Wednesday, August 05, 2009

More than 500 dogs poisoned

This story was once again not found newsworthy by any one of the English media publications.

South African households have to protect themselves from murdering gangs as they simply cannot rely on the corrupt cops to arrive in time. Cops now all too often arrive one or two hours after receiving the cry for help call. Any number of excuses is then used as to their failure to send a patrol. The frequency of people being tortured and murdered within a 5 minute response area of the police station, and the police's failure to arrive in time have become an everyday occurrence. Coupled with the blatant and obvious criminality in the police force, one has to assume that a good percentage of these criminals have police cooperation, or at the very least, have paid the cops to look the other way.

For this reason the average South African household spends thousands on securing their property in the hope of keeping their family alive during the night. Besides the intruder beams, motion sensors, firearms, alarms, cameras, armed response, and electric fences and devils fork, most household rely on their dogs as the first line of defence. As such they have now become the first target by these murderers and criminals.

More than 500 dogs have been poisoned since January in the sleepy village of Heidelberg South Africa

This is the statistics from only one of the town’s veterinarians.

The locals have now declared the town a disaster area for dogs, they have offered a reward for the killers and taken the information of the dog killing gang to the police. The police however failed to respond or act on this information.

15 dogs poisoned in Jhb

Dog owners in Princess Road, Claremont, found the bodies of 15 of their dogs on Tuesday morning.
All the pets were poisoned in the early hours of the morning, presumably by someone who broke into two cars in the street.

Criminals 'poisoning dogs'

Johannesburg - There has been an alarming increase in dog poisoning by criminals lurking in SA's suburbs, an armed response company said on Friday.

Criminals target dogs with poison

Blokkies lay dead on the lawn, his glassy eyes staring blankly into space. The fox terrier had fallen victim to a disturbing phenomenon in crime-plagued South Africa - the poisoning of dogs by criminals intent on gaining access to people's property.

6 dogs poisoned in same street

Two little farm boys mourn their poisoned dogs

5 Opinion(s):

Viking said...

I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling that people who kill animals like this deserve NO mercy whatsoever.

I once met a fellow whose job was to protect wildlife from poachers. An ex-military Brit, he told me in no uncertain terms that although he could never hurt a mouse, he would happily take down a poacher without a second thought.

I've often wondered why we feel more angry about people who hurt animals (and maybe children) than those who hurt other people. Maybe it's their relative helplessness. But this story really enrages me.

Anonymous said...

Fully agree Viking.

Imagine how those little boys feel about their little puppies.
Just shooting them , would be too easy.

Anonymous said...

The reason you feel more for helpless beings is that you're white - it's called empathy and blacks don't have it. There's a huge plack hole in their brains where empathy (plus a lot of other stuff) should be.

This is part of the genocide plan, make no mistake. Dogs are THE most effective alarms against intruders. Take away the white man's weapons and dogs and ... we're sitting ducks. Part of an carefully planned and orchetrated genocide plan. Read about other genocides in Africa - you will see, they were always carefully planned beforehand, none of them "just happened".

Anonymous said...

This is gut wrenching, absolutely sickening. You're right Loggi, shooting the bastards would be too kind. Necklacing is more like it.

Catnip said...

I think anyone who poisons dogs should have the same done to them catch every bugger and inject them with the most painful plague and let them suffer for hours/days however long it takes hopefully it'll be the most excruciating pain they've ever experienced without any pain med.

People like that ARE going to BURN in HELL and deserve to.