Thursday, August 06, 2009

A New Genocide

Our regular American reader Ranger Tom penned this great piece and shows more insight into the grim realities of South Africa than our other "expert" who spent six months in South Africa.


The fifteenth anniversary of the "Rwandan Genocide" was this year, and some predict yet another African genocide is about to unfold soon in Sudan. In South Africa, however, where the evil white supremacy of Apartheid was dismantled and black majority rule established, all is happiness, a veritable cakewalk to utopia, a socialist's dream come true...If you believe what's being told by the media here in the US, if South Africa is mentioned at all in the nightly news, which it hardly ever is.

The African National Congress, the terrorist organization run by the Communist Party that took over the country in 1994, is the main political party and shows no sign of losing power. For the foreseeable future, South Africa seems destined to be a one-party democracy run by ANC Party apparatchiks and cronies to the ANC. I'm not going to sit here and explain it all, because I really don't know it all. I'm still learning about South Africa. What I do know is the ANC is run by a bunch of communists, and back in the early 90's when I was still in Philadelphia I was physically ill when Nelson Mandela came to my city to receive the Freedom Medal from President Clinton. I know then what he really stood for... Something I've fought against my entire life. Communism /socialism that would enslave me.

Of course, here in the US, where we actually have a democracy that (at least in theory) has two whole political parties or more, “democracy” is not quite the term for political systems dominated forever by a single party. For now.

The one thing one ever hears about South Africa is in terms of AIDS and crime. As for the former, it has more HIV-positive people than any other country in the world, and AIDS is expected to reduce life expectancy to the age of 36 by 2015. That's all you here on Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC & CBS, if South Africa gets a short 45-second mention at all.

What one never, ever hears is the truth about the systematic campaign of murder and torture carried out since 1994 against South Africa’s white farmers. Some 3,000 have already been murdered, and while the government claims it’s simply uncontrollable crime, the indications are that it’s a deliberate effort to exterminate whites and drive them off the land.

A White Genocide.

But that’s only farmers. Some estimates put the number of white Afrikaners killed by blacks since 1994 at 30,000 or more.

30,000 murders? Of white south Africans? Why isn't this on the news? Oh, that's right.

They're white.

Silly me for asking.

I beg to ask this. If this was 30,000 black farmers tortured, raped and murdered, what would the media coverage be like here in the good old US of A? And would the ObamaGod be sending Marines in like Bubba Clinton did in Sierra Leone a few years ago?

You all know the answer to that question.

From my digging around and a little research, I've found that whites in South Africa are becoming economic slaves. They pay 80 % of personal taxes, despite earning only 50 percent of total salaries. Afrikaners as a group pay the highest portion of overall tax in South Africa, 36%, while white English~speakers pay 32 %. When he was in exile in Britain, Thabo Mbeki, South Africa President from 1999 to 2008, is reputed to have said, "We will suck the whites dry" and that is more or less what is happening. South Africa is like a small, First World economy like that of Denmark or Norway, still run by whites, but which must support a welfare state for 40 million blacks.

What is happening in South Africa is simply the deliberate transformation of a Western society, economy and political culture into a Third World shithole. The transformation is taking place because the dominant race of white Westerners has been pushed out of power by the majority non~white, non~Western race. But as I look at it, what’s happening there is not unique. It's starting to look like it's happening here, in the Good Old US of A.

But getting back to the Genocide... I may not be the smartest man in the world. But I do see what's happening. The trillions of dollars spent in the last six months scare me. The Cap and Trade bill scares me. The Heathcare bill scares me.

But what's really scaring me is the new Socialism coming to us, the genocide of not only the white South Africans, who just want to be left alone, farm their lands and live in the only country they've known... But to us, the every~day Americans who, right under our very noses, our every thread of identity being stripped from us until one day, in the very near future, we may be next for the "Reparations" and "Taking Back" of what's "Owed" to the perceived oppressed.

You, my friends are witnessing the slow Genocide of the United Sates of America.

And the really sad part about this, and I do truly grieve for the slain South Africans, is that even now, even though there's now the slight beginnings of rumblings in the hinterlands...

No one seems to care. About the murdered farmers on the Veld, or the demise of what I really believe is the Greatest Nation on earth.

And that's truly sad.

This is the first time in my life, since their deaths, I'm glad my parents are gone.

They won't have to see this.

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Black Coffee said...

One correction at least - Bill Clinton sent U.S. Marines into Haiti, not into Sierra Leone.

AMB said...

Well said Ranger Tom. You capture the very essence of what is going on in SA and most probably the USA. Pity your piece will only be available on ILSA - or have you sent it to other blogs?

Just for your info, Mugabe is starting to stockpile weapons and ammunition for next year's election so I think Zimbabwe might be the next genocide/civil war in Africa. Link:

Ranger Tom said...

And the good guys still wear "white" hats!

Anonymous said...

Retard BC: Google your own "facts" before posting kak!

Ron. said...
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Ranger Tom said...

@BC... Check your facts. Go here:

Ranger Tom said...

@AMB: I've also have it posted on my blog... Check it out some time. And thanks for the info, I've bookmarked it for future reference. And thanks for the good words. Just did a little digging and found out some stuff, and put it together. Unlike some other people, I try to verify before I write something. If I'm not sure I'll either say I'm not sure or not say anything at all. You know the old adage, "Better to be silent and thought to be a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt..."

Viking said...

great post, RT!

Anonymous said...

@ RT...

Good Post Boet!

Are you sure you're not a saffer?

Unfortunately you only tell a portion of the story, based on what you have access to.

We are waging an undeclared war under laws that are prohibitively restrictive regarding the defense of your property and person; and where every act of offense or defense is an "overtly racist attack".

These fuckers are slowly picking us off under the guise of "crime".

As the kroes-koppe say: "Aluta continua!" (the war goes on).

FishEagle said...

@RT, I enjoyed the post. Great stuff.

@Anon 5:33. "As the kroes-koppe say: "Aluta continua!" (the war goes on)." Lol. More like just "I bash your head in!"

Exzanian said...

Fantastic post by Ranger. Azania is truly living the situation where everyone has come to agree that 2 + 2 = 5
And it is spreading.....

Islandshark said...

Ranger Tom shows real insight with this post. Very well written.

I don't know if there is any hope for my beloved country, but let's hope that South Africa's present doesn't turn out to be USA's future.

Black Coffee said...

I stand corrected - Clinton included some American troops into a peacekeeping force headed by Britain that went into Sierra Leone. Overall RT I would say your piece is rather one-sided, and you have not been to SA yet have you? Off-topic, just today there is news all over American news programs that several townhall meetings over health care got violent. At one, near St Louis, Missouri, a black union member allegedly attacked a black conservative who was selling "don't tread on me" buttons. We've got the White House and Pelosi insisting that anger is manufactured and that right-wing is spreading disinformation about health care reform. I do not know whether Obama's plan for health care is a good idea or not, it seems we already have rationed care in US, with major insurance corporations doing rationing. On other hand, do we want a government takeover? I tell you this. Despite fact that I voted for Obama, what I see is that just in his 6 months in office he has seemed to arouse more anger among Americans, whether it is "manufactured" (as claimed by White House press secretary Gibbs) or not, than any previous president of the U.S. that I can recall. We may yet see anti-Obama riots like that one reverend whose video Doberman talked about. Interesting and worrying times - we are living in.

Ranger Tom said...

@BC: I don't think it's one-sided at all. I just looked up the facts and composed my essay. If it had shown a differing point of view or a diverging of opinions that differ with this blog I'd have still submitted it. I'm a few years older than you and have seen things change in this country.

Some for the good, but most for the worst. You may think I'm some Right Wing Republican, but in that assumption you'd be very wrong. Yes, I've been a registered Republican for all of my adult life, but this year, after what I feel was a total rejection from the GOP to the American Voter, I re-registered Libertarian. You probably also think I like George Bush... Yes, I feel he was the best to have in office on 9-11-01, but he was a sad disappointment after that.

What I see is a systematic on-going dismantling of the Constitution which started back in the 1930's with Roosevelt and continued with Johnson's "Great Society" and a lot of it parallels what I'm seeing (myself) for the first time in South Africa. You ask if I've ever been there? No, I haven't, yet. But did I have to travel to the Soviet Union to know what was happening there was terrible?

Of course not.

South Africa is being destroyed from within by corruption of a Socialist/Communist regime and I see a lot of the same things happening here in the States.

All it takes from you is to stand back for one moment and actually look and see the big picture. I go into everything with an open mind. I hear all sides.

I use my personal observations, tempered with my personal experiences to make my final judgment.

And please tell me you can honestly look yourself in the mirror, then tell me, honestly and really believe, that if it were 30,000 blacks murdered by whites in South Africa the World Media would be frothing into a feeding frenzy blaming the terrible Whites?

I know you're not stupid BC.

I'll probably never change your mind BC, but look into yourself for once. Do I sound like some Neanderthal Nazi Racist?

Blacks have been asking for an even playing field for years, now they've got it... But now they want to (and have for the most part) change the rules here in the US to completely take over and leave hard working people, most of whom just happen to be white, in the dust, because we "owe" them something.

What ever happened to Martin Luther King's "Dream"? Where a man isn't judged by the color of his skin but by his merits?

Is it just a dream? Or is it just a reason to get back at some faceless bogeyman and someone to blame for one's inability to achieve a higher standard for one's self? "They Owe Me! is the new mantra.

"Ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country..."

Where did THAT dream go?

Until the hypocrisy is totally gone I'll still be very bitter and mistrusting of anyone or anything that stand in the way of common sense.

What I see in South Africa is this: The black man is "getting back" at the white man for years of percieved, real or not, oppression, so he's doing everything in his power now granted to him by the ANC to do whatever is deemed nessessary to "Get Whitey" and the same is happening here. If you disagree with Obama, you're labeled a "Racist", but if you disagreed with George Bush you were a "Progressive".

You don't see the double standard? If you don't I think you'd better retake your Ethics 101 classes.

And tell me, if that's really the case, that the whites, here in the States or in South Africa are really that bad... If that's so, when did two wrongs finally become one right?

And if that's the case, the Ends do really justify the Means, no matter how wrong they are.

As long as one get's back at "Whitey".

See how silly that sounds when you step back and look at it?

Viking said...

@Ranger Tom
I like your views on American history! And you sure do know it.
It's interesting to note that Johnson used the Myth of Kennedy to attack people who didn't agree with his programmae, just as many of Obama's supporters vilify their opponents today. You should check out sometime

Ranger Tom said...

@ Viking: I'm still learning about US history along with the rest of the world I live in. I believe that ignorance is going to be the downfall of the world. And I've already bookmarked from you blog for future reading.

Black Coffee said...

RT - in SA, there is some of "black man getting back at whitey", yes. But that's not all there is to it, there is goodwill among other blacks and a willingness to forgive and reconcile with whites. That's why I say it is hard for you to understand the society until you actually set foot there and spend some time there. I myself had a lot of negative perceptions, or should I say misperceptions, about SA until I went. And with Soviet Union same thing, until you would go there and talk to people you would not fully understand it. I do not fully understand SA now, far from it. But having been there for 6 months and having circulated among taxi ranks, townships and other places in Johbg gave me a perspective I otherwise would not have had. On crime - let me say blacks are murdered at even greater numbers than whites. Farm murders - I have not studied this issue, so I can not speak on it authoritatively. I do remember that two black friends of mine from Soweto were talking about it to me after another farm murder took place in Orange Free State. They told me often it is disgruntled workers or former workers for the farmers who do this. Additionally, at start of decade there was a commission which looked into the farm murders. The report they put out in 2003, which last time I checked was available on SAPS' website, stated that farm murders are not part of some orchestrated plan nor politically motivated, but are part of SA's crime wave. That commission was headed by a white man - Johan Burger who then worked for SAPS and has moved on since to SA's Institute for Security Studies.

Islandshark said...

@ BC: Please do me a favour and wake the hell up. WTF do you think the findings of a commission on farm murders is worth in a country where police is more corrupt than criminals?

You know, you would do yourself a favour not telling people about PhD's you are studying towards. Having post graduate qualifications (apart from internationally recognised professional ones) myself, I have to say that your ability to research and analyse that which is presented to you and then drawing intelligent conclusion from it, is less than pathetic.

But that is what you get when your research is based on articles from The Sowetan.

The mere fact that the Marxist corrupt government in South Africa has done nothing to protect white farmers (apart from disbanding the commando structure and disarming the legal gun-owning public), but cries foul when a black person is accidentaly killed on a farm, should say enough to a person with your supposed intellect.

Or are you also studying at one of those liberal institutions where PhD's are dished out quicker than Leftist Liberal Loser propaganda?

FishEagle said...

Black Coffee, "there is goodwill among other blacks and a willingness to forgive and reconcile with whites"

That statement is presented in a way that is utterly misleading. The majority of blacks do not have goodwill towards whites because they fail to see a mutually beneficial relationship between the races. Sure, blame apartheid or whatever you like. Just don't make up lies because the world doesn't conform to the pretty picture you've decided it should be.

I was listening to a government official talking about providing aid to the agricultural sector. Being the only white in the room, which is often the case in my job, I was able to listen and observe the blacks' discussions, without their usual inhibitions around whites. His superior asked him whether he thought a land owner should be given government funding. He answered positively and in his own words, "and he's the right colour," meaning the land owner was black.

He didn't say the land owner was desperately in need of funding or he that he really deserved it. Nothing like that. Only that he WAS THE RIGHT COLOUR. I wasn't naive. I knew very well that there was a wrong colour in South Africa too.

FishEagle said...

Islandshark, well said.

Exzanian said...

BC, if there is anything in SA at all that gives people the strength to wake up and limp through yet another day in SA, it is not goodwill, it is a willingness to compromise, born out of pure desperation. There is a simmering, festering atmosphere in all strata in SA that you have no clue about. And it can explode in any way, at any time. You try and explain 67 people murdered in xenophobic attacks last year as goodwill? Go, on try it. The farm murders and crime in general (read the reports of gangs of 20 people raiding shopping malls, the rape and murder going on) is all lower grade retributive activity going on in SA that has as it's source a vicious desire for re-distribution and which is being silently condoned by the fatcat, kleptocrat ANC.

Viking said...

The retribution argument is long defunct. The perpetrators of vicious crimes in SA are mostly teenagers or people who are too young to have ever been discriminated against.
The generation that was - now in their 40s plus - are calmer and less violent, even passive and respectful towards white people in comparison.
The younger generation act like they do because they've been promised the sun, moon and stars from the ANC, and that whitey will pay for it.
Watch interviews with criminals. They say they take because the white man "won't give".
Think about that. If he won't give me, its ok for me to take.
That mentality they've learnt NOT from their parents but from their government.
Crime has nothing to do with retribution, but overcrowding and competition for resources due to overpopulation, and fueled by wild promises from the ANC.

Ranger Tom said...

@BC: Well, I was sadly mistaken. I had assumed (we all know what happens when you assume things) that as an intelligent person you had at least an ounce of common sense, but I was a mistaken.

FishEagle said...

@Viking, I don't know if I agree with your previous comment 100%.

"..are mostly teenagers or people who are too young to have ever been discriminated against..."

Blacks are much less intelligent than whites. That alone has resulted in discrimination against them, by whites and all the other races, regardless of the abolition of apartheid. It implies that there will be no change in the status quo of continual black retribution and it will continue ad infinitum.

I think that's the reason why we are so desperate to have the fact acknowledged, that blacks are less intelligent than whites. Only then can one seriously try and find a solution to stop black retribution. We all know it is not going to happen soon and in the meantime whites, Indians, and even coloureds, need to just hang on to try and survive.

FishEagle said...

Regarding my last comment, I fully agree that, "The younger generation act like they do because they've been promised the sun, moon and stars from the ANC, and that whitey will pay for it." I would even go further to say all blacks are culprits, not just the younger generation.

Black Coffee said...

Intelligence does not depend on race. Blacks are no less intelligent than you my dear FE.

Viking said...


I'm reluctantly inclined to agree with you. Some kind of separation would be the best way to sort things out, but that's not really going to happen any time soon.
I think most black South Africans are unsuited to Western -style society, but I think also that that's acknowledge among those in power. That's why they use the vast uneducated rabble as voting-machines. The last thing they want is to bring them out of the stone age.
Blacks are intelligent enough to function in civilised society, I do believe. It's interesting how, here in SA, when you have a group of professionals like those I work with, colour means very little - they are all just professionals. But I'm not so naive as to think that's the normal state of affairs here.
Most South Africans would acknowledge that there are some professional, hardworking blacks and some good business people, but that they are vastly outnumbered by ones who couldn't find their way out of a paper bag.
Therein lies the tragedy. Unless that ratio improves, we have little to hope for..

Islandshark said...

Viking, I sometimes really wonder, IQ theories and science aside, whether some people don't "prefer" to act stupidly.

You rightly said that there are professional black people - I agree, since I have also worked with some.

Now how is it that some of the folk have utilised their opportunities for development and made something of themselves, but they are the absolute minority in SA? You have white people with the same mindset in 1st world, i.e. Britain with its culture of benefits-for-life whites - they are the minority though (for now).

My point is this - if you know the government will deliver hand-outs while you aren't economically active, because you are not skilled to do much (and you aren't because you preferred to take this route), how much effort are some people likely to put into making something of themselves rather than live of other taxpayers? In SA and Africa in general the situation is exacerbated by crime and corruption, i.e. individuals learn that crime pays.

I propose that if some individuals are given the option, they will opt to never develop or get anywhere, since there will always be a bail-out.

Ron. said...

Well B C / Greg you demonstrate quite a bit of hypocrisy here & attempt to perpetuate some rather old stereotypes. The problem is that you attempt to conflate the bulk of the White population with the past leaders of the State. Most White folks could not care less about politics & it has always been that way & is one of the main reasons how they were & continue to be subverted by various regimes. Therefore holding all White people accountable for the actions of regimes is a rather pathetic attempt at demonizing them en mass & ridiculous when considering their historical lack of interest in politics & even those who were interested were certainly kept in the dark about the machinations of the State & its oppressive actions.

I found it most hypocritical to see you write that one should not have "misperceptions" then go on to deny the current genocide [ in a complete denial of the documented facts ] & then conclude that just because Johan Burger is White that his conclusions can be taken at face value when once AGAIN forgetting to realize that he works for the STATE & is inexorably compromised & MUST deny genocide [ in order to keep his job ] & can only EVER report what the State approves. I pointed this out to you BEFORE but I see you back again at your old tricks again. If anyone were to go against the controlled narrative of the State: they would lose their job. You even ADMIT that he worked for the SAPS & the Institute for Security Studies which are notoriously linked to the State & act as State arms.

Trusting in his report is a bit like trusting in the Kean Hamilton Commission concerning what happened on 9/11. Even the very Chairs of the Commission [ who were old insiders ] soon ADMITTED how flawed the Commission was. Sir to be blunt: you have got to learn to get your head out of your ass sometime because you act as though government reports are the "gospel" truth & that their compromised conclusions are final. Nothing could be further from the truth because State functionaries are paid to distract.

The fact that Black people are killed in more NUMBERS than White people [ let's dispense with "Whites" & "Blacks" hell let's dispense with these racial based terms: ethnic terms are more relevant than racial ones which encompass NUMEROUS ethnic groups ] does not negate the salient fact that White people are disappearing FASTER [ due to their smaller numbers ] & that White people are often targeted just for being White / isolated & demonized.

Ron. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ron. said...

The absurd notion that "disgruntled" workers are solely responsible for the killing of White [ often Boer which TRANSCENDS "white" because they are a specific historically poorer indigenous [ it's true: get over it ] Caucasoid ethnic group ] farmers is totally contradicted by the reports which note the military style precision in which the hapless often elderly victims are attacked [ often tortured for HOURS ( red flags anyone? ) ] & killed. I am convinced that you are constantly floating the notion that "disgruntled" farm workers are doing the killings in order to DISTRACT from the odious & severe nature of this genocide because it is always much easier to assuage & deflect the conscience of concerned outsiders by basically asserting the the killings are just "old scores being settled" [ omitting another salient fact that farmers were dragged into a political dispensation not of their own ] when in reality what is occurring is a frightening military style EXECUTION [ likely State sponsored are certainly tacitly approved by the State: otherwise they would certainly have taken action AGAINST the perpetrators & started crime prevention programs ] of victims in the most gruesome & grotesque manner. If this brutal genocide was happening against virtually any other people: there would have been a MASSIVE global outcry long ago & the elite would have staged flashy but phony benefit concerts to address the plight of the victims. Do you see now where a century of demonization ends? Are you proud of the brutal results that your sick anti-human elite have engendered? Demonization of any ethnic group ALWAYS ends in the GENOCIDE of the ethnic group.

Ron. said...

I like your use of the old Potchefstroom Republic flag Islandshark as it helps to expose outsiders to Boer history & their various republics.

Viking said...

lol I thought your flag was the Union Jack minus St.George's cross!

I think your comments are 100% accurate - there is too much temptation to act lazy here in SA. I've heard of blacks who actually quit their jobs because some other family member had a job so - why did they need one too? This was a problem encountered in the 19th century too (I think I read that in Tawnay's Religion and the Rise of Capitalism or maybe it was Max Weber).
Culturally, the idea of accumulating money to save or invest is not there among Africans, preferring to live hand to mouth and having no provision for anything going wrong.

FishEagle said...

@ Viking, I would imagine your reluctance to agree is due to the grave implications that my comments may have for South Africa, should they turn out to be true. Have you had many doubts since you've made the choice to immigrate to SA?

Viking said...

my reluctance to agree is due to philosophical problems I have with racial determinism.
But I will say my views have radically changed since I've lived in SA. After 6 months I was thinking along the lines you do, and I'm aware a lot of people made that shift sooner (and many much later) but I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt!

FishEagle said...

Viking, I always give people the benefit of the doubt, including myself and my race - the whites. Whites made the observation that they were targeted by blacks so we need to protect ourselves. The only question is how to do it. I agree with many of the contributors on this site that whites deserve their own independent state.

Viking said...

ah, that's a different matter and I'm all for it!

Ron. said...

Viking. I even posted a link to the Potchefstroom Republic flag [ as I did with all the other Boer Republic flags I mentioned in the article ] within the latest article I posted here on Robert van Tonder & Boer Republic restoration.