Monday, August 03, 2009

Liberalism and Unrealism


The least important idea to a liberal is the idea of

One of the tennents that I have noticed about liberalism and liberals in general, is their amazing propensity to work themselves into a frenzy regarding any topic that sends chills up their spine.

Certain behavioral patterns of liberals can only be understood given the backdrop of the intellectual developments of the 20th century.

Unrealism, according to Evola, is a trademark of the modern world.

It is somewhat hard to put this concept into the context of our daily lives until we are exposed to liberal behavior.

To a liberal, there is no such thing as reality.
Reality is what we make it. It is a kind of crude superstition and frenzy similar to rituals of voodoo.

To a liberal, words exist to create emotion. A liberal can talk himself into just about any idea in the world, and words are never an obstacle in getting the emotional high that s/he desires from any given topic.

Liberals are relativists.
Everything is relative. There are non-liberal relativists; Alain de Benoist comes to mind, but his vision demonstrates the truth that Nietszchean thought leads to sheer nihilism a la modern liberalism, and that relativism cannot be used to win battles against the left.

Liberals are masters of relativism.

The least important idea to a liberal is the idea of

Consequences do not exist in liberal land. 100 million dead means absolutly nothing to a liberal because, you know,
it was a good idea.

Liberals can autosuggest themselves into believing just about anything. They see this as their strength but it is a blindness and a weakness that will make their reign over the planet extremely short-lived.

As long as there are witnesses to the consequences of the actions of liberalism, there is an ultimate trial of liberalism, a sentence of liberalism, and I pray soon,
an execution of liberalism.

The history of philosophy is still the footnotes of Plato; Nietszche and Heidegger are equally as responsible for modern liberalism as are Marcuse and Freud. Platonic philosophy has been derailed and we are now living in the realm of unrealism.

Nothing is real and everything is real; 100 million dead means absolutely nothing to the warm, cuddly feelings of virus-infested emotive liberals that confuse their own need for recognition and endorphins with a natural superiority and mandate to tell everyone else how to live.

Liberals worship themselves, yet hate themselves; their god is frail, and dying. We must pounce on this corpse before the Islamic and the Mexican virus do.

The next wave of philosophy will either be Platonic/Traditionalist or will be a southern current of Aztec Cannibalism and Mohammadan bloodlust.

Pray that the King Returns soon.

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FishEagle said...

Great post!!

Doberman said...

Concise and brilliantly written. A pocket definition of the workings of the liberal mind.

TerenceD said...

One Liberal... One bullet

Ranger Tom said...

Just a thought... If the liberals finally get their way, what are they going to have to bitch about?

Islandshark said...

Liberalism is a mental disorder - a phrase coined by Frank of Queens more than ten years ago.