Thursday, August 06, 2009

Is Apartheid alive and well in SA?

Non-racial country? Non-sense.

The struggle against apartheid was a "non-racial" struggle. "Non-racialism" is at the heart of our democracy and our new constitution. Non-racial, non-sexist, non-nuclear.


South Africa is a multi-racial country, not a non-racial one. Multi-racial means we have several race groups, non-racial is supposed to mean race doesn't really count; we see the human being before we see race.

No we don't.

Thabo Mbeki didn't like white people, especially Afrikaners. He called them "colonialists of a special kind". In his mind you were either a "settler" or a "native".

Jacob Zuma replaced Mbeki after a camouflaged coup in Polokwane. This was the man who invited Steve Hofmeyr, Leon Schuster and Dan Roodt to a braai at his village. Some of his best friends are Indians. JZ loves the minorities.

Ja, right.

The post-Polokwane ANC, the Zuma-ANC is as every inch as chauvinistic when it comes to ethnicity as the Mbeki-ANC was. If not worse.

The simple truth is that if non-racialism was indeed alive at some point, it is now dead.

Stone dead. Deceased. It's snuffed it. It's not resting, it's not just stunned, it has passed on. Kicked the bucket.

Racial solidarity, on the other hand, is alive and well and thriving.

Whites sit and wait for blacks to falter so they can shout: incompetent! Buffoon! Affirmative action! Quota system!

Around the braai whites swap their stories of uneducated, incompetent blacks who had been pushed into positions of power above them.

Their black counterparts also swap stories around the braai fires: of how racist their white colleagues are, of how there is still no real transformation, about whites being paid better than blacks even when they do the same job.

It is now the black man's turn, they say.

Many whites enjoyed it when the Judge President of the Western Cape, John Hlophe, demonstrated his utter unsuitability to be a judge of the high court by his racist utterances to white lawyers, by questionable business decisions and by trying to influence judges of the Constitutional Court to be pro-Zuma. You see, those whites said.

Black lawyers and others have formed the Justice for Hlophe Alliance and call every single white person who wonders whether Hlophe would be such a great choice as Chief Justice as a despicable racist. Hlophe has now become a national symbol of black pride just because so many whites don't like him.

At the Judicial Services Commission prominent black lawyers harass all white applicants for judicial positions simply because their skins are of a pale hue.

The national leadership of the ruling party keep tjoepstil when their youth league clowns aim a barrage of racist and sexist attacks at the premier of the Western Cape. She's white and has the audacity to lead a party that has won the provincial election. She's got to be an evil racist.

Go to any internet chat room in South Africa and you will see three out of five white correspondents saying stuff like "we're a Zimbabwe in the making", and "blacks have proved all over Africa that they can't run an economy or a democracy".

Most of us South Africans still attack and defend from our racial trenches. Knee-jerk reactions.

The "rainbow nation" was just a mirage, after all.

Racial solidarity is the biggest enemy of harmony and progress in South Africa.

PS. In my column last month I defended Springbok coach Pieter de Villiers's right to be eccentric and say things that offend some. But I ended by saying: "It's just a pity he doesn't have the tactical and strategic abilities one would expect of the coach of the world's number one rugby team."

Well, after two convincing victories over the All Blacks I must swallow my words. No-one can still reasonably argue that the Boks' form is simply due to a hangover from the Jake White era.

I was wrong, Pieter. Sorry. Now rub it in by rubbishing the Wallabies.

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Exzanian said...

I have repeatedly made the statement that there is no such thing as the "Rainbow Nation" That is was stillborn; a stuffed monkey. and that "Transformation" is a myth.

I hold by this view, not to shoot down hope for the future in SA, but because I have personally experienced the reality of the divisions in SA, for 39 years of my life. In fact, when I started realising that SA was going full tilt into Black rule, probably for all eternity, I made my own personal choice to embrace transformation. I used to work in the centre of Jo'Burg CBD and it was easy to mingle with the people. I also adopted a charity called "hole in the wall" and raised at least R10,000 for abandoned babies.

It soon dawned on me that I was on a lone crusade. Not only were my fellow white South Africans not interested in joining me in this crusade, neither were any of the blacks! It was North and South. Blacks only wanted promotion and they expected it fully delivered, ala carte, as part of the deal. Culture of entitlement. Sorry to say, but my white compatriots were only interested in barring themselves behind electric fences, lounging around the pool on Sundays, bitterly determined to defend that last little outpost of white turf, around the suburban barbeque. The races do not mix, like oil and water. Period.

Well I gave up on the idea some years ago. It's pointless. I think Max is starting to get the drift now as well. I think pretty soon everyone is going to get the drift. Apartheid is alive and well in Azania.

Viking said...

If only it were! maybe "reverse apartheid" is the answer. ship all the whiteys off to some remote part of SA - in two years there'll be a functioning democracy with a world class economy!

Anonymous said...

Ja but Max is a turkey. Being a liberal he will never let go of the idea that we must strive to be non-racial. Fuck that - we're all racial whether we like it or not. There's nothing wrong with racism and the notion that it's bad to be racist is the root of all our problems.

Ron. said...

The ironic thing is that Apartheid never quite went away as the manner is which is was employed was simply reversed with the notable difference that there are no "homelands" for the "out-group" ethnic groups.

Ranger Tom said...

@Viking: You guys can all come here to Florida... I'd like the company since I feel like I'm the only American left here.

Viking said...

If only you're government was as accommodating to white Europeans (who invented America!) as it is to Iraqis etc (who like to blow bits of it up).

When I was in Florida, a nice old American gent told me they'd swap ten A-rabs for me!

Made me smile :)

Ranger Tom said...

@Viking: There's a bumpersticker floating around here in Southern Florida.... "Would the last American out of Florida please take the flag?"

The way things are going, we'd love to have you guys!

And I know all about trying to come here... I've heard horror stories from friends. But on the other hand, it's not only here, I've been trying to get a Work Visa for Australia for about 5 years now, and still keep getting turned down even though I've got a sponsor & an offer of a job on a railroad in WA...

Doberman said...

@ RT, the chances of getting into Aus have improved lately. Aus looks likely to have missed the global recession, in fact they were commenting last night on tv that Australia is the only developed economy that did not go into recession. Brilliant going, I say! We're on the up. I say retry now as they have begun rehiring big time in the mines for instance.

Viking said...

well, RT, Bradenton was for a few years considered the best city to live in the whole USA, and from what I remember it was 100% white! maybe there's a correlation, I don't know...

When I was looking into getting a green card, the government was favouring non-1st-world applicants (this was 2001). Maybe it's changed now.

Viking said...

sadly Aus is the one place in the world where the Irish still have a (deservedly) bad reputation, so I've never been tempted to go there - until now. I've heard so much good stuff about it that I started to apply, and found I could only get into South Australia.
It looks like Canada is the next stop for me....

Ranger Tom said...

@ Doberman: I'd like to think so, but I've still got my rejection letter from the Aus. consulate I got last month. I'll try again after this season's sugar crop. I'm about to be working balls-to-the-wall here in about 6 weeks and won't have time until May of next year to try again. The job I've been trying to get is one for a railroad hauling copper from mines north of Perth.

@Viking; I've only been through Bradenton on the highway. It did look nice though. Unfortunately, because of my job I have to go where the work is, and unfortunately, while Clewiston isn't the worst place I've ever been, there's still a certain, ehem, "element" around here that keeps my M-1 locked and loaded by my bed...

Anonymous said...

Burn Baby Burn!!!

Apartheid is not only alive and kicking in South Africa (as it is all over the world), but it has become even more insidious. At least we were honest about it and called a spade a kaffir. What is happening now is exactly what the rest of the world practices - RACISM without official policy. Here there is the added element of it being legislated to "address the imbalances of the past". Unfortunately the imbalances are mainly genetic and cultural so we will simply be dragged down to the level of the munt.
Dumb, Lazy, Poor and Useless!!!

Anonymous said...

@RT: - apply for work in Australia with a company that sponsors 457 work visas. This is for short-skilled workers. Once you are in you can then apply for further visa's if need be. The 457 is for 4 years.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 0543pm 7th
That is why they are called
"black" Bloody Lazy Aids Carrying Kaffirs