Sunday, August 02, 2009

Inspecting SA's Porous Borders

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Anonymous said...

Futile DA babble.This cannot be fixed within the system anymore. The system is the problem.

Leifur said...

I once heard that there was some controversy after the end of Apartheid what should be the operational language of the Military in SA. It was decided to be english, so I take it was Afrikaans before or what?

I would assume, if people would be really and truly willing to seal your long borders against illegal crossings, they should make the operational language of the border patrol to be Afrikaans.

The afrikaan speaking people are probably the most determined to fix it anyway (weather whites or colored) and thus other tribes and cultures (assuming they wan´t to stop immigration of unskilled and poor people) would benefit from making it an Afrikaans speaking organization. Would that be possible, or even constitutional?