Friday, August 21, 2009

Ooooo that thin blue line in SA

Traffic cops defy orders over funeral

TRAFFIC officers yesterday brazenly defied orders from superiors not to wear uniforms and drive official vehicles to a memorial service for the Nelson Mandela Bay traffic officer shot dead after allegedly being involved in an armed robbery at the weekend. Yes these are cops officially supporting a criminal cop. These criminal's in uniform have become heroes.

Can we beat crime?

Well just look at these fat, overpaid, overfed, lazy criminals in uniform in this picture and then decide.

Mhlophe Menye died in a shoot-out after a high-speed chase following a robbery at the Metlife Plaza Wimpy Bar in Kabega Park, Port Elizabeth. Traffic Department vehicles almost filled the parking area outside the Nangoza Jebe Hall.

A large group of uniformed officers gathered inside the hall where the service for Menye was held. The programme for service showed the emblems of the Traffic Department and the municipality printed on the back.

The DA condemned the traffic officers’ action and the municipality has vowed to “investigate the matter and take necessary action”. DA caucus chairman Gustav Rautenbach, chairman of the safety and security portfolio committee, said the action would “tarnish the image, divide traffic officers in the metro and undermine law enforcement”. “Its sends a negative signal to the public that all traffic officers are not to be trusted,” he said.

Departmental spokesman Luncedo Njezula said: “It is up to the director to investigate the issues around the memorial service and to take the necessary action.” He said management opposed the use of official vehicles and the wearing of uniforms at the service.

“Management felt that given the circumstances surrounding his death it would not be wise to do so,” he said.

However he said the department had no knowledge of the insertion of municipal emblems into the programmes. The service was addressed by colleagues who are also officials of the SA Municipal Workers Union (Samwu).

Menye was presented as a hero and praised for his “courage in fighting for the rights of workers”.

Union official Ginger Nangu said traffic officers like Menye, who “had guts to challenge the undermining of rights of workers”, were needed. Menye’s supervisor, Mbulelo Ngwenze, was more candid, describing him as “troublesome”, “defiant” and “not easy to deal with”, but that he had carried out his duties diligently.

A union officials said the Menye issue had divided traffic officers. Those who were critical of the circumstances surrounding his death chose to boycott the service. Menye‘s wife, children and other relatives were among those who attended the memorial service.

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FishEagle said...

Oh, my heart just warms up. This is Ubuntu people!

Exzanian said...

A Service was held? For a dog? FFS, what's the country coming to?

Anonymous said...

It appears that blacks are very predictable. Same shit different day.