Sunday, August 23, 2009

Police refuse to act against Carl Niehaus

As in the Schabir Shaik case, it pays to have friends in high places in our favourite banana republic. Despite Niehaus publicly admitting to fraud, nothing has been done about it of course. The surprise would have been had they actually acted on it.

For you and I the outcome would have been very different, we know that. So, any takers on this matter being swept under the carpet as well or should Niehaus get himself declared 'terminally ill' like Shaiky boy? Maybe terminally insane, definitely a good candidate for that. He could use Shaik's doctors, y'know, save the ANC dolling out more money to find new doctors to bribe.

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The Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD) has confirmed it is investigating allegations of misconduct against a police commissioner in a case involving former African National Congress spin doctor Carl Niehaus.

This week, the Democratic Alliance leader in Gauteng, Jack Bloom, laid a complaint with the ICD alleging that Crime Intelligence Division commissioner Richard Mdluli misled him about progress in the case he had laid against Niehaus and former Gauteng politicians who knew about Niehaus's alleged illegal activities -- including MEC Paul Mashatile and premier Mbhazima Shilowa .

Bloom accuses the two of failing to act against Niehaus although he admitted having committed fraud while CEO of the Gauteng Economic Development Agency. The case was opened six months ago.

ICD spokeswoman Grace Langa confirmed it had received a complaint from Bloom and said the ICD started the investigation into possible misconduct by Mdluli on Wednesday. Mdluli could not be reached for comment yesterday.

In February, Niehaus made a startling confession to the Mail & Guardian, saying he had forged the signatures of now Arts and Culture Deputy Minister Mashatile and others to get a loan from the Blue Label company in 2005. At this time Mashatile was Gauteng MEC for finance and economic development and Shilowa was premier.

Niehaus claimed he confessed to Mashatile, and was fired.

Earlier this year, Shilowa, now deputy president of the Congress of the People, told Business Day he was alerted to Niehaus's activities. "We did not discuss the details. When (Mashatile) came to tell me what (Niehaus) had attempted to do, he had already acted. So I did not see a need to ask for details."

Under the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act of 2004, a person in "a position of authority" who knows or reasonably suspects another person has committed fraud or forgery involving R100000 or more must report it to the police. Not reporting it is a criminal offence.

In June, Bloom said Mdluli wrote to him informing him that investigations were almost finalised, "with only a very few statements yet to be received as they have been already requested from the affected parties which go beyond the name list of the people who were already implicated on the media article that was published".

"Key people, including ... Mashatile, Shilowa and former MEC Angie Motshekga, have still not been interviewed," Bloom said.

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Anonymous said...

Niehaus must rate as one of the prime pieces of treacherous Afrikaner shit. His ilk must be attended to if the boot somehow finds its way back onto a white foot.

Anonymous said...

What a piece of shit Afrikaner he is. Tell you what - when the time comes, they will have to pay. De Klerk, Roelf Meyer, Niehaus - all a bunch of traiters and lumps of shit.