Saturday, August 08, 2009

How could Obama do this?

Recently there have been a number of remarks about similarities between the US and South Africa. The question is whether America has learned from South Africa's multi racial mistakes, despite the fact that Americans are renowned for their ignorance on global issues. Ranger Tom, our fellow blogger and an American said, "I believe that ignorance is going to be the downfall of the world." It seems that Guy White agrees with you Tom, at least with respect to the American future.

A month ago I was talking to a young woman who suddenly switched the conversation to the Sonia Sotomayor nomination. The girl is neither political nor racialist. In fact, her boyfriend is black and she’s white.

She wondered how Barack Obama could have made such a mistake and nominated an open racist without checking her past rulings and statements. She then asked who I think will replace Sotomayor as the Supreme Court nominee.

Learning that I think Sotomayor will still be appointed to the Supreme Court, she was shocked. How can someone who fits the definition of a racist be a Supreme Court Justice? Obama made a mistake and he should just admit it and appoint someone who hasn’t made the terrible ruling against the firemen, nor issued repeated statements about the superiority of Latinos to whites.

Barack Obama couldn’t possibly have known what Sotomayor did and said. He just couldn’t have. It simply made no sense. Sotomayor was so obviously unqualified, I must have been wrong about Obama appointing her while knowing all the facts.

How could Obama do this if he knew? How could he do this on purpose?

It’s a breath of fresh air to listen to someone who doesn’t follow politics, and isn’t brainwashed – just using their common sense.

On the other hand, it is people like that who allow politicians destroy our country. They just can’t believe that the radical turn to the Left is really happening here, in this country.

In their mind, politicians can’t possibly want a racist Supreme Court Justice. They can’t possibly want to have open borders. They can’t possibly believe that having an official language is racist. They can’t possibly believe that the cause of crime in the ghetto is the size of the buildings. They can’t believe that, can they?

I read before that Germans ignored what was before their eyes under Hitler (constant warfare, deportation and disappearance of a massive number of people) because they just couldn’t believe that their country would do it. Sure, the British or the Russians can commit genocide and engage in imperial warfare, not to mention the acts of the savages, but the Germans are civilized, even super-civilized and law-abiding. Germans could never do what the Third Reich was accused of. It can’t be true, it just can’t, not in the civilized Germany with its dominance of all the sciences.

Americans seem to have the same mindset. Sure, the Russians can be communist (even as they are the ones telling us to learn their lessons and stop). They can do crazy things. So can the Swedes, the French and other Europeans. But Americans, we don’t do socialism here. It can’t be true, it just can’t, not in the capitalist, patriotic America.

But it can happen and it is happening.

Future generations of Americans will be ashamed of us.

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Viking said...

great post.

Islandshark said...

Sotomayor fits in with Obama's deeply entrenched anti-white views.

Most Americans were really fooled by the "educated, non-racial" black presidential candidate. The liberals would choose him again, because we know the one sense they don't have, is a sense of responsibility. They do what they want, regardless of consequence.

The truth is this man hates whites. He was brought up to do so. I think he is one of the most cold-hearted, self-serving, visceral politicians I have seen in decades. What makes him very dangerous is the fact that all of this is shrouded by his mild, non-racial and "educated" appearance.

Ranger Tom said...

I was going to write almost verbatim what Islandshark wrote. I'm telling you, this is the very end of The US. Now that Sotomayor has been confirmed in the US Supreme Court, she can NEVER be ousted. Think about that.

It's a LIFE term.

Never voted in.

And this is the very tip of the iceberg.

Great post FE, and I concur, IS. Great comment.

Secularist said...

sorry to burst everyone's bubble here but for anyone who took the time to read her bio, Ms. Sotomayor is more qualified than any member presently sitting on the Supreme Court. And as far as Obama hating whites could someone please provide proof. And the "proof" should not come from an RNC press release or "Fixed" News.

Islandshark said...

@ Secularist: Have you bothered to analyse the facts? And by facts I don't mean the leftist propaganda crap from CNN, MSNBC and BBC?

Or how about Sotomayor's own vile remarks about white men?

Do we have to discuss her judgments too?

The only bubble here is the rose-tinted one which makes your view of the world so wonderful.