Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Good Start

ADT guard earns his fee.

From the Cape Argus.

The owner of a popular city nightclub who apparently had links with the criminal underworld, was shot dead by an armed guard while allegedly burgling a house in Tamboerskloof.

But mystery surrounds the reason why Rashaad "Charra" Abrahams would be personally involved in a burglary.

Cops say Abrahams, who was the owner of @mospheer nightclub in Lansdowne and the events co-ordinator for the Kaapse Karnaval Association (KKA), was caught in a house in St Michaels Road on Monday night with an accomplice.

It is believed the alarm was activated and Abrahams was shot dead by an ADT security guard.

The circumstances around the shooting are not yet known.

His accomplice fled the scene and is still at large.

A top city criminologist who declined to be named questioned why Abrahams was personally involved in the burglary.

"The senior guys in gangs don't do housebreakings themselves that's unusual. They would only break into a place if they knew the owner, or wanted something the owner had that they knew about," he said.

The burglary did not go with the "public image" Abrahams had to uphold, said the criminologist, who added that Abrahams was "well-connected" and unlikely to be involved in a normal break-in.

"There is something fishy here, there is more to it than (what) appears," he said.

This question is one of the issues to be investigated by police, who said the circumstances in which Abrahams died would be carefully probed.

"For now, Abrahams is considered an ordinary burglary suspect involved in an ordinary burglary," said police spokesman Andre Traut.

"We are aware of his involvement in crime and his name is not new on our books."

"This burglary which led to his death and his involvement in burglaries and other crimes will be fully investigated."

Traut declined to name Abrahams as one of the so-called high flyers listed by police some years ago.

However, the Cape Argus understands that investigators of the police's high flyer unit had a dossier on Abrahams.

Abrahams, along with his bodyguard, Denver Wannenberg, and two others were arrested for the 1998 murder of suspected police informant, Faizel Williams.

Williams was taken to a flat in Newfields owned by Abrahams where he was severely assaulted, shot and stabbed before his body was placed in a chest freezer then burned in a deserted area near Muizenberg.

Both Abrahams and Wannenberg were found not guilty in the Cape High Court in 2000.

Abrahams was also reported to be linked to perlemoen smuggling, fraud and house breaking incidents around the city.

He was buried from his mother's house in Crawford on Tuesday.

Family and friends started gathering outside the house from about 1pm, shortly after receiving news of his death.

A close family friend, who asked not to be named, described Abrahams as a "good Samaritan" who would "give of his last" to those in need.

"I was shocked and still can't believe that he is gone."

Shortly after the Cape Argus arrived at the house, a doctor was called to tend to Abrahams's mother who apparently fell ill after hearing of her son's death.

The family refused to speak to the media.

Police spokeswoman Inspector Carin Loock said as the two men attempted to burgle the house, the alarm was activated.

She said shots were fired and one of the men wearing balaclavas was fatally wounded.

Loock said no arrests have been made.

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Anonymous said...

Something does not sound right here!!!
Why would he rob a house himself?

As I do not think man walked on the moon,(when they said he did) I think it was a set-up, he was called to that place for meeting and was set-up from maybe a deal that did not go right. just my 2c

Doberman said...

"Man did not walk on the moon". The footprints and tyre marks VISIBLE from earth beg to differ. Including the flagpoles, moon rover, landing craft etc.

Ranger Tom said...

@Anon: and Elvis & Michael Jackson aren't really dead either, they're secretly managing a Waffle House in Columbus, OH along with three reverse-engineered aliens from the 1947 Rozwell, NM UFO crash.

Anonymous said...

@Ranger, Yes Elvis and Michael are dead, but is Brett K? Would a man with all that money, even if it was not his, kill himself? or with the help of his good friend JS fake it. If USA could not get to the Moon before the Russians, they would loose face, so, they faked it