former minister wants some 70 individuals charged for war crimes

Two non-profit organisations want some 70 South Africans prosecuted for involvement in alleged war crimes committed by Israel during the Gaza war.

"The request appeals to the authorities to investigate and if appropriate prosecute in South Africa individuals involved in war crimes and crimes against humanity during Israel's Operation Cast Lead," former intelligence minister Ronnie Kasrils said at a media briefing in Newtown, Johannesburg, on Wednesday.

The Palestinian Solidarity Alliance (PSA) and the Media Review Network (MRN) are listed as complainants in an affidavit, called the Gaza Docket, handed to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) and the Directorate of Priority Crimes Investigation.

Around 1400 people, mostly civilians, were killed during the Israeli offensive, Operation Cast Lead, in Gaza from December 27, 2008 to January 17, 2009.

"The evidence contained in the Gaza Docket indicates overwhelmingly that war crimes and crimes against humanity were committed by the Israeli Defence Force during Operation Cast Lead and there is prima facie evidence.... which indicates that South African citizens and/or residents are implicated in the commission of these crimes," a memorandum reads.

NPA spokesman Mthunzi Mhaga confirmed the receipt of the request, saying it was a matter under consideration.

Nazeem Adam from the PSA said the organisation would push for the establishment of a South African court to charge and prosecute individuals, soldiers and officials for their involvement.

"We do have damning evidence that there are individuals, South Africans, who are serving in the Israeli defence force and that is a violation of our own internal laws but also a violation of international laws," Adam said.

The PSA and the MRN have also requested that South African-born Israeli soldier, David Benjamin, currently in the country for a conference, be arrested immediately.

"We have filed a separate affidavit... and we have asked on Monday, repeated the request yesterday, repeated the request this morning that he be arrested immediately," said attorney, Yousha Tayob.

Benjamin's visit to South Africa caused an outcry by some civil society groups, with the Congress of SA Trade Unions accusing him of war crimes.

Kasrils spoke out in support of the initiative at the briefing hosted by the Media Review Network.

The legal request was put to the Office of the President, the police, international relations, safety and security and justice ministries as well as the director general of the justice department and the national police commissioner.

It is supported by around 3500 pages of evidence, including evidence by Human Rights Watch on the "brutal military onslaught on Gaza by the Israeli Defence Force".

The MRN and the PSA sought legal advice from international jurists, Professor John Dugard and Professor Max du Plessis.

The request covered three areas: the alleged commission of war crimes, the crime of apartheid and the investigation of foreign and local individuals who participated in these alleged crimes during Operation Cast Lead.

Around 70 South Africans are listed in the affidavit for prosecution as they had served in the Israeli army. Their names were withheld due to the fact that they were suspects.

"Evidence collected from eyewitnesses and those injured as well as United Nations and other investigative reports... provide compelling proof that suggests Israelis have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity," Kasrils said.

He added it was South Africa's duty and responsibility to take actions against the "apartheid state of Israel".

He said there was sufficient evidence in the affidavit to the NPA to justify a full and proper investigation into the perpetrators of alleged war crimes.

Meanwhile, the head of the United Nations fact finding mission into the Gaza war wrapped up public hearings last month.

South African Justice Richard Goldstone reportedly said he regretted having not been given access to Israel to see the situation on the ground during the probe.

The Israeli government opted not to co-operate with the mission while Hamas, ruling Gaza, did not fully co-operate either. A report would be compiled and submitted to the Human Rights Council in September.

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The point is to kill, maim and destroy your enemies, those who provide him with help and resources and maybe also those who are too stupid to leave the fighting zones.

I know what we do... Ask the gooks to come out in the open so we can have an OK Corral type showdown. Yeah!


Anonymous said...

Here is the proof that this asshole is a mouthpiece for Islam. Im sick of their shit, We must stand up for Isreal and destroy all who oppose it.

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...that's right retard, support the underdogs with your other marxist buddies in the anc..

This doos is a "white" vesion of that chief-baboon cele..

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Well, in that case SA is also to blame for war crimes when we act as middle man for the Chinese weapons being shipped to the USA etc. And how about all the African states they also help out? He is such a fuckwit.

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This is the same Ronnie Kasrils who sang "Kill the Boers..." at a funeral in 1992 with Mandela. This shit (Kasrils) is an idiot and a scumbag and a f*ing communist. This shit (Kasrils) is an example of a perfect arsehole.

- buuri -