Sunday, August 30, 2009

'Give poor whites RDP houses'

Call me a cynic (defined as one who says seeing is believing) but whites have better odds of winning the lotto than getting free homes. Hmm, was the media present by any chance? Yes it was.


Free State premier Ace Magashule has ordered that a list of poor white people in the province be compiled so that they could be given RDP houses, Beeld reported on Friday.

Magashule said that he had asked Sandlana Smith, of the African National Congress' desk for minority groups, to compile a data base of poor whites in the Free State who would qualify for government RDP houses.

Smith has also been told to assist these people with their applications.

During a visit to Jagersfontein, where several development projects are underway, Magashule asked: "Where are the white people on the list of residents who are jobless? They can also be deployed to do the work.

"Go and compile a list. In Jagersfontein, there are white families without any breadwinners. There are white families here without any income," he said.

"This province belongs to everyone - white and black." - Sapa

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Quark said...

Ace's ass is toast. Watch, he'll get fired for an ostensibly unrelated offence. Either that or this is a trick - cheap white labour as payback for decades of cheap black labour. Maybe this kaffertjie would just LOVE to see whites do hard labour in the sun while he reclines in his beemer under a tree, delicately sipping a cocktail.

Quark said...

PS - then after the whites have built the houses, Ace will discover some error in the paperwork and the coons will get the houses after all.

Censorbugbear said...

This story would nearly convince me - except for the fact that President Jacob Zuma was given a complete list of all the poor whites in all of South Africa during his presidential campaign, when he visited the poor-white community of Bethlehem amongst much fanfare. Solidarity trade union compiles updated lists of the poor whites of South Africa all the time and has a private charity to try and feed some of these families, Helpende Hand. These whites don't sit around waiting for the 'government to do something' because they know they can't rely on this government. They try to set up their own self-help schemes although it's difficult to help them all. One-third (one-million) of all the Afrikaners of South Africa now are unemployed, homeless and living below the bread-line. These kind of public statements by ANC-officials are just propaganda. Look at the situation six months from now, and you will see NO improvements.

Anonymous said...

They may give whites dp houses but they'll NEVER give them their own farming region, where other ethnic groups can't own property etc., ONLY the blacks are allowed such areas!

Anonymous said...

Remember how, during Apartheid, all the different ethnic groups had an area where they could live amongst their own? Well, now ONLY the Bantu get free Land while the other ethnic groups have to work 'till they die to pay off a mortgage on whatever they own. It is for this reason that the non-Bantu ethnic groups of SA need to DEMAND areas where each family gets given a few hectares, just like the Bantu families do, where they too can "opt out" of the "New South Africa"!

Fair is Fair

Anonymous said...

My eyes have glazed over with tears ... finally they love us. What a wonderfully compassionate gesture .... not.

Give me a break, this is just another pathetic PR prank, designed to deflect criticism of the ANC's racist policies.