Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Our two comedians: Julius and Blade

Our two comedians: Julius Malema and Blade Nzimande!

By Lyndall Beddy (Richmark Sentinel)

An Afrikaans pal of mine told me recently that why he likes Malema is that Julius tells us what the ANC is really thinking, not what it is pretending to think.

A good comment – think of Malema’s comments on women and rape. Plus Malema does all this in real “Dennis the Menace” style, which can’t but be funny.

But a new comedian has entered the scene, Blade Nzimande. First he tells us that someone who passes matric is not necessarily stupid and should be allowed to go to University. Duh!!! If (s)he can’t pass matric (s)he is going to be able to pass Univeristy? Stupidity may have nothing to do with it. Laziness, poor teaching, drugs, no parental control might be reasons. But whatever the reason – someone who can’t pass matric will not pass University.

Now our comedian tells us that “workers” must go into revolt to get a National Health Scheme. It does not appear to strike our comedian that if we had enough “workers” there would be no problem. If we had 90% employment , like in much of the west ,even in this recession, 90% of the population would be on medical aid and would not need state care.

Moreover if we had not opened our borders to all the riff raff of Africa, 3-5 million refugees would not be straining our health and education systems and competing with our citizens for jobs, and our crime stats would probably be a lot lower. This is supposedly for “Africa” having hosted 6000 of the ANC in exile in the camps (the majority of whom did not compete with the locals for jobs). The biggest irony is most of these refugees are from Mugabe’s tyranny. The same Mugabe who only pretended to keep sanctions against SA, who clashed with Chris Hani and the ANC especially after the Matabeland massacres, who is alleged to have tipped off the SADF as to where the ANC hide outs were so they could be wiped out, and who evicted Hani and the ANC from Zimbabwe after the signing of the Nkomati accord.

The ANC has spent 15 years selling off South African assets to foreigners (except the shares their own fat cat pals got as special BEE deals with soft loans from the banks). So now Sasol, Iscor and Telkom profits no longer accrue to the state and to the people, but to foreigners, who already owned 30% of the stock exchange two years ago, and probably own 50% by now.. So how does the ANC get away with lying to the delegates at Polokwane that whites still own 98% of the economy?

This is the same kind of ANC maths that talks of 350 years of discrimination. The Xhosa and the white settlers did not meet till the 1770s, and the rest of the tribes and whites met only after the Great Trek in 1834. The trekkers did not pack hospitals and schools into their ox wagons “to share” with the black tribes. Paul Kruger, himself, only had 3 months schooling from an itinerant teacher. The missionaries with the black tribes were actually giving the blacks a better education than the whites of the interior were getting then. Which was a great part of the cause of the apartheid backlash which started to build up after the Anglo Boer War, when the farmers whose farms had been destroyed flooded into the towns for work, and could not compete with the mission educated blacks like Sol Plaatjies and John Dube. Which was 100 years ago, not 350 years ago.

A country can not run on “workers” but needs investors, factories and entrepreneurs. BEE has been obsessively slanted to carving up an existing pie, when it should have been only slotted to promoting new businesses for new jobs. AA would have been enough to sort out old businesses. If that had been done, in the same way the Nats started the car industry with tax incentives, how many employed would we have now?

The Brits ran SA for 104 years(1806 to 1010), the Afrikaner for 84 years(1910-1994). The ANC has already run it for 15 years and all they have done is destroy, sell and steal. Have they built a Sasol? Or an Iscor? Roads? Dams? Pipelines? Did they establish export farming – after eradicating locusts, rinderpest and phylloxra , sinking boreholes and building dams? Have they created or built anything at all?

Imagine if the last 15 years had been spent creating jobs, not wasting money on luxury consumer expenditure and lining pockets? Instead we are going to put our children’s grandchildren into debt for an infrastructure programme which will make vast profits for the elite on BEE contracts, and create temporary jobs for the poor. No income producing item or permanent employment from that vast infrastructure spend – no Iscor, no Transnet, no Telkom, no Sasol.

Blade is still ranting about capitalism, blind to the problem of globalization. George Bushs’ disastrous experiment of forcing banks to lend money for houses to the poor who could not pay back is what caused the meltdown. That is a socialist experiment that went wrong. Where in Das Kapital is that capitalism?

What SA needs is jobs, and jobs fast for unskilled workers, which means factories, which means tax breaks , which means cheap labour. Education is not going to be sorted out for more than another decade.

As minister of education, Blade should update his own education. I suggest he reads “The Trouble with Africa” by Robert Calderisi, Moeletsi Mbeki’s new book “Architects of Poverty”, and “Capitalist Nigger".

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AMB said...

Good post!

Anonymous said...

sums up what we had been bitching about here for a while.

Anonymous said...

JuliesArse should be left alone to inform the public about the true intentions of his masters.

Now the story is out... they will muzzle him.