Wednesday, August 05, 2009


You've probably seen snippets of this practice from an island in Vanuatu just east of Australia in some or other documentary, probably not in a while but it is the origins of today's bungee jumping. I came across a video today and after a few cringe worthy views (ok, you got me, I had it on repeat for 15 minutes) I had to ask questions.

Why tie a vine to your leg then jump off a makeshift rickety platform just to smack your skull on the ground? What, was watching the previous guy doing it not a clue what would happen to you? Is that where the term numbskull comes from. Must be asked.

Does it prove bravery or stupidity? Can you imagine your pop saying, hey son, tie this vine to your leg and go smack your nut down below. If you survive, great see you for dinner.

Come on people, must whitey do everything? How about measuring the length required you dipsticks? You don't need a ruler. How about making the rope springy? How about some straw bales below to cushion the fall? No? Keep bashing your frigging heads in then. Blacks perhaps do have denser skulls then.

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Anonymous said...

Dobes, it's called "fast-track" evolution. A clever method of "man-made" (as opposed to natural) selection designed to weed out people with thinner skulls and more brains. Doing this has ensured that general population has dropped 10 IQ points consistently for the last 10 generations, leaving only the thickest of the thick remaining.