Friday, August 07, 2009

Police Ministry Explains Need for Minister's New Car(s)

In response to the DA parliamentary questions regarding the expenditure of various government departments on new vehicles for ministers, totalling millions of Rands, Police ministry spokesman Hangwani Mulaudzi had this to say:

"The minister is in a delicate portfolio and he is a VIP and should be treated as such. When he (the minister, Mthethwa) is executing his duties we want him to be comfortable. To me, this boils down to racial slurs".

(source: Cape Times, August 6)

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen! The heart of the matter, and straight from the horse's mouth. If you ask questions, you're a racist.

Mulaudzi went on to say that the minister's "inherited" vehicles, a 2003 Audi A8 and a 2006BMW X5, had to be replaced because they were mechanically unsound.

Mechanically unsound??

How is it possible to destroy an X5 in three years? Will there be some sort of enquiry into this abuse of state vehicles?

I doubt it.

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Exzanian said...

I can't remember the last time I was "comfortable" executing any duty. Duty is discipline, sacrifice and pride, not a leather seat.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was misquoted as I am certain he meant that he was mentally unsound.

Anonymous said...

I feel better now..

Anonymous said...

i cant see how luxury vehicles are going to assist them in their duties to perform better.The public is been taken for aride spending millions on incompetent govt.officials.If they were doing their jobs at all crime wont be through the roof as it presently stands.Maybe they should get crime down to zero then they can enjoy the luxuries that comes with the job.for now they should be on foot chasing after criminals.always excuses,excuses........

Anonymous said...

these people didnt work for the clothes on their backs,they think an endless pit of wealth while we the taxpayers are losing even our dignity living in a crime ridden country.Its long overdue this public spending frenzy stops and all corrupt officials get long jail sentences where they have to slave everyday to pay back to society.Without accountability bye,bye sa