Thursday, August 13, 2009

Man, 83, shot in robbery

Black Coffee forwarded this link and said, "Something about this type of story makes me outraged. I think it is fact that there are obviously people out there who are willing to hurt old people, women and even kids just to get whatever property they want. Sounds like they didn't even give this poor guy a chance to cooperate with robbers."

You're slowly coming around to understanding our frustration and anger. What possible threat could a frail old man of 83 be to an armed gang of men? Of course there is no need for this type of gratuitous violence yet violent home invasions is the norm. In fact, the criminals WANT you at home. This is a strictly South African phenomenon.


Because the scum that wander our streets at night do so because we have a heartless regime prepared to spend millions on protecting themselves with bodyguards and convoys but won't blink an eye for the thousands of victims of crime each year. We have a criminal-friendly constitution, a defunct justice system and a police force on the brink of collapse. How do we change this situation BC, except remove the regime? Just look at the small list below that we've posted. It represents a tiny fraction of the thousands of aged victims of crime. If this was your country, what do you think the reaction from the public would be? You've seen my compatriots' reaction, which apart from the readers of ILSA and other blogs like it continue to live like this is not happening. It's me, myself, I - until they too become the victims of crime. I keep saying that we measure a country's worth by how it protects it's most vulnerable members of society and in that case, we are the worst country on earth.


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Johannesburg -
An 83-year-old man is in a serious condition after he was shot by armed robbers at his home in Bronkhorstpruit on Thursday, paramedics said.

"The robbery took place during the early hours of the morning," Netcare 911 spokesperson Nick Dollman said.

"A gang of men entered his house, and awakened the man who was then immediately attacked. They assaulted him and shot him in his chest."

Dollman said the robbers destroyed the man's cellphone and house phone before fleeing with valuables.

His daughter found him and contacted the paramedics.


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Exzanian said...

I would also invite BC to spend a little time on Censorbugbear's site (the first link in links of note) which is a really chilling expose'. The detail has been extensively researched by a professional (retired) journalist.