Thursday, August 06, 2009

It's raining luxury cars for ANC ministers

They don't get it and they don't care. SILENCE, peasants!

Naledi Pandor gets two new Mercs - DA

Science and technology minister gets cars worth R1,4million.

Cargate: Science and Technology Department spends R1.4-million on new ministerial vehicles

The Cargate scandal continues to grow -- a reply to a Democratic Alliance (DA) parliamentary question has revealed that the Department of Science and Technology has spent over R150,000 on accessories for two 2009 Mercedes Benz ML350s for Minister Naledi Pandor, which cost the South African taxpayer R1.4-million. This brings the total known amount spent on new vehicles by the ANC government to R18.5-million.

Both cars were fitted with the following accessories:
  • Metallic paint
  • Command navigation
  • Media interface
  • DVD player
  • Technical off road package
  • Heated front seats
  • Xenon active lights
  • Sunroof
  • Run flat
  • Private glass
Had the cars excluded the extras, the department would have saved the South African taxpayer R154,591. The DA will be submitting a follow-up question to determine why the extra money was spent on luxuries that are entirely unnecessary.

The department stated in its reply that the car was purchased in terms of the Ministerial Handbook. The DA has submitted to the Minister in the Presidency a series of austerity measures, one of which is a proposal that the percentage of a Minister's salary (70%) used to determine to what value a Minister can purchase a new car be reduced (to 50%), as the DA government has done in the Western Cape. The DA government has also put a freeze on the purchase of new ministerial cars.


Vehicle Total Cost* Extras
Ace Magashule Premier of the Free State Mercedes Benz S600 R1 300 000
See here for complete list
Siphiwe Nyanda Communications (Pretoria) BMW 750i, 2009 model R1 271 800 Dynamic Drive (body roll stabilisation); Sports leather steering wheel (3 spoke); Electric Rear Screen Roller Sun blind with manual side blinds; Active cruise control with Stop & Go function; Rear-seat entertainment; High-gloss satin chrome; Sun protection glazing; Special wheel design recommended for the 750i; rear view camera; ceramic surround for controls; ambient interior lighting; adaptive headlights; high beam assist; lane departure warning; lane change warning
Siphiwe Nyanda Communications (Cape Town) BMW 750i, 2009 model R1 147 600 Sports leather steering wheel (3 spoke); Rear view camera; High Beam Assist; Special wheel design recommended for the 750i
Free State MECs x10 Free State Provincial Government Mercedes Benz S500 x10 R970 000 x 10 = R9.7m (Source) See here for complete list
Angie Motshekga Basic Education (Cape Town) BMW 730D R894 500 None
Angie Motshekga Basic Education (Pretoria) Range Rover Sport TDV8 R809 592 Mudguards
Tina Joemat-Petterson Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Mercedes Benz 2009 S350 R796 003 Black wooden/leather steering wheel and sunblinds rear window
Naledi Pandor Science and Technology (Pretoria) Mercedes Benz 2009 S250 R711 718 Metallic paint, Command navigation, Media interface, DVD player, Technical off road package, Heated front seats, Xenon active lights, Sunroof, Run flat, Private glass
Naledi Pandor Science and Technology (Cape Town) Mercedes Benz 2009 S250 R695 095 Metallic paint, Command navigation, Media interface, DVD player, Technical off road package, Heated front seats, Xenon active lights, Sunroof, Run flat, Private glass
Nathi Mthethwa Police 2008 BMW X5 3.0D R685 091 "Included" reverse cameras; navigation system; sport suspension; sunroof; and electric seat adjustment.
Nathi Mthethwa Police 2008 BMW X5 3.0D R677 270 "Included" reverse cameras; navigation system; sport suspension; sunroof; and electric seat adjustment
Pravin Gordhan Finance Audi A6 3.0T R590 500 -
Pravin Gordhan Finance Lexus GS 300 SE R557 673 -

* Includes costs of extras, but excludes ongoing vehicle tracking and insurance costs

This brings the total spent on new cars to R18,565,042.00.

Statement issued by Sandy Kalyan MP, Democratic Alliance shadow minister of science and technology.

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Ranger Tom said...

Wow... And I was happy to get a new cruiser every five years or so, after the clock turned over four times and nothing worked any more.

And how many people go hungry every day in SA?

The arrogance of these people knows no bounds.

Doberman said...

@ RT, FIFTY percent, that's over 20 MILLION live on less than $2 a day. And these people live like kings.

Ranger Tom said...

I'm trying to remember a line from Les Miserables but it's escaping me.

The people in France had a revolution for less...

Anonymous said...

..but isn't dipping into the coffers and stealing the state wealth from the people typical of a coon in a position of authority?

Why the surprise?

Anonymous said...

But wasnt this money Budgeted for from the start?

Doberman said...

@ anon 3:44, a bankrupt man does not have the luxury of "budgets". Zuma said also that he would be different, Pravin Gordhan said people had to tighten their belts but not the ministers? Besides, why not budget far less? I saw my local MEC driving a cheap Nissan the other day. And Australia can afford it.

Viking said...

..... And, a Landrover Defender is good enough for the Queen of England.

Would also be better suited to the roads in parts of SA!

Treacle Bender said...

.."The department stated in its reply that the car was purchased in terms of the Ministerial Handbook"..

..pity these same lard-arsed ministers, who love having their oversized arses heated (imagine the stench), don't use the very same "ministerial handbook" to practice good fuckin governance. Or has this chapter been removed to hold their slapchips while being driven in their whitey invented cars.

This "ministerial handbook"; does it really exist? What makes up this handbook, besides giving consent to purchasing lavish cars, with even more lavish extras?

Will a contributor please investigate this elusive handbook and perhaps bring some important points to light (or dark, depends which way you look at it).

Because, as these retarded ministers religiously refer to the "good book" then perhaps we can hold them accountable to the remaining content printed (or crayon drawn) therein.

Why do these nog-nogs need to pimp out their rides with all these extras?...cause they can with our money…simple! They love showing off cause they have VERY LOW self-esteems and can’t get by in a day solely on their own attributes. I see them filling the streets with their expensive back cars, rubbernecking and constantly looking for approval from other motorists.

When the money eventually runs out they will again revert to thick-wheeled bicycles they came in on…..

Anonymous said...


I drive a completely fucked up Toyota Corolla 1.3 that is 22 years old. It is totally paid for and you should see the shit this car can do. Dirt roads... No problem.
4 x 4... No problem.
Speeding... No problem.
Load up the boot like a bakkie so its arse is dragging on the tar... No problem.

I like my skorro. I use it and abuse it, but under the hood I lavish it with love. I refuse to play the "Jones" game and spend my money on hunting and holidays, not some peice of shite and it's insurance costs, that will be merely be hijacked tommorrow.

If a fucked up piece of shit was good enough for Ian Smith (The Legend!!!) to drive himself around in... It's good enough for me.

Some politicians build, others destroy. Unfortunately ours resemble a whole lot of pigs in a little book I read once or twice...

Anonymous said...

PS... It has over 600K on the clock and has NEVER been opened except to change the seals.

Anonymous said...

Good on Toyota Corollas. I drive / own an excellent 18 y.o. TC in an Asian land.