Tuesday, August 18, 2009

‘He torched my sister’

Fire victim’s brother says he begged her to leave ‘abusive’ boyfriend

The brother of a woman who died, along with her two young twins and her boyfriend, after being severely burnt in a horrific arson attack in Johannesburg, said he had begged his sister to leave her ‘‘abusive’’ partner.

Police suspect that the victims were doused with petrol and set alight in the domestic quarters of a property in Blairgowrie, Johannesburg, on August 7. Maice Moyo, 38, died of her injuries in hospital on August 9.

Her 14-month-old baby girl, Thokoza, died from burn wounds five days later, and her twin brother, Thokomalo, died on Sunday.

Moyo’s boyfriend, the father of the twins, died — also of severe burn wounds — on Friday. Moyo’s boyfriend, known only as Thabo, worked and lived on the property with his family.

Yesterday, Moyo’s brother, Robert, told The Times that he had repeatedly begged his sister to leave Thabo.

“I never trusted her boyfriend; he used to make threats that she won’t leave him alive. I think he made those threats come true by burning them,” he said.

Robert said his sister came to Johannesburg two years ago, leaving behind five children in Zimbabwe.

“My sister was working [as a domestic] in Randridge Park and lived with her boyfriend, whom she said was from KwaZulu-Natal.

“We have never met his family as he claimed both his parents died from a fire.”

Moyo said his sister was in an abusive relationship with Thabo. “He was a violent man, he used to hit my sister for every little thing,” said Moyo. He said he believed his sister was afraid to leave Thabo because she believed she would not be able to care for the twins on her own.

“She used to confide to my wife, Pauline, that he used to beat her up even if she came home from the shops and he would accuse her of being late.”

Lucky Ndlovu, 18, Maice’s second-born son, said yesterday that he had visited his mother earlier on the day of the fire.

“I live in Kagiso. When I came to visit my mom, they [Maice and Thabo] had an argument over money in the morning. My mother was complaining that Thabo was not bringing any money home.

“I left not knowing that it would be the last time I would see her.” Lucky said he disliked his stepfather: “He was not a very pleasant person — he had a short fuse.”

Robert said: “She died a painful death, my heart is sore. I couldn’t recognise her because she was so badly burnt. I could only identify her by her legs and the back of her head.

“I suspect that he is the one who did it because the police told me that he was burnt from the waist up — not like my sister,” said Moyo.

Inspector Bokkie Keulder said the police were still investigating the murders. “If the family wants to make allegations they should come forward and speak to us. We are still working on the case,” he said.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not religious, but the cartoon is deeply offensive and disgusting.
Not even SA Sucks will do this!
Shame on you Doberman.

Anonymous said...

I have been visiting this site daily - bit no more - this is SICK ?? I have lost all respect for Doberman and the blog in general.

Anonymous said...

Whoa there people, don't get your knickers in a knot. I didn't post it and I was probably asleep when Dach published the article. If you feel something is 'inappropriate' we'll take your objections under consideration but we are not about censoring people so from time to time we will do something that pisses somebody off. We can't please everyone.

Some people would like us to be more sensational and controversial, others complain about a pic.

Look at our subject matter people! We are a blog about mayhem and destruction of innocent lives!! Get real! Wake the fu*k up! Get upset about real issues, not some blinking picture!

Nevertheless, to the two people who objected I've replaced the pic with something that perhaps you may find more acceptable.

It boggles my mind that you found the pic more objectionable than the story which says something about YOU.

I can sit here day after day (which I do) and post horror stories of rape, murder and destruction and it doesn't illicit the tiniest reaction from people but whoa, someone posts a pic that is slightly over the top and shrieks.

Oh please.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Doberman.
Get real, in SA this is the norm. Forgot how the boons still burn witches?
The cartoon is not, for civilised people anyway. "Slightly over top"?

If that is how you view our opinions and that disgusting cartoon, I for one will no longer visit.
PS - it is elicit, not illicit.

Anonymous said...

Dobes, ignore the whingeing trolls. I agree with your analysis; some people have no sense of proportion. In the same way that whitey continually gets whacked for SAYING something racist but nobody makes a peep when some savage kaffir DOES something racist.

Cmon people, stop acting like dickheads and pull together. Being fractious in such an important matter is going to GET US WIPED OUT. GET A SENSE OF PROPORTION.

FishEagle said...

Well said anon, 11.38

Exzanian said...

It cracks me up seeing the headline and then seeing the two cute bunnies!
The previous pic was perfectly descriptive of the content of the article, although I can understand some people took exception to the vulgarity.

FishEagle said...

The bunnies are bloody cute! Lol

Anonymous said...

To all of you whom it may concern, I hope to state this once and for all: stop comparing us to other blogs of similar theme. We don't want to emulate anyone, we do our own thing. We are still new and it takes time to establish ourselves. Sixteen months is not a long time to build a following but a following who are building. We can't please everyone, we won't even try. You get what you see, it's free, and it's free to leave too. We gain and lose readers just like other blogs do. It's the nature of the beast. Like someone previously said, GET SOME PERSPECTIVE. Try and see the BIG PICTURE. Or don't.

Anonymous said...

@ ExZ, you're right. I think the pic was vulgar and perhaps should not have been used but that's the nature of the beast. These things happen and people must understand that we will get things wrong from time to time. While some of us may not be religious, we must respect those who are.

Anonymous said...

To all you moral custodians who prefer to see visual material more appropriate to a Methodist bookshop than the carnage that is happening in South Africa:

I'm sorry. I really am sorry. I'm honestly so terribly sorry. For you.

Anonymous said...

BTW: the offending pic was from a collection by Afrikaner artist Anton Kannemeyer who some of you may remember from the days of Bitterkomix.



Exzanian said...

Great site Dach!