Monday, August 10, 2009

Only racist if whites are punching, not punched

Andrew Bolt is a favourite Australian blogger/ columnist. He writes in a somewhat un-peecee fashion which results in him copping it more often than not but he has many admirers. I guess we are all sick of the sanitised crap the MSM feeds us.

Here he refers to recent attacks on Indian students in Melbourne where the hoity-toity of society came out with high falutin speeches to pledge their solidarity with the Indian students being attacked - when it was
thought that the attackers were white - later discovered that the attackers were indeed not white. He asks rightly like we all do, where is the news coverage and grand speeches for the white victims of race crimes?

Africans brutally bash a white kid at a Melbourne train station
Australia : African gangs assault taxi drivers
India: We're even more racist than Aussies
BBC anti-white propaganda


We have protests and fine speeches against racism when we (mistakenly) think white ferals are attacking, say, Indians.

But why no protests from anti-racists over these attacks, reported today, which seem to more clearly fit the racism bill?


They were part of a gang called the Noble Park Bosnians which attacked up to 12 victims during two nights in Carrum, Highett and Parkdale.

One of the gang held a bottle to a girl’s face and told her: ”You f---ing slut, we’re the Noble Park Bosnians - you’d better remember.” Another girl was smashed on the head with a bottle and punched.

The County Court heard that the gang’s offending involved mindless violence, feral tendencies and considerable cowardice.


THE latest victim of CBD brutality remains in a coma after being attacked by a gang hours before police announced a new push against violent street crime. The brother of tourist Jeff Pooler said police had described him as an “innocent bystander” when he was knocked to the ground then kicked and stomped in a vicious attack…

The self-employed carpenter had been walking back to his hotel after enjoying farewell drinks when a mob, one allegedly aged 15, rounded on him in Little Collins St at 2.45am. The Herald Sun understands a group of men had moments earlier left an Asian night held at a nearby bar, where they had fought with security staff.

Are we only worried about racist violence when it’s done by Anglos? And isn’t that ... racist?

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Anonymous said...

Its time for the white Ozzies to take back their streets. Its time to ensure that no additional riff raff can come in.

Exzanian said...

This type of duplicity is threatening to crack my skull into two. I just cannot fathom it!

Anonymous said...

Read this it very interesting. I warns all those who racists to be careful.

Nazi Guard, 90, gets life

A 90-year-old former German army officer was convicted of murder Tuesday over the killings of Italian civilians during World War II, and sentenced to life in prison.

Holocaust lawyer jailed for fraud
The Munich state court convicted Josef Scheungraber on 10 counts of murder and also found him guilty of attempted murder.

Scheungraber was a 25-year-old Wehrmacht lieutenant at the time of the June 1944 killings in Falzano di Cortona, near the Tuscan town of Arezzo. The killings came after partisans killed two German soldiers.

Prosecutors alleged that after partisans killed two German soldiers, Scheungraber commanded his soldiers to shoot three Italian men and one woman.

They said he then ordered that another 11 civilians be herded into a barn that was blown up. He was charged with 14 counts of murder and one count of attempted murder.

Scheungraber, who was in command of a company of engineers, maintains he was not in Falzano di Cortona when the killings happened, but was in charge of overseeing reconstruction of a nearby bridge.

His defence team called for an acquittal in their closing arguments in July, saying that there was no evidence of Scheungraber’s personal guilt.

Prosecutors acknowledged that there are no known living witnesses who heard Scheungraber give the order to kill the civilians.

But they said he was seen in pictures at the burial of the two German soldiers for whose deaths the reprisals were carried out.

Also, a former employee testified at the end of July that he remembered Scheungraber saying to him once in the 1970s that he couldn’t visit Italy because of what had happened during the war, which had to do with "shooting a dozen men and blowing them into the air."

The witness, whose name was only given as Eugen S., testified he did not remember Scheungraber saying he had given the order, though he said the defendant told the story "as if it were his decision."

Perhaps the most dramatic testimony in the trial came in October from the sole survivor of the massacre, Gino Massetti, who was 15 when he was rounded up by German troops and herded into the barn before it was blown up.

"I heard a scream, and that was it then," he said. "They were all dead."

Massetti told the court that just before the barn was blown up, he saw a man he assumed was an officer drive up on a motorcycle and give what appeared to be an order to the others.

But, he testified, he could not describe the officer at all and didn’t understand what he had said because it was in German.

He said that it was only down to luck that he survived - he was partially shielded from the blast after a heavy beam and a man fell on top of him. The other man also survived the explosion initially, but later succumbed to his wounds, Massetti told the court.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 7:50, your point?