Friday, August 21, 2009

German woman, 27, beaten to death over parking space.

Another brutal story for today's lineup. They just keep coming..

Another innocent woman kidnapped, possibly raped, and then beaten to death by three car guards who were trying to extort R20 a day from her, to park her car in a space she had been loaned.

Blood spatters on a wall in a dingy closet-like room in a city parking garage mark the violent murder of Kristina Gebhardt, who was beaten to death and then dumped in the boot of her car.

The German woman, who had been living in Cape Town for more than five years, would have turned 28 on Friday.

Gebhardt's bloodstained body was found in the boot of her Fiat Uno on Wednesday night.

'Her body was found shoved into the enlarged boot space'
Her hands had been bound with electrical wire, believed to have been taken from supplies belonging to a company contracted to do renovations to a building on the corner of Loop and Bloem streets in the city centre.

Police are waiting for the results of the post mortem to determine whether she was raped.

A police source revealed that one of her alleged assailants had been found driving her car in his boxer shorts and a blood-soaked T-shirt.

'Cape Town is not going to be the same again'
Gerbhardt had worked part-time shifts at the Baobab book store just metres away from where she was beaten to death.

Her employer, Julie Aitchison, told the Cape Argus she had been approached by a security guard last week and told she could use the Bloem Street basement parking.

It had been agreed that she would pay the guard R20 a day.

The book store owner had offered the parking bay to Gebhardt in her absence.

A police source said that on the day of Gebhardt's murder, an argument had allegedly ensued between Gebhardt and a security guard over the R20 payment for the parking.

The guard, arrested after Gebhardt's body was found in her car, which he had been driving, lived in a musty little room at the entrance of the basement parking lot.

Police said they were looking for two other day-shift guards.

It is believed that they had been present when the alleged argument between Gebhardt and the guard took place.

The three are alleged to have kept her captive in the little room where they allegedly bound her hands, beat her and possibly raped her.

Inside the room was a single mattress, a French tutorial, a prayer mat and prayer books. A pair of jeans was still hanging on the back of the door.

A few bloodstains were splattered against the faded cream wallpaper.

When members of a Central Improvement District (CID) patrol pulled over the driver of Gebhardt's Fiat Uno on Wednesday night, the back seats of the car had been dropped.

Her body was found shoved into the enlarged boot space.

Gebhardt's laptop computer and cellphone were missing but her wallet was still on her battered body.

More than an hour after she left work, Gebhardt's boyfriend had called her on her cellphone and had also tried the bookstore, but to no avail.

He then drove to a Loop Street coffee shop where the couple had often gone, hoping to find her there.

Instead, he had seen her green Fiat Uno being driven by a stranger, prompting him to launch himself at the car in an attempt to stop it.

The CID patrol, who had witnessed his desperate rescue attempt, had come to his aid and had forced the car to stop.

Aitshison labelled the murder a "tragic loss and waste of life".

She said she had met the "bubbly" Gebhardt through friends and had occasionally asked her to mind the book store while she was out.

"I can't begin to imagine what her family is experiencing in Germany," Aitshison said.

Another friend, Fuad Matthews, described Gebhardt as a vibrant person.

Matthews, who celebrated his birthday yesterday, said: "I wondered why she wasn't calling me. I was going to send her flowers for her birthday today.

"You could not have found a more beautiful person, inside and out. It's really not cool for any human being to experience what she did.

"Cape Town is not going to be the same again."

Police said they had very few leads because they were having difficulty identifying the two alleged accomplices and had no addresses for the men, who are still on the run.

Police spokeswoman Inspector Carin Loock said the suspect would face a murder charge when he appeared in the Cape Town Magistrate's Court on Monday.

No further arrests have been made.

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Anonymous said...

Inside the room was a single mattress, a French tutorial, a prayer mat and prayer books.

Illegals from some Muslim central African country no doubt.

They should also charge the person who employed them with murder.

Viking said...

I agree, Loggi
who employed these people and then let them live in there?

Anonymous said...

Will SA whiteys NEVER learn? Black-ruled SA is dangerous enough as it is. But you don't go asking for it by associating and hob-nobbing with blacks. If you value your life, you just STAY AWAY from blacks, wherever you can, fullstop. How many more white women and girls have to be brutally raped and murdered before this lesson sinks in?

FMCLAW777 said...

I have to agree with "anon 9:44pm", stay away from them at all cost. We should rely on our own people and ourselves instead of using these savage barbaric animals. This is what got us into this shit we face today. We rely on them to clean our houses, work in the garden, wash our cars and do petty work for us. Cut them out, clean your own house, wash your own car, work in your own garden and let these feckers suffer for what they have taken for granted the last 15 years.

I see at least 20 blacks sitting beside the road WAITING for work to come to them, knowing that we need labour. I say feck that, employ the white homeless man and his family, at least they will be grateful to have money for food, employ the white kid looking for the odd job, make him work for his money and he will learn the value of it. I know, I did and never looked back. I worked my fingers to the bone just to have money to buy food and look at where I am today!!

Censorbugbear said...

I noticed the mention of a "prayer mat" and a prayer book inside the shack occupied by the guards, which makes me think her murderer/attackers may have been Cape Muslims?

Anonymous said...

Good call CB.