Sunday, August 23, 2009

Poetic Justice - how did we all miss this one??

In an extreme act of benevolence, a hijacker manages to shoot off his own todger. This should make your weekend. It made mine.

Robber shoots himself in groin


Johannesburg - A suspected hijacker was found in a clinic after he wounded himself in the groin while tucking away his gun following an armed robbery near Umzinto on Wednesday, said KwaZulu-Natal police.

The man was suspected to be one of three who held up a businesswoman and her driver while they were travelling from the Eastern Cape to Durban to buy stock for their shop, said spokesperson Vincent Pandarum.

The three, driving in an Opel Corsa bakkie, were following the woman's Isuzu bakkie and fired several shots, puncturing the tyres.


When the bakkie came to a stop, the three took a large amount of money and cell phones from its two occupants and fled.

A traffic officer who had been in the area was informed by a passing motorist that the occupants of the Isuzu had been robbed.

When he arrived at the bakkie, he found the driver wounded in the stomach and phoned paramedics who rushed him to hospital.

The passenger was not hurt.

"The traffic officer followed up information and found two of the suspects at the Umzinto Clinic," Pandarum said.


One of them was wounded in the groin after accidentally shooting himself while tucking away a gun.

He had been rushed to the clinic for treatment by his accomplice.

They were both arrested and the wounded gunman was hospitalised.

The third gunman fled in the Corsa bakkie and was being sought by police.

The arrested men were believed to be part of a armed robbery syndicate operating in the area.

Charges of armed robbery and attempted murder were being investigated, said Pandarum.


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Exzanian said...

Nothing that a skilled Cuban surgeon couldn't fix.

Ranger Tom said...

I love stories like this...

Darwinism and culling of the herd.