Monday, August 03, 2009

New police chief buffoon off to a flying fart

Listen to this cretin, a non-policeman, someone who's been given probably THE most important job in the country, that of protecting people's lives, and decide whether that plane ticket outta Dodge ain't looking better by the minute. Only a few days into his new post and already he makes Selebi look like a frigging genius. Yes folks, your lives depend literally on this buffoon. Let me quote a peach, giving his reason why crime stats may not be released, the genius doth quoteth so:

"I am saying to you there are statistics that are released, and criminals use the very same statistics you release, and there are those that if you don't release, it gives you the better edge to fight the crime."

That's not all, read the rest then go have a little cry...


A moratorium on crime statistics? Cele is already playing politics with the Police Service. Dianne Kohler Barnard says the new police chief is already playing politic.

New National Police Commissioner Bheki Cele must immediately retract his statement that a moratorium will be placed on the release of crime statistics. It quite frankly beggars belief that just a few days into his new job, the Police Commissioner would make such a blatantly politically-motivated and completely counterproductive announcement, and the Commissioner must re-evaluate his stance on this matter right away.

During an interview on SAFM's After Eight Debate, Commissioner Cele made it clear that he supported a moratorium on the release of crime statistics:

Interviewer: "So you would support a moratorium on statistics?"

Cele: "I would support that."

In the interview, the Commissioner offered three reasons for placing a moratorium on crime statistics:


"I am saying to you there are statistics that are released, and criminals use the very same statistics you release, and there are those that if you don't release, it gives you the better edge to fight the crime."


"I understand that the Interpol has discussed the question of crime stats release, and looked at that in favour of periodically, not all the time, release. That is Interpol. But let me tell you, many countries, especially those countries that might be peers of South Africa, especially South America and Central America, nobody release stats there of crime at all for a very, very long time."


"[Statistics] are used for political bashing"

Astonishingly, the state broadcaster's anchor did not even bother to query the Police Commissioner's claims with any follow-up questions. However, these assertions are extremely dubious:

First, what evidence is there that criminals use annual crime statistics in the planning of crimes? In particular, it is frankly inconceivable that rates of crime for the entire country, sorted into broad categories, could ever be used by criminals to their benefit.

How many would-be murderers consult the SAPS Crime Statistics booklet to check up on the annual murder rate?

The DA challenges the Police Commissioner to elaborate on this claim, and provide concrete examples of where this has been the case. For this claim to stand as a just basis for placing a moratorium on all crime statistics, he must:
  • Show that every category of crime statistic has been used by criminals in the planning of crimes (because if it turns out that a few categories can be used by criminals, this is not a good reason for failing to release the vast majority of data that could clearly never be of any use to criminals).
  • Demonstrate that the benefit of preventing whichever crimes he can show are planned using crime statistics, outweighs the enormous cost of setting up an essentially Stalinist Police Service, which refuses to release information about its own performance to the general public.
Second, which Interpol study is the Commissioner referring to, and how could a study that advocates periodic release of crime statistics possibly support Mr. Cele's calls for a moratorium? In addition, there is a wealth of evidence to support the Democratic Alliance's view that real-time updates and monitoring of crime statistics would be of significant benefit to efforts to fight crime.

Even more perplexing is the Commissioner's claim that no South and Central American countries have released crime statistics "for a very, very long time". In a snap survey of Latin American countries, we found that:
  • Colombia released crime statistics for up to the end of 2008 in January 2009 and a comparative table on crime for Jan-Jun 2008/2009 is available on their Defence Ministry website
  • Costa Rica has released crime statistics for 2008
  • Uruguay has released figures up to the end of 2008 and some information on first quarter 2009 figures
Third, Mr. Cele makes reference to "political bashing". How could this be a just basis for placing a moratorium on crime statistics?

If crime statistics show the Police Service's performance is deteriorating, this will rightly come under criticism; conversely, if the outlook is improving, the political party in power will take the credit. But it is surely not for a supposedly independent Police Commissioner to be considering any of these political ramifications as a basis for making decisions on crime fighting?

On Wednesday the DA warned that the appointment of Mr. Cele was not unlike the appointment of Mr. Selebi in 1999, and that South Africa could not afford another career politician in the role of Police Commissioner.

In light of this, it has to be asked: Is Mr. Cele's behaviour that of a non-partisan Police official, or a deployed cadre from the ANC's National Executive Committee?

State institutions can only be held accountable when they act in a transparent manner. In the case of the Police Service, it is essential that crime statistics are released on a regular basis, so that the public and civil society groups can assess, on an ongoing basis, how its government is performing. The Commissioner's claims ring hollow when confronted with evidence, and the Commissioner's announcement is unacceptable to the DA. We demand that he considers the evidence very carefully, ceases to think and act like an ANC politician, and retracts his calls for a moratorium on crime statistics right away.

Statement issued by Dianne Kohler Barnard MP, Democratic Alliance shadow minister of police.

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Treacle Bender said...

...perhaps if everyone ignores this piece of dog turd he'll go away...

..alas, this will not happen..ooooooh gawd are we fucked!

Doberman said...

@ TB, aye, time for a exit plan dude...

Anonymous said...

Jobs for pals. Tenders for pals. The cuntree is fucked.

Dachshund said...

What he's indirectly saying is that the crime stats are so bloody high that if they were released, criminals would deduce that South Africa is a criminals' paradise, and we would have even more of them.

So don't ask any questions right now, it's worse than you think.

Personally, I like the idea of shooting to kill, it flows with the grain.

Give Captain Marvel six months to make a difference. If nothing happens after that, then shout the odds.

Doberman said...

@ Dach, I think the criminals know the place is a paradise for criminals. The ANC knows it too, heck we all do.

What we do need is to know exactly HOW MUCH of a paradise it is and genius jiggaboo there won't let anyone know because "it's a political tool". Forget it, same old same old.

Colombia like Kohler-Barnard states had similar crime problems until they began to release very regular stats and the people could see where action was needed. Right now, there's no beginning and no end, so how do citizens participate? Send in kids to patrol townships at night?

Dachshund said...

Don't believe everything you read. Colombia's reported murder rate looks way too optimistic to me (depending on how you view the cocaine industry).

Regular stats are not necessarily accurate stats.

Doberman said...

I know because one of our contributors resides in Colombia, I won't mention who. He can vouch for its relative safety.

Ranger Tom said...

Sounds like this Oxygen Thief got his lessons right out of the Stazi/KGB handbook.

Anonymous said...

I am not certain this boons have some reasonable statistics to release at all. What on earth makes us believe that crime statistics would be an area they have not stuff up ?

h said...

They dont want to release stats because of the world cup. at this stage in the game, releasing them will create problems for the world cup. This should indicate that they are really bad, because if they were better then the stats themselves could be used to promote SA.

Instead, they are much worse that people think and this is the only way to keep the world blind to the actual crime rate of the place that the world cup is being hosted. After the world cup, SA has nothing more to look 'forward to' on such a big scale and i fear that it will be the last few moments before SA joins ZIM as yet another failed African country.

My advice to whites still left in SA.. Leave as soon as you can. Don't wait for the world cup, because it will not benefit you in the least. Take what you can, including your life (before it is taken from you) and live in a safer place where your taxes are used for more productive things, not fancy cars or lavish lifestyles for the useless politicians.

The best thing whites can do now is to stop feeding the monster that has become the ANC. Cut off the money supply and these monkeys will get to where they are supposed to be, at a much faster rate. Blacks in Africa are meant to be impoverished, sick, poor and their own slaves. I actually think this is 'normal' for them, so stop prolonging this. If you are white, do what you can to stop playing your own part in the demise of SA. Staying does not help, it just prolongs the inevitable.

Loggi said...

The best thing whites can do now is to stop feeding the monster that has become the ANC

Very wise words indeed H

Exzanian said...

Hiya dawgs, getcha cowboy hats on, we gonna fight da crime, shoot to kill, Heeeeyaaaaw. Eish, what da fuck we shootin at?

Anonymous said...

The ANC are communist swine who need the high crime rate to:

a) drive away/kill whites who are too "capitalist";

b) keep the rest of the coons in a state of fear so they can be easily controlled like the sheep they are.

This is how Stalin did it, and we all know where the ANC leaders did their political training.