Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hamas Terrorist Hides Behind White Flag - Gaza, 8 January 2009

This video from January 2009 was released by the IDF to counter the Human Rights Watch report that just came out, which claimed that Human Rights Watch could find no evidence that Hamas terrorists employ human shields in the Palestinian population.

The truth is a stubborn thing.

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Anonymous said...

The IDF is an awesome outfit.

Anonymous said...

@ Dobes...

Agreed! an excellent outfit. [I still vote SADF though ;-0]

Their enemies however are dangerous and crooked little bastards.

It is a mohammedan teaching (from the koran) that they are required to lie to their "enemies" [peace treaties, surrender flags, ceasefires etc. are all part of it] including going as far as denying their faith in allah to further the aims of islam. One of the tenents of which is jihad. First to take out the jews, then to take out the Christians (including nominal ones), the last to take out the rest of the filth - the complete pagan non-believers. Read the koran sometime, it is an utter crock of shit and makes no sense unless you understand the theory of abrogation which is used extensively throughout. You need to know the timeline of the koran to get a good grasp of it. Basically the theory is this: Allah is the supreme god and he can change his mind if he wants to. It says in the koran that "we will replace it with something better" (allah speaking).
So essentially when they say islam is a religion of peace (written when the old prophet only had two followers - one of whom was the camp whore) they are right. What they don't tell you is those verses have been abrogated (replaced) by later verses declaring the mohammedans duty to wage war (written just before launching his offensive against medina and mecca - when he had a LOT of followers) against the jews and christians until the whole world is brought into the house of dar es salaam (the house of peace - only muslims). Until then, they will fight the house of dar el harb (the house of war - all non muslims).

It is a very scary totalitarian psuedo religious doctrine that they take VERY seriously. There is NO SUCH THING as a MODERATE MUSLIM. The ones who "seem" to be moderate are either engaged in the deception of their enemies (as is allowed in the koran) or they are apostates and will get sorted out by the "radicals" sooner or later.

What scares me, is they have an inordinate amount of people in power structures in South Africa and around the world. WTF were we thinking. Churchill was right when he said that this (mohammedanism) was a greater threat to us than communism and yet no-one can see it.

They also wield a lot of power behind the scenes as they have MONEY (part of their "religion" is not to pay taxes to "pagan" regimes - which explains the CASH ONLY mentality and the fact that they always have a LOT OF BLING).

Look into it a bit. VERY SCARY!!!

Anonymous said...

Indeed anon 4:41, I was educating myself about the dangers of islam before 9/11. I was following Bin Laden's misdeeds before he was a household name. The day of 9/11, when it happened, within seconds I turned to some people and said, "It was Bin laden".

Never fear, we understand the threat. The starting premise is this: there is NO SUCH THING AS A MODERATE MUSLIM. Each and every one will cut your throat if called to do so. In many ways they are more savage than black cultures.

We post on any matters that affect South Africans and those in the diaspora who will be influenced by the muslim threat (notice I don't use caps) will be kept informed on ILSA.

Thanks for a good comment.

Anonymous said...

@ Dobes...

Thanks for the compliment. I concur. They are probably more dangerous than the blacks because we are all NOTHING but cattle to them, and they have the advantage of a massive IQ difference between them and the darkies.

You'll note that there were VERY few muslims (if any) in power under the old regime in this country as we whites down south have a very different view of the mohamedans than do our European cousins.

I see in a later artical you make mention of the fact that the war in the middle east will go on as no-one understands that the root cause is the reclamation of islamic territory. This is also why France and Spain are so heavily infested with them.

Black Coffee said...

I would take issue with the idea that there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. It is as disingenuous and erroneous to stereotype an entire religion as an entire race. I have met a few Muslims in my life, including one of my professors at Howard, and two people whom I interviewed in South Africa. I do not see them as the types of people who will strap bombs to themselves and go blow up buildings. Here in the US, before 9/11/2001 occurred the most destructive act of terror was in Oklahoma City in 1995. That was by Timothy McVeigh. Does that mean all white men who are veterans of US military are terrorists who will blow up federal buildings like McVeigh did? Hamas are not nice people, but Hamas are not representative of all Palestinians. There is a much more moderate group Fatah. Israel refused to make a deal with Fatah, now they've got Hamas to deal with. You mentioned the deal in 2000 Arafat walked away from. I am not exactly sure why he did that, but I have heard it was because in that deal Israel stipulated that they would retain final control. This would mean that a Palestinian state would not be truly sovereign but would be more like a "bantustan" and Arafat just would not and could not settle for that. As a Jewish person myself I have often wondered how can Israelis have their boots on Palestinians' necks knowing that for centuries and centuries the boots of all kinds of oppressors were on Jews' necks.

Islandshark said...

@ Black Coffee: Did you ever take Statistics as a subject or module in any of your "advanced" courses?

How many bombs have been exploded by Muslims as percentage of their total population?

Now how many Timothy McVeigh's have there been in relation to that population?

If there is such a thing as a moderate Muslim, why don't I ever hear them denounce the actions of the radicals?

No, they just portray the image of being moderate. When their buddies are in power, they'll join in.

Viking said...

ah, the religion of peace!
To quote the British king Calgacus (talking about the Romans):
'where they make a desert, they call it peace'.
A moderate Moslem is just one who isn't practicing it properly, as they will freely admit themselves.
The religion was designed as a smokescreen to mask Mo's military aims and is loosely based on Christianity and Judaism.
I've read most of the Koran and its horrible. When a country is run according to its principles, it ends up a desert and a wasteland. The only exceptions were when the Moslem ruler decided the previous culture was worth copying ...

FMCLAW777 said...

The sad thing is, due to Liberal movements and thinking, we soon and probably already have accepted Islamic culture / religion to be practiced freely. Osama Bin Laden will in the future be known as a HERO or FREEDOM FIGHTER and we will celebrate this by having concerts and public holidays to honor him and his people for what they did for "ISLAMIC" freedom - can anybody guess where I am going with this??

Ah, yes Mandela, Mugabe, Yasar etc, well know terrorist "freedom fighter" that once killed thousands of innocent people for their cause, their so called walk to freedom. Most TYRANTS start small, and usually it's against oppression / slavery blah blah blah, and then become HERO'S!! If Islam succeeds in it's plans, I hope the LIBERALS are the fist to fall, let them experience what they forced to be accepted into society, or shall I dare say, our "RACIST" way of thinking being unaccepted by them. I can say one thing though, under apartheid or white rule in AFRICA was there never with our culture / religion / heritage so much inhumane and barbaric acts like there is today. Beheading on TV, killing of children, sex slaves, murder, rape..... (list is to long). I can't recall ever seeing the SADF soldiers in Angola / SWA behead people because they didn't believe in apartheid laws, I have never seen nor heard of SADF Soldiers killing or abducting children to further their cause. But wait, Swapo abducted children to make them child soldiers, ANC blew up thousands of whites inclu blacks (via necklacing) and now these people are seen as hero's / freedom fighters and we celebrate their "struggle" on a daily basis!! What is wrong with this picture?

We must get rid of the LIBERAL THINKING first, only then will there be hope for our children and their children.