Monday, August 03, 2009

NHI details on the table

Hang on on to your seats boys (and girls), things may still get worse in the Rainbow Nation...

The ANC's proposed national health insurance (NHI) scheme will become a reality this week as a Health Department unit starts working on the details of the scheme.

This comes as SACP general secretary and Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande on Sunday warned there would be a "war" on "capitalists" who opposed the scheme and accused private hospitals of profiting from people's illnesses.

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi said on Sunday that the first members of a unit of specialists to work on the plan were due to be appointed by the health department this week.

Preliminary work has already been done.

Motsoaledi said the NHI unit would comprise government officials working in the area of health economics and would include experts and advisors from academic and research institutions.

He said he expected the government team members to start work this week, while external experts still had to be appointed.

Approved by the ruling party's national executive committee in July, the proposals for the health insurance scheme would first be discussed by the cabinet before being released for public discussion, Motsoaledi said.

Motsoaledi said reports that the draft proposal would be released in August were "just speculation".

"We don't have a specific time (for releasing the document). It would have to depend on where we are (with the process)," he said.

However, he said it was possible it could be released "possibly by the end of August. We'll try to work around the clock."

Responding to Nzimande's declaration of war on NHI critics, Motsoaledi said Nzimande had the right to criticise them in his capacity as a communist party leader, because he was contributing to the debate.

The ANC wants the scheme up and running within five years, but has been criticised by health economists for keeping the details secret.

Meanwhile, the ruling party has resolved to embark on a public education campaign about the scheme, together with its alliance partners.

A civil society summit on the scheme is also on the cards.

Critics have questioned the financial feasibility of the scheme and the absence of any details of what it would cost in information so far made public.

They have also argued that problems such as poor management in the public health service would need to first be dealt with before such a scheme had a chance of operating efficiently.

Of concern to the ANC is the spiralling cost of health care.

Its proposal would see richer South Africans subsidising care for poorer compatriots through a compulsory levy on top of whatever medical aid contributions they were paying.

Nzimande, speaking at an SACP anniversary rally in Virginia, Free State, on Sunday, said he wanted to "send a strong message to capitalists", especially those in the health sector who opposed the NHI.

"The capitalist classes have already started a huge campaign in the media to try and discredit this system and we want to say to them as communists today, war unto you.

"Prepare for a huge battle because we are going to mobilise the workers and the poor of the country to fight against you so that we can have a national health insurance scheme," he said.

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Exzanian said...

It's communism by subterfuge. These bastards are gonna get away with it!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why they don't just introduce social security payments for all the unemployed (as per the Australian system). Wouldn't that be fun! Seriously though, I'm a strong believer in the "giving rope" method of outing the enemy.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah - class war on those that should pay for this hair brained scheme that will serve foremost as a permanent petty cash box for the corrupt tenticals of this looters.
Anything this political gangsters touch turns to shit and so will the last, reasonably functioning remnants of the health industry.

Ranger Tom said...

And they're doing the same thing here in the states!

Anonymous said...

Here in the UK, there is a very good national health system (it has its problems, sure) but the bottom line is that the UK can afford it (must be because of the slave trade and pillaging black countries), What commies and other socialist filth dont seem to understand is that it has to be paid for and I dont see the SA taxpayers having enough to pay the bill for those inefficient scum to run it!

Anonymous said...

How 5 million taxpayers are meant to support 45 million is beyond me. It's strange how communists despise "capitalists" yet without capitalism and capitalists, there is no money to pay for communist programs. Plan B folks, get it ready.

Viking said...

I thought most healthcare was free for poor people here anyway?

Ranger Tom said...

@Viking It's the same here in the States too, but the mainstream media doesn't report that either.

Anonymous said...

"The ANC's proposed national health insurance (NHI) scheme will become a reality this week as a Health Department unit starts working on the details of the scheme."

You would have thought they would have come up with a financial plan before they announced the scheme.

This Nzimande nonsense talk is aimed at keeping the masses striking. When the whole plan fails, as it will, he can blame it on the ANC.

It's time the ANC cut its ties with Nzimande.

Anonymous said...

Do I detect an overt acceleration in South Africa's decline, or is it just a spate of bad publicity?

FishEagle said...

VI, I don't know the answer to that. Having worked with the government for so long I am not in the least bit surprised about direction that we are heading towards. All I can say is this - it's surprising that things stayed so good for so long. The blacks know things are getting worse too. Not just the poor guys. They just won't admit the real reason why it's been happening. I think they believe things are still going to turn around for them. Of course very few have seen what the rest of Africa looks like.

Anonymous said...

Plan B? What plan B?

There is only plan A.

Plan A = Whitey must grow a pair and throw these useless fuckers off our backs.

@ VisArend...

I concur. The reason these useless fucks still vote for the ANC is they still have not had a good realistic taste at black marxism and its "benefits". The recent spate of 'unrest' is the beginning of the realization that a black run utopia is anything but.