Thursday, August 20, 2009

More than a million crimes annually never solved

I think one million is understating it but even so it's a shocking indictment of the ANC's policies. A country cannot function with a conviction rate of just 10,3%. Criminals have a minute chance of being caught and even then 9 out of 10 walk away free. It's a national disgrace.


Report: South African Police Service on brink of collapse


IOL - More than a million of the two million criminal cases reported annually in South Africa are never solved.

That's according to Willie Scholtz, the head of the South African Criminal Justice System working group, who spoke at an event hosted by the University of Cape Town's Graduate School of Business on Wednesday night.

"The cases seem to get lost somewhere - they fall through the cracks. We have to ensure cases are not filtered out," Scholtz said.

He blamed a number of factors for the country's 10.3% conviction rate in criminal cases. These included the inadequate collection of evidence at crime scenes, insufficient investigation of crimes, trials which ran for an extremely long time, and ineffective court processes.

"If you really identify the perpetrator and secure evidence at crime scenes it will cut down court time. The longer it takes to disperse justice, the longer it will take to get a good verdict."

He said prosecutors and Legal Aid Board attorneys also added to the problem by "endlessly delaying cases".

"We have a programme aimed at totally transforming the system. We plan to engage with legal professionals to put protocol and measures in place to ensure they don't unnecessarily delay cases. We have to bind them to their actions."

Scholtz heads up a team that assisted with a review of the criminal justice system.

He said that although "a lot of work needed to be done" he remained optimistic that with "accountability and action" positive results would be seen "within the next two to three years".

"This project builds on a very solid foundation.

It must be said that government understands the problem and the size of the problem and has committed themselves to action," Scholtz said.

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FMCLAW777 said...

Sorry to say but that is what happens when you force the whitey out and replace him with a uneducated criminal mind, and them supply them with free guns and ammo!!