Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is Malema determined to alienate the Western Cape?

Interesting short article from LYNDALL BEDDY of Richmark Sentinal.

I recommend that all opposition parties ask SAFM for a tape of this morning’s interview on Morning Talk of Julius Malema. His words are likely to secure the Western Cape Municipalities for the opposition in the 2011 local elections.

According to Malema a real “African” is only a black one and every other “African” is a second class citizen. Africans are “BLACKS of African descent”. Coloureds and Indians were always “a little bit closer to opportunities” under apartheid, so must not be regarded as truly African.

Thanks to Trevor Manuel’s new biography (which I must still read) we now know why Malema spouts this garbage, and also why the ANC went from “Rainbow Nation” to “Black Racist” almost overnight in 1994. The idiots appointed American Marketers! Americans do not even know their own history, and their knowledge of African history or culture is based entirely on myths.

The Americans analysed the coloureds of the Western Cape back in 1994 – and OF COURSE their analysis was wrong! They had no clue at all as to their history.

To start with the coloureds are the indigenous people of Southern Africa, not the blacks. Do the ANC’s American marketers know that?

Terror Lekota was absolutely accurate when he said the ANC had strayed from the Freedom Charter. They are no-where near it. In fact it looks like every American Black Power Racist advisor descended on the ANC even before 1994. Malema’s rhetoric is pure American, geared for a black MINORITY. It is totally inappropriate for a country run by a black MAJORITY.

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Doberman said...

The cards are being revealed one by one. Luckily for us, unluckily for the ANC, they have a tosspot like Malema saying exactly what the ANC thinks and believes.

Can there be any white SAns left in SA who don't understand the game being played against them?

Anonymous said...

University students who cant read and write?


Malema is just another bone head like the rest.

Anonymous said...

Americans always stick their noses where its not needed (sorry RT). They keep spewing about living in a free and democratic country and feel obliged to shove it down everyone's throat and try to get everyone to live like them. It would be more prudent for them to keep their noses out of everyone's business eg. Vietnam; Iraq; Afghanistan; North Korea etc etc etc. and look after their own country. They have the biggest debt in the world and yet keep telling us how to live. If they'd just left SA alone pre-1994 we would have sorted ourselves out. But no, they had to interfere and now that the shit has hit the fan, where are they? They send Hilary Clinton to come and pat them on their heads and say good job. Fuck off back to your own country and leave the world alone. If they did that, no one would care about them and there wouldn't be any muslim unrest and threat against them.

Exzanian said...

Well, as anon 6:37 said, apologies to Ranger Tom. The piece was not intended as a generalised anti US sentiment. The point is spelled out clearly in the article
"In fact it looks like every American Black Power Racist advisor descended on the ANC even before 1994. Malema’s rhetoric is pure American, geared for a black MINORITY".
In other words, the ANC has been influenced from the word go by the pseudo science of "Afrocentricism", an American creation and applying that to SA is wholly incorrect. It's really squaring the circle.

Viking said...

As has been pointed out before, Mbeki's "whips of the slavemaster" comment comes from an American context, not an African one.

I'm reminded (for some reason) of Mara's outburst on Idols this year, when an Indian contestant sang Bob Marley's Redemption Song. She suggested that he had no right to sing it because it's about slavery, even though its doubtful any of her ancestors were slaves (other than having been enslaved by other Africans)