Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Know your new Police Commissioner

Very serious allegations about the new police commissioner.

Cele lashed over crime-stats stance - The new police National Commissioner Bheki Cele’s argument in favour of a moratorium on issuing crime statistics is “not convincing”, according to Dr Johan Burger, senior researcher in the Crime, Justice and Politics programme at the Institute for Security Studies.

In March last year, two people died when a car driven by Durban socialite Sifiso Zulu crashed into them. Zulu was subsequently arrested and charged with drunk driving.

But it has now emerged that Bheki Cele - then a KwaZulu-Natal MEC - became personally entangled in the matter.

This from the story in The Times this morning:

Yesterday, a Durban metro police officer told the Durban Magistrate’s Court that he did not understand why Cele, then KwaZulu-Natal’s transport MEC, had arrived at the scene of the accident and had insisted that the vehicle be returned to its owner.

Captain Shane Spilsbury, who saw the BMW “shoot a red robot at high speed” before crashing into a bakkie, said Cele arrived 20 minutes after the collision.

“ ‘[He ] wasn’t happy. I wondered why he [got] involved. I pointed out to him that the vehicle was falsely registered and that the driver must have been drinking, but he didn’t believe me. I had to radio to the control room so he could hear that the vehicle was falsely registered,” Spilsbury said.

…. and later on in the story …

He said Cele “must have known” the identity of the owner of the BMW because he got into an argument with the SAPS officer in charge of the accident scene.

This is a very disturbing allegation against the now national police commissioner which suggests that he does not understand the boundary between friendship and the law. Which can be a big problem.

Just ask Jackie Selebi …

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Treacle Bender said...

I can't stand this piece of dog turd...TK!

He's just another criminal endorsed by the anc syndicate..

Anonymous said...


He is a raving marxist ANC apparatchik who will do anything that is required of him by his political masters.

We will rapidly see increased levels of crime (organised and other) perpetrated by well armed groups of thugs. Police arrests and harassment of whites under this wet-fart will sky rocket and perhaps end in "homicide".

This oke is a real bad fucker. Watch him VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY CAREFULLY!!!

He comes across as a useless stinking turd, but he will implement his ANC masters will to the jot and tittle.

If our thin blue line was not fucked under Selebi, it is surely going to bent over and buggered HARD by this arsehole!

Make alternate arrangements for your defense. Get in touch with neighbors and set up an emergency response system. Phone a real friend to help with refuse removal and feed the flesh to your pet hyenas.


We are truly going to be on our own in the fight against crime very soon. In some areas it is already too late.

Loggi said...

His appointment just rules out any doubt about the future of South Africa.